Father’s Day Kids’ Bloopers

Live from the Absolutely Prabulous household, I bring you seven of my family’s bloopers this Father’s Day weekend. Okay, so the photography isn’t exactly stellar but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Nevertheless, don’t say I don’t spoil you. 1. YOU KNOW HOW KIDS MAKE STUFF (LOTTTTSSSSA STUFF) FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS…and then bring it aaaallllll home so […]

Ten candles.

  Oh my goodness, Musical M, how is it possible that you’re now ten?! I remember lying on my hospital bed, staring with wonder at your tiny head. So many thoughts and so many feelings ran through me as I stared at the ceiling, Still numb from that needle before it hit me, I now […]

A Woman’s Work is Never Done? (and it’s only Monday!)

It’s only Monday and I’m thinking “Oh heavens” (actually anyone who follows this blog knows I’m not that polite and the word that follows “oh” is not “heavens”), “So much coming up, where do I start?” Gifts, GIFTS! Buying gifts, wrapping gifts, contributing to gift collections: teachers’ end of year gifts, M’s birthday gifts and […]

Is This Normal?

  I don’t know about you but I’m fairly sure it’s not normal: 1 To have had a knee operation but not remember which knee it was. 2 To answer “Just bring yourself back safe and sound” when Hubster asks “What shall I bring you from my work trip?” and then raid his suitcases when […]

I Don’t Know How She Does It. No really, I don’t know HOW she does it!

This one’s for all the amazing mothers out there! A while ago, I had one of those busier than normal weeks. You know, where you wonder why everything has to happen at the same blooming time. Cheeky K and Dreamy D had birthdays 3 days apart…annoyingly this happens every year…beats me…;)  so I spent the week […]

30 Things That Make Me Happy

    Happiness. We all want it don’t we? Personally, despite life’s inevitable low points, I think I’m more of a glass-half-full rather than half-empty sort (like I said, I think!). It”s what works for me. Yes, admittedly, when you live on a little island that is positively drenched in sunshine most of the year, […]

Foo-d For Thought on the Next Generation of Musicians

Dave, Dave, Dave… He is too cool and too wise. I only just came across these words by him from 2013: Guy’s got a foo-king good point (sorry, I had to go there), even if his lingo’s a bit salty, no? (As if I needed another reason to love him.) I’m not totally dissing American […]

Running like the police are chasing you really helps

Phew! Race Done. And Stretch….

So that’s a second half marathon under my belt. I had decided not to write ‘yet another’ post on the race but then it dawned on me that after writing various posts on the training and build-up (albeit from a tongue in cheek perspective because it’s not exactly a full marathon after all), it would […]

Race Day…The Lie-in Has To Wait

So Half Mara week has arrived and to be honest, I’ve got little else on my mind other than how I’m going to do on race day. So if you’re tired of posts on running, that’s fair enough. I understand. No hard feelings. I get it if you want to go do something else rather […]

Do I HAVE To Run? (asked the voices in my head)

Alter Ego: “Run time” Me: “Do I really have to?” Alter Ego: “What do you think? Half Marathon in ten days” Me: “But my knee still twinges from Monday’s run” Alter Ego: “A twinge is just that: a twinge. Quit whining.” Me: “And it’s so cold” Alter Ego: “So go put on another layer.” Me: “And […]

Half Marathon Here I Come (again)

If you read Mother Loses Her Running Mojo, you’ll know that I fell off the running wagon  towards the end of 2013. I’m not sure I’m fully back on but 1st Jan 2014, I took the bull by the horns and headed out for my first 10k in ages. Then, I fell on my laptop […]

Monday Morning Mama

Short but not sweet. Let’s see: the entire kitchen bin contents fell out on the floor this morning and the time needed to a salvage job meant we were late for school AGAIN. The locking system on the car has gone beyond beserk to the point where I nearly got locked out of the car […]

Holiday Season Classic Quotes

I sat down to write a post about my favourite quotes from the 2013 festive season, thinking “oh this’ll be fun cos I bet we all made a variety of really different ones”. Um, about that…  Apparently, food and drink seems to be the only thing we do really well. Because it sure seems to […]

Last Year’s Firsts

I’ve seen numerous posts the last couple of days from people saying that 2013 wasn’t their  year. So I feel even more blessed, looking back at last year, to be able to say I had a pretty good one overall….or am I still looking at life through Christmas wine goggles? Nothing earth-shattering happened – and […]

Girls and Boys: Game On!

A few years ago, we had one of those rare Christmases where my whole family managed to reunite at my parents’ place in West London; one of my sisters S.J. flew in from Holland, we came over from Malta, my other sis M.E. travelled up the motorway from Sussex (and UK traffic being what it […]

Desperately Seeking My Festive Spirit!

I have to admit I’ve been having difficulty finding my Christmas spirit this year. It’s not the first time it’s happened and I always thought it was because of a combination of two things: 1) only putting the tree and decorations up with just days to go before the big day and hence not having […]

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