#OopsFiles Guest Bloggers Wanted!



Ever chatted to the happy couple at a wedding, unaware that the other guests are being treated to a view of your undies that you accidentally tucked into your outfit in the bathroom?  Or been held up at airport security because of a ‘questionable item’ inside your carry on bag (nope, never happened to me, just hypothetical ahem)?  Maybe you took your child to a birthday party, chatted to the other parents for a whole hour before realising you’re at the wrong birthday party…

If you’re a blogger with a tale of a blinding blooper, a cringy cock-up, a mortifying mistake – basically a big fat Oops – that you aren’t too proud to talk about, then my weekly guest blogger series the #OopsFiles needs you!  Got a cracker in the archives that didn’t get the full love it deserved?  A golden oldie that was a big blog hit or a new idea you’ve not yet written about?  Original or previously published piece…they’re equally welcome.  It can be a face palm fail like my school mum post or a general weak point like this one.  And it doesn’t have to be about parenting issues at all (in fact most of the OopsFiles submissions aren’t) and you can be any type of blogger.

So, how about it?  If you’re interested in joining the fab line up of #OopsFiles guest bloggers featured so far, please read the details below and then send your submission to prabs@absolutelyprabulous.com

Here’s what you need to know: 

You can use a previously published piece or write an original submission:
i) If submitting an original piece, please wait a minimum of one calendar month from the time of publication on my site before publishing on your own site (if you plan to feature it).
ii) if/when publishing on your own site, please include #TheOopsFiles badge (see below) on your post. 

The ideal maximum word count is 900
(to allow additional space for my intro, title image, your bio and blurb etc at the end) but don’t fret if you go over a tiny bit.

Please supply the following:
– one or two good quality images. preferably landscape format, around 400 x 300 px, for the body of the post.
– a short description of your blog
– your site logo badge/header in jpeg format
– social media links

Try to keep profanity to a minimum!
I’m no Mother Teresa so it’s not totally forbidden but I reserve the right to ‘dilute’ really strong words if it’s a bit much!

Please be wiling for me to suggest/request edits.

Please be willing to publicise your post as much as possible across your social media channels.
When sharing on Twitter, be sure to include my handle @AbPrabulous and hashtag #OopsFiles and tag my on Facebook too. You can tweet it as many times as you like; I’ll be sure to retweet each time you do.

I think that’s it!  Any questions, please ask.

What you can expect from me:

I will publish your post on my site usually on a Monday evening (unless an unforeseen event on my part prevents this).

I will tweet it to bloggers the week of its publication (and reshare from time to time after the first week) and share it on my Facebook and Instagram profiles.

I aim to link the post to at least five linkies and several Facebook blogger groups.

Yep, you thought you’d put that incident behind you. No such luck. Write it up and send it to prabs@absolutelyprabulous.com 😉  

I look forward to featuring you!