Would You Buy Your Fiancé an Engagement Watch?

engagement watch

Would Your Fiancé Be Happy or Disappointed to Get an Engagement Watch Not a Ring?

Traditions have a knack of remaining intact – after all, that’s why we call them traditions. Nevertheless, time changes everything slowly but surely, even when it comes to the traditions we hold most near and dear.

The traditions of marriage and engagement are one such example. Across any one person’s life, these institutions may seem static, but a lot has changed in the business of getting married over centuries and millennia. Ultimately, more and more people are making their engagements relevant to their own tastes and budgets.


More and more people are choosing to opt out of the standard engagement ring and instead provide mutual gifts of a different variety.

Watches are becoming one such example. Would you buy your fiancé an engagement watch? Here are some reasons many people are considering watches a superior gift to the standard engagement ring.

Modest Pricing

The rigid social norms that have governed engagement gifts up to this point have created a dynamic where one-third of men and women go into debt to impress their significant others. As economic times continue to change, more and more people are rejecting the necessity of a gift that costs thousands of dollars and has no functional value.

When evaluating a quality piece of jewellery like an engagement watch and comparing it against an engagement ring, it’s not even close from a price standpoint: a watch costs a mere fraction of what an engagement ring costs. This makes it easy for some to consider an engagement watch as a superior choice for demonstrating both love and commitment to somebody.

Actual Functionality

Whether the engagement watch is for a man or woman, it does have one thing going for it regardless: functionality. Taking a look at pre owned luxury watch site like Chronoexpert.com, it quickly becomes clear that there are a variety of functional watches that do more than just tell time.

From built-in compasses to calendars and night-lights, an engagement watch is capable of providing real day-to-day value for the remainder of one’s life. When you contrast that with an engagement ring, it’s hard for the latter to maintain its proverbial shine.

Deeper Sentimental Meaning

Let’s be honest: any gift from a loved one will have a beautiful, sentimental meaning attached to it. We cherish those gifts, both big and small, and will always remember who gave them to us. Nevertheless, some gifts naturally possess a bit more sentimental value than others when you really think about it.

An engagement watch functions as a keeper of time. The deeper meaning behind this – a commitment meant to last forever – shouldn’t be lost on anybody considering this as an engagement gift. As a couple grows old together and watches the time pass, they’ll be reminded of that literal occurrence in a symbolic way by the watch(es) they shared with one another at the beginning of it all.

Stylistic Statement

Any piece of jewellery has the ability to accentuate both an individual outfit and a particular fashion style.  Especially for men, a quality watch is more noticeable and can definitely complement a carefully chosen outfit.

Whether it is how to choose the right watch band or which belt/shoes go best with the piece itself, there are numerous opportunities for both men and women to combine their engagement watches with a sleek outfit set to impress.

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Added Value

As jewellery ages, it can increase and decrease in value depending on a number of factors. In most cases, people hold onto their precious jewellery unless a financial situation dictates differently. In those situations, you obviously want to recoup as much of the value as possible on your engagement gifts.

While comparing identical amounts of materials (such as gold, silver and diamonds) in rings and watches doesn’t produce a real difference in resale value, the form and functionality in a watch can make it easier to sell. As watches are less likely to change in style over the years and decades, a larger number of people in the market for a used watch may find yours more appealing.

This can make it easier to resell for a price greater than the value of its individual materials, and as such, means it is likely to hold its true value better than the average ring, bracelet or necklace.

Perhaps you hadn’t considered it before now, but giving your fiancé an engagement watch can be a great alternative to the standard ring or piece of jewellery.  

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