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Dear Papa, Mama is not an organised blogger. At. All. After realising that she hadn’t written anything for Father’s Day (and that the only time she’s written something for it was two years ago), she quickly ‘bashed something out’ (her words) and asked us to contribute. Apparently, this isn’t as bad as Mother’s Day this year where she only wrote something after the day had been and gone. (Are you sure she is even a ‘mummy blogger’?)
Mummy is now giving us ‘the look’ because apparently we’re being rude and asking too many questions (and she’s muttering something about being a blogger who just happens to be a mother, whatever that means) so we’d better stop talking about her and just deliver our message for this Father’s Day.


Dear Papa, I love it when when you come to pick us up from school because Mummy’s working from home. #LoveSurprises

I hate it when you have to go back to the office after dropping us off. #HeartSinks

Dear Papa, I love it when you do that hilarious dance in the kitchen, the one that Mummy ALWAYS manages to miss but tells us she’s seen a hundred times. #RoomFullOfJoy

I hate how we get told off for interrupting while you’re talking when you interrupt us too. #NotFair

Dear Papa, I love it when you come home early twice a week or on the odd odd occasion when you come to meet us when we’re out and about with Mama. [Dreamy D]

I hate that you don’t take us (apart from the occasional baseball match) to any of our  activities. #WeOnlyGetOneChildhood

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Dear Papa, I love how you never give up on anything.

I feel sad that you work such long hours even though Mummy has explained it many times to us #KidsDontUnderstand

Dear Papa I love it when you make Mummy laugh and she pretends she doesn’t find you funny but cracks up a few seconds later.

I hate it when you and Mama fight but also know it doesn’t mean our family unit isn’t strong and you both usually get over it quickly instead of letting it become a problem. #RelationshipLessonsIDontEvenKnowImLearning

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I love that you are so supportive of my musical ambitions, school life and general decisions. I don’t like how you don’t do any sports or have any shared hobbies with us. [Musical M.]

Dear Papa, I love your commitment and how you work so hard to provide for your family.

I feel bad that you recently admitted your biggest fear is not doing enough for us. #DontFeelScaredPapa

Dear Papa, I love that you don’t get wound up (well not as much as Mummy anyway) every time we lose or break something.

I hate it when you bark at us in the mornings when everyone’s being good getting ready for school and we just can’t work out what we’ve done wrong.

Dear Papa, I love how we get to have a childhood.

I just wish you could remember your own. #CanWeMakeAgeJokesNow

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Dear Papa, I love your stories from years ago about you hanging out with Prince Albert in Monaco, having dinner with Kylie Minogue and getting Lionel Ritchie to play a song in a London hotel.

I hate that you can barely remember the stories I’ve told you recently!

Dear Papa, I love family movie time. #NeverTooOldForSofaSnuggles

I hate how you insist we don’t utter a word when we’re watching a film and then provoke us into talking (!) before falling asleep. #EveryTime

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Dear Papa, I love that you say sorry and hug me if you accidentally hurt me when you play with me. [Cheeky K]

I hate it when I hurt myself and you ask if the furniture is alright first #ProvokerJoker

Dear Papa, I love our precious weekend family dinner night.

I hate it when we’re on our best behaviour at a restaurant but still get told off for just getting up for a few seconds or talking loudly when we’re not. #WhatIsThatAbout

Dear Papa, I love that you and Mama are still together, when so many parents aren’t…

…and that we’ll all be spending Father’s Day together when so many families won’t be.

And there is absolutely nothing to hate about that.

MDK xoxo

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