Happy Birthday Sophie La Girafe! Giveaway and Review.

  MAY SEES THE BIRTHDAY OF SOPHIE LA GIRAFE the teething toy used by Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Ritchie, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry and Miranda Kerr to name a few (well…used by their babies). Made from natural rubber that is derived from the sap of the Hevea tree, Sophie became a success in France […]

EXPOSED! This is Why Indians Don’t Do Dogs!

Hubster came home the other evening and said “Guess what I was doing last night?” to which I thought Heavens above, I don’t wanna know. “I was trawling the Web” he said, to which I just thought Ok, you really need to stop talking right now. “I was looking at dogs” he continued, and I […]

5 Reasons Why I’m Glad I Had C-sections

I may sometimes joke about not being a real woman as I don’t know what it’s like to have a contraction or go into labour but it is exactly that: a joke, a big Prabulous joke. I have never felt guilt or shame over my c-sections. Why talk about this? Well, it turns out April […]

sleepovers from hell frazzled mum and naughty kids

How to Avoid Sleepovers From Hell

Now don’t look shocked. You know you’ve met ‘that child’. The friend your child is dying to invite for a sleepover; the one who who is a terrible influence. The one who somehow manages – within thirty minutes of entering your house – to undo every good lesson or positive form of behaviour you’ve ever taught […]

And That’s What Happened There…

Is it a little late to do a 2014 retrospective? I mean I already mentioned my 2015 goals a few days ago. So I’m kind of going backwards if I look back at last year right? Plus it’s 5th January already…we’re almost a week into the new year. So I guess it’s a little weird […]

13 Things That Made Me Happy This Christmas

Before the decorations come down and I’m plunged into January blues, I thought I’d take a minute to remember my favourite moments from this festive season. Call me corny…go on, I dare ya… 13 Things That Made Me Happy This Christmas. 1. Hubster cooking good ole Italian sausage pasta while mince pies baked in the […]

14 Women, 1 Girls’ Trip and a Lot of Boobs

So early December a bunch of us – and by bunch I mean 13 of us (HOW we managed to pull that off I still don’t know) – went to Dublin on a girls’ trip to visit a friend of ours and let our mummy hair down. Oh and ‘went to Dublin’ is slightly inaccurate. […]

What Parents Say About Other Parents’ Kids And What They Really Mean!

Ever wanted to march someone else’s kid straight out of your house because they’re subjecting your child to the play date from hell? Or wondered if they’re fed a diet consisting solely of M&M’s, gummy bears and doughnuts, they’re so unable to sit still for five seconds? Whether it’s a quick playground rendezvous after school, […]

Seriously, IS It Normal?!

I’m in a giving kind of mood this week. So I reckoned, seeing as how you liked Is This Normal so much, I’d treat you – with a sequel  I know, I’m literally too kind for my own good sometimes. Feel free to send me jewellery, chocolates, a book deal by way of thanks. Or […]

And Just Like That…She’s Gone

  Summer was a-coming…A.C. units were a-humming. Then Summer was here, yay! We put away the jeans, got out the sun cream and “Hope it’s not a scorcher” we did say.   And then…   Carts piled with melons, strawberries and peaches, Buses with tourists all heading to the beaches. Milk shakes, iced coffees, wine […]

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

So October 9th this year, it was exactly nine years since I arrived in Malta with a 15 month-old Musical M to join my hubby and embark on a life in the sun (well…actually we thought it was going to be two or three years in the sun). Nine years, two more kids, many near […]

28 Reasons Why You’d Hate To Go To The Beach With My Family

Right, so we’re back at school but here in Malta we still have at least a month of this hot humid ‘What’s the point of even showering cos I’m just gonna need another one in about five minutes’ weather to go. Don’t get me wrong. I’d rather have this than a start stop ‘is the […]


Now, if you have read 30 Things That Make Me Happy or When the Laughter Has to Stop or you’re one of my friends, you will (I hope) know that I’m a fan of Malta. For all its downsides (and what country doesn’t have its downsides right?) I usually have plenty of good to say […]

When The Laughter Has To Stop

Absolutely Prabulous and its associated Facebook and Twitter pages are dedicated to the funny side of life. I have been a little quiet on the blog of late, partly because I’m spending time with my kids for the school holidays but MAINLY because it does not feel like a time for great humour. I know […]

Father’s Day Kids’ Bloopers

Live from the Absolutely Prabulous household, I bring you seven of my family’s bloopers this Father’s Day weekend. Okay, so the photography isn’t exactly stellar but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Nevertheless, don’t say I don’t spoil you. 1. YOU KNOW HOW KIDS MAKE STUFF (LOTTTTSSSSA STUFF) FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS…and then bring it aaaallllll home so […]

Ten candles.

  Oh my goodness, Musical M, how is it possible that you’re now ten?! I remember lying on my hospital bed, staring with wonder at your tiny head. So many thoughts and so many feelings ran through me as I stared at the ceiling, Still numb from that needle before it hit me, I now […]

A Woman’s Work is Never Done? (and it’s only Monday!)

It’s only Monday and I’m thinking “Oh heavens” (actually anyone who follows this blog knows I’m not that polite and the word that follows “oh” is not “heavens”), “So much coming up, where do I start?” Gifts, GIFTS! Buying gifts, wrapping gifts, contributing to gift collections: teachers’ end of year gifts, M’s birthday gifts and […]

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