5 Things People Need to Stop Doing on Twitter!

Sarcasm level: 7/10.  Rant level: 9/10 

Why write about what people need to stop doing on Twitter?

Nope, it’s not because I want to spread negative energy. It’s not because I’ve morphed into a grumpy old woman who only writes rants…although…there have been a few!

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No, it’s actually because ages ago, I was involved in a conversation about Twitter

 following this post by Debs’ Random Writings.  Everyone on the chat said they find auto DM’s (like the ones by Crowdfire) just irritating.  A couple of them who are very good blogging friends of mine, urged me to write about this when I made the mistake of admitting I hated this aspect of Twitter too.  #MeAndMyBigTwitterMouth.  So I sat down initially to write about DM’s…but then…

I got thinking of All. The. Other. things that irritate me about the Twitterverse! Voilà, a post about what people need to stop doing on Twitter was born.

5 things people need to stop doing on twitter angry bird

Now first things first.  I LOVE TWITTER, let’s be clear!

I never thought I’d say that as I just didn’t get it at first, loathed the messy format and took great affront at the 140 limit.  Seriously, I am prone to using ten words when five would do the job.  So, asking me to communicate in 140 character morsel-ettes felt more painful than my three c-sections put together.  Twitter had to be kidding me.  So I didn’t bother with it.

Fast forward and I can’t even recall what got me to take another stab at it.  But take another stab I did.  And got hooked, as you can see from point 3 of my Confessions of a Guilty Blogger post.  I’ve been told I’m ‘good at Twitter’ and called ‘Queen of the Hashtag’ by Mum Revised and Life with Baby Kicks (thank you ladies…cheque’s in the post).  Alright, I can’t build relationships with every single follower but I love what I do get out of Twitter: the camaraderie, the laughs!, content sharing, discovering amazing tweeps with interesting opinions and of course brands.

5 things you need to stop doing on twitter angry twitter bird image

I don’t have a massive following, (4600 at the time of writing), because I just don’t put any effort into that side but it hums away nicely at a pace I’m happy with, growing daily, and one that I can manage. It’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers game and become obsessed with wanting as huge a following as possible. However, for me Twitter is about:

  • building mutually beneficial working relationships
  • enjoying content that I can relate to or learn from
  • and growing my following in an organic genuine way.

Would I love a following of literally thousands?  Well I wouldn’t complain!  I’m only human so the blogger ego would be nicely fed.  But actually how beneficial is that x-thousand strong following when it is impossible to have meaningful interaction with that many people? No.  Forget it.

Anyway, even though I’m a big fan of Twitter, I’m afraid I do need to moan about the five things I wish people would stop doing on Twitter!



No surprises  here or explanation required. It’s easily the thing most Tweeps hate about the platform. Utterly rude.  End of.


5 things you need to stop doing on twitter words 'follow me' and a figure walking off

Oh please, must we really do this?  Newsflash: some people are busy with work, kids, home life, studying, maybe even having leisure time (the sheer audacity!).  Learn some Twittiquette and give people a frickin chance to follow you back would you?!  I don’t mean YOU you, dear reader, I mean them…you know what I mean. This image just sums it up for me…it’s like ‘follow me or I’ll just walk off in a huff!’





Amazingly, people generally do this after they’ve barely exchanged two words with me and equally amazing: they do it after RT’ing something off mine, as if merely sharing my content to get my attention and reel me in.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m very grateful if a tweep retweets me.  However:

I didn’t know RT’ing had become the new ransom: ‘I retweeted you, now follow me back or else’.

Heavens above.  Do they really have to behave like a five year old at a birthday who can’t stop asking for their party bag?  Grow up.





Yes, I do send out tweets for #BloggersCafe the blogger chat show series I host with Helen of Just Saying Mum, the #OopsFiles my ’embarrassing stories’ series featuring brave shameless bloggers (!) and #CandidCuddles, the linky I run with Becky called #CandidCuddles.  It’s generally accepted as part of hosting/publicising a series. But every post I publish? Do I tweet my entire catalogue of posts to the same poor soul? Er. No.

I get it, we all want to be read.  I can’t remember where I saw it (and if I did I would credit the source) but someone said

Twitter is like standing in the middle of a 5-lane motorway at rush hour shouting into the loudest megaphone, only for nobody to listen.

It can be hard to get the views on a post you’ve put hours of love and work into and there are only so many ways to promote your content and get it seen.  I honestly don’t mind being tweeted the link to a post by someone with whom I’ve interacted regularly and people with whom I have a blog relationship.  I see the logic in being informed of the latest post in a guest series I myself have participated in or being told of a new linky.

After all, this is a social media channel so let’s be social and use this media method to publicise ourselves, so far so understandable.  But there has to be a level of ‘measuredness’ and finesse and sensitivity.  Frankly, being bombarded out of the blue by a blogger I barely know, with whom I’ve had the minimum of interaction, each time they bring out a post leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am not as irritated by this as I am by the above but still…!



I was going to apologise in advance to anyone reading this who uses auto DM’s.  But frankly, if they are relying on a piece of software to thank people, it’s highly unlikely they’ve ever made it to my blog and won’t see this anyway.

Why does it irk me so much?   Where do I start?

Firstly, isn’t the whole essence of thanking someone about the sincerity of that thanks?  Alright, it’s a sweeping generalisation to imply that all tweeps who use auto DM’s are an insincere bunch.  But really what is the thought process, signing up to an app that thanks people on their behalf??  How is that supposed to encourage me to even bother interacting with them?

Secondly, receiving a “Hey thanks for following” and the even more annoying “Check out my Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Google+/website/granny’s local bridge club/whatever else I can harangue you into following…” message and sometimes the special added bonus of ‘Dear Absolutely’ I could silently scream.  That is single-handedly the most effective way to make sure I don’t look at any of their stuff.   (Which is a shame as I obviously had looked at their Twitter timeline before deciding to follow them only to be met with that dumbass DM.)  I guess it works for people who are into the numbers game, and not the genuine relationships and engagement I mentioned earlier…

I love love Twitter.  But sometimes…

It turns me into a grumpy woman with a leaning towards sarcasm and ranting.

And sometimes…I think the name should be changed to Twatter.

Right, excuse me, I’m off to thank some people and follow them back.



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4 Comments on 5 Things People Need to Stop Doing on Twitter!

  1. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes
    April 1, 2017 at 12:35 am (10 months ago)

    I love that motorway quote. Sums up twitter perfectly for me. The whole follow unfollow thing drives me mad, and I hate being contained to a word limit! Sometimes it reduces me to use text language which makes me weep inside.

    • prabs
      April 1, 2017 at 12:16 pm (10 months ago)

      yes indeed. all of it. knew you’d relate (but I do love Twitter lol)

  2. Random Musings
    May 12, 2017 at 3:43 pm (8 months ago)

    Auto DMs!!!!! Just why! I really hate them. Especially, like you said, the ones that say “thanks for following, now as a reward, waste twenty minutes of your time following me literally everywhere else in the world” – seriously, I’m waiting for an invite for coffee off some of these people as they clearly want me immersed in every area of their lives!
    I also hate the ones that attempt to sell me something – doesn’t anyone know how to warm up a potential sales lead anymore!?

    • prabs
      May 12, 2017 at 6:27 pm (8 months ago)

      How lovely to come across a comment on a post I’ve not ‘promoted’ yet


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