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The Good and the Not So Good About BML 17

Another BritMums Live has been and gone. This was my second rodeo…was BML 17 better or  worse than my experience last year?


Well I attended a blogger conference that (for me) wasn’t worth its ticket value, attended an awards ‘party’ (I didn’t win by the way) that consisted of us riding down the Thames on a boat which was basically a revolting pub that took me right back to the parties of uni days – EXCEPT the music was not the 80’s tunes of that era but the worst elevator music that made me think I’d somehow fast forwarded to living in a nursing home. And then…THEN lost my fave shoes in All Bar One. On the PLUS side, I got to spend time with some of the loveliest friends a girl could have, thanks to my Absolutely Prabulous world. ❤️ [thank you to @justsayingmum for taking the pic] – – – – #bloglife #bloggingconference #saturdaynightinthecity #saturdaynightinlondon #mumsout #ukbloggers #maltabloggers #stylishmama #instamums #bloggingmum #dressedtothenines #mumstyle #blogawards #backtoblighty #workitgirl

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Although mainly a humorous synopsis (written by a Prabs who was concerned with the shoes she left in All Bar One more than anything else!), this IG post I guess nevertheless pointed out a couple of serious truths about the BML 17 event (as I saw them).


So I thought I’d write up an actual post that highlights what for me was the good and the not so good about BML17.

This is MY perception/experience/analysis of BML 17. Whilst I know these opinions weren’t unique to me, after chatting to other attendees, I nevertheless can’t speak on behalf of others and I’m sure there are plenty of other BML summaries around.

FYI BritMums have sent out an event survey welcoming attendees’ feedback so that is a good thing.

Also, one of the things you can’t put a price on is the opportunity to meet up with one’s blogging friends and meet new people, which simply would not happen if it weren’t for events like the annual BML ones. It was a real shame that many of the bloggers I saw last year didn’t make it this year such as Muma on the Edge, Island Living 365Pink Pear Bear and Maflingo to name a few.

group shot of absolutely prabulous, motherhood the real deal and others for BML 17

[Image courtesy of Motherhood the Real Deal]


Before I go into this bit, I just want to emphasise I KNOW event management ain’t easy! Anyone who’s worked in this arena will tell you it’s challenging and exhausting.

I know this first hand as I used to be a conference producer, researching my assigned subject, devising the structure and content, recruiting speakers, managing those relationships  and all on-the-day logistics.

I knew the stress of finalising a brilliant programme only to have last minute speaker cancellations leaving me scrambling round trying to replace them or having to restructure the agenda so it still fitted with the other sessions and didn’t let down the registered attendees. I can still remember breaking into a nervous sweat due to the embarrassment of a speaker not actually delivering the fantastic information-packed session in the dynamic manner they had promised or the venue messing up lunches etc!

The Good

    • For me and where I am with my blogging, from looking at the BML 17 event agenda beforehand, I thought the planned sessions this year were much better as their topics seemed more specific with more tangible/applicable themes.  Then on the actual day, the delivered content felt more substantial (for the most part)* than last year’s.  The ones I attended were: YouTube Deep Dive, How to be a Great Influencer, Who’s Making Money Now, The Not So Secret Life of YouTube Mums and Pinterest: Creative Content That Drives Traffic.
    • I personally probably got the most out of the YouTube and Pinterest sessions as I’m rubbish in those arenas and felt there was a fair bit of meaty content I could get my teeth into and apply. I won’t go into the actual content in this post as it will get too long so I may do a round up of my notes in a separate post.

The Not So Good

As I said, I know from experience how hard it is to write conference programmes. I also think that:

Depending on how long you’ve been blogging and what your objectives are, the fact is sessions are going to be too advanced, not advanced enough or just right!


    • an agenda with a one size fits all approach, that assumes each session can meet the needs of every blogger in the room, just doesn’t work.  I think BML – and its attendees! – could probably benefit from the effective multi stream approach with individual streams for beginner, intermediate and advanced bloggers. We were in fact asked about our stage of blogging in the email bumpf sent shortly before the event. Maybe the organisers just needed this info for admin reasons but perhaps this it could be constructively used to steer bloggers towards certain sessions in the future.
    • A BIG issue for myself and several others was missing out – it would seem unnecessarily – on sessions we wanted to attend. I desperately wanted to attend the Facebook for Bloggers: Business Savvy Strategies for Visibility & Making Money and amazeballs Harriet’s Instagram and IG Stories: How to Maximise, What to Avoid & Top-Notch Storytelling talks but had to miss them to attend other sessions.The frustrating thing is that there was no need  because there was a whopping hour and fifty minutes to spare between the end of lunch and the start of the afternoon sessions! The morning’s Facebook and IG sessions were a total of 80 minutes; even leaving a ten minute buffer, this means there was ample time to place these sessions one after the other after lunch meaning  nobody had to miss them. Instead, there were presentations by brands none of whom were relevant to my blog and an unusually long coffee break barely an hour after lunch had finished, leaving many of us waiting around waiting for the next session.

       At over £100 a ticket, not to mention the cost of travel to get there, nobody should have to be missing sessions.


The Good

    • The location of the venue felt more accessible this year as it was near Waterloo. Moreover, with it being right next to the river with an amazing view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and just a stone’s throw from the London Eye, it was a far nicer place to be than the business like financial district where the previous venue Brewery, lovely as it is, was located.
    • Lunch (yes I have to mention the food!) was significantly better this year. The ‘take away’ card boxes last year were cute but left many of us hungry not to mention struggling to eat out of them. The buffet food (dished out by servers) this year was in my opinion much tastier and the bento/tali trays easier to eat out of for those unable to find seating. The County Hall suites tea and coffee was also more upscale (very important!).
    • Badges that went around the neck were a better touch this year as you didn’t have to stick a pin your nice clothing and more importantly, one didn’t have to stare at someone’s boobs to read their blog name. (I’m so short people were instead staring at a different body part on me given where the badge was level with but hey ho.)

The Not so Good

    • The actual entrance to the venue was not exactly obvious and the wait for the lifts at the bottom rather long, long enough that this was a problem for those of us arriving later than desired. Once up at the top, there was a fair walk from the cloakroom to the actual location of the day’s events (unlike the Brewery where access to the event is quicker and easier to figure out). I don’t know whether it was my past life as an events manager that made me so aware of ithis or my tight fitting boots!
    • BML 17 could have done with some helpful signage. Perhaps signs were not allowed at the entrance to the building by the site’s management but had it not been for some other bloggers arriving at the same time, I’d never have known if I was at the right place. Even my blog wife Motherhood the Real Deal spent ages wandering around the block trying to get in. The only sign indicating the event (as far as I could tell) was actually once you got out of the lifts at the top, walked away from the cloakroom all the way down the corridor and turned left and were by this stage, just metres away from the event’s location.
    • Although attendees were given a lovely map showing the location of the rooms, it actually wasn’t the most user-friendly system. Standard individual metal stands with the name of the room are more obvious and avoid the issue of people wandering around trying to find the room they are meant to be in, poking their heads into rooms only to find they are in the wrong one etc.
    • The brand experiences were not my cup of tea at all as none of them lit my fire but I’m sure there are many bloggers who were happy with them so again, this is subjective.


Sadly there was one aspect about BML 17 that I felt was just bad

I feel the need to mention this as several people were as taken aback by this as I was. At the end of the day, a handful of bloggers read out their post that won the keynote vote. This year these were (in order) a comedy post from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes about DIY, deeply emotional ones from Mummy Tries on autism and Little Ladies Big World on Baby Loss, rounding off with hilarious posts by Rhyming With Wine about pregnancy and Man vs Baby about  baby’s first holiday

All were brilliant examples of good writing that grab the audience’s attention from the start. However I’ve been trying to understand how the running order of the posts was decided. Maybe the idea was to start and end with comedy and put sad emotional ones in the middle?  Unfortunately the end result lacked thought and empathy for the speakers (and in fact the audience). Featuring Laura’s utterly devastating account of baby loss directly before Dawn’s hilarious post about pregnancy was insensitive and as hard on the audience – who were in absolute bits wiping away tears of sympathy and sadness one minute before being expected to laugh out loud the next  – as it was on the writers of those incredible posts who were placed in this really difficult position.

I’ll be honest, this will stay with me for a while.

All in all, just through the fact of attending sessions, talking to other bloggers and being immersed in that environment…

I came away from BML 17 feeling a bit more energised about blogging (after the lost mojo following the long Summer break).

Coupled with my ‘free mini masterclass’ over brunch the following day with my blog wife Talya, it wasn’t a bad way to spend the weekend.

And I got my shoes back!


That’s alright then!


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Thanks Muchly!

20 More Brilliant Posts You Have to Read: Blog Stars 4


#BlogStars is my happy place. I get such a kick out of running this series. Sorry if I sound cheesy but I love compiling each edition for the feel good factor it brings both myself and the featured bloggers.  Despite how much I enjoy running the series though and the reception it’s had, it’s been on pause as I took a step back from linkies for a while and then had a blog break due to a major family wedding.  So I do apologise to the regular readers among you for but I’m back with Blog Stars 4 and ready to bring you some corkers!

Blog Stars 4 featured image

If you’re new to Blog Stars, it is where I round up a bunch of posts I have truly enjoyed reading,  that have had a profound effect on me and which, in my opinion, deserve an extra shout out. FYI I don’t just feature posts from the month of the #BlogStars edition (especially as this is not always a monthly feature). This would mean excluding brilliant content purely on the grounds of date of publication, which is a pity if I’ve only discovered it months after it was published.

There’s a flavour to suit hopefully every taste.  You’ve got thought-provoking ones, you’ve got useful content, you’ve got the ‘make sure you’ve got kleenex on standby’ tear-jerkers and…of course, it ain’t Blog Stars if there ain’t no laughs.


1) If you want to share this post (or any of the individual posts from it) on social media (course you do) Please Use the Hashtag #BlogStars.

2)  This edition of #BlogStars has been divided up into the previously mentioned themes.

3)  For future editions of #BlogStars I’d like to include a few  posts chosen by YOU my readers. So if there is a post that has stayed with you and that you’d like to see featured, let me know!



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A Life Just Ordinary: How to Make Friends and Influence No-One

This popped up in one of those Facebook groups and the title made me literally snort. And click. It’s quite possibly the funniest and best post e-v-e-r about this bizarre, fabulous, endlessly frustrating, really gratifying, lonely, friend-making insanity that is blogging and is utterly hilarious from start to finish.  By the time I got down to the Twitter ‘tips’ and the line:

you could also achieve similar levels of success by shouting your blog posts out in full whilst walking down the street

I literally hurt from laughing.  (Actually, he should take his own advice and walk down the street shouting this very post out as it’s so good.) Dale Carnegie, please give me a sign that you’re laughing from your grave at the clever appropriation of your famous book title! Although, as I’ve already said to James, I am quite frankly bitterly disappointed and may well do my Miss Piggy hissy hair flick at him over the fact that he did not actually have the answer to how to increase one’s site traffic by 127,000% in just 4 days. #MustTryHarder [Stomps off in a hissy fit.]

Island Living: Your Father is Dragging me Back to the Dark Ages

Emma and her mother! (There’s a book title right there.) Heaven help me, every time her mum is mentioned, I know I’m in a for a laugh (and if the price is right, I’ll even tell you what Emma said about her mum just before we all stayed in a London hotel for the BiBs). The Daily Mail…the way her mum refers to it/Emma’s Dad. The bra doodles and the ‘vandalised property. And the aubergine. The aubergine! If you’re not intrigued by now…how on earth not?

Life Love and Dirty Dishes: My Husband Cheated on Me While I Slept Upstairs and…

Picking a post by the uber-talented Claire of LLDD for an edition of #BlogStars is as difficult as trying to use a paper umbrella in the rain. It doesn’t work. Not in a bad way! She is such a  gifted and funny writer that it’s an almost impossible task trying to settle on one. (Not that I think of particular bloggers I want to feature and then go and choose a post. It’s very much the other way around: #BlogStars is led by the content rather than the blogger.) I knew I’d read a great ‘cheating’ post but when I went to Claire’s site to get the url, found myself distracted by all the other great posts. This one is in a league of its own though. Notice how I’m skirting around describing what the post is about? No way I’m spoiling that one…go read. Soooo good and let me know if you guessed the big reveal before the end.

Nursery Whines: A Toddler Self Help Parody

I love clever bloggers, the ones that write something that makes you think “Damn, wish I’d thought of that”. This ‘alternative’ self-help guide for those of you with cantankerous belligerent toddlers (is there any other kind?) is just what you need! Frankly, I’m way past that stage as mine are much older but I’m kind of thinking I’ve come full circle and could do with this guide for my about to be teens too! The ‘accepting help’, ‘being open to other options’, ‘admitting when you’re wrong’, just the whole things. So funny from start to finish and I just love the dry tone in which it’s been written.

Sarah and Louise: The Day I Shat all Over Myself

I have to say this post needs to come with some sort of health and safety warning (or at least a sick bag). The girls need a medal for being brave enough to publish this one but mercy me, it is damned funny! To be honest, for me Sarah and Louise are much like This Mums Life in that I’d happily read their grocery shopping list because even that would be funny. Choice bits in this one?  How about:

Do I just hang myself on the emergency cord above the toilet so I never have to face the humiliation and embarrassment?

or the cream leather seats of the father in law’s car (!) and the pièce de resistance…[cue famous Psycho ‘screech’ music]…the HOSPITAL GOWN [Guffaws.]



All The Beautiful Things: I Was the Mum

You see a lot of the same issues covered the more you blog and there will always be the regulars that crop up but of course, everyone’s experience is unique to them.  In this post by Helen, she talks about having one of those days in parenting; you know the one!  The one where nothing goes right and your child just doesn’t comply and you just wish you could manipulate time to bring bedtime forward and end the day.  This is one of the better posts I’ve read on this. I don’t want to call this sad or heartbreaking as Helen ends it on a positive beautiful note with the maturity to recognise parenting isn’t a walk in the park and you just have those days and it’s ok. I did feel for her when she walking out of the shopping centre feeling tearful 🙁

Beauty Baby and Me: One for the Husband

The one and only Fi. If/when I finally meet her, I shall squish her muchly with hugs; consider yourself forewarned Fi!  We all have our demons – yep even the most outwardly confident amongst us – but most of us aren’t good at revealing them. Fi puts it out there, warts and all on her blog. She’s one fine writer (who was actually featured in the second blog stars with a hilarious swipe at parenting experts) but for me, this is the one…the one I’ll remember a year from now when I’ll have read a further trillion posts, many of which will have faded from the memory because my brain just can’t hold that much in it. Such a raw, brutally honest, relatable and yet somehow funny post…how the heck did she pull that off?! If blog posts were edible, I’d have at least two helpings of this.

Five Little Doves: We are All Mums

Well I think it’s safe to say that it’s nigh on impossible to read a post by Laura without requiring an entire box of tissues or a stiff whiskey (preferably both) at the ready.  You won’t regret reading this stunning post because it’s a masterpiece. But you will regret not having those tissues or drink ready. This woman breaks me almost every time I read her.  I try not to skim read blog posts; I’m generally not a skim reader by nature anyway but in the interests of time management, what with All. The. Blogging. I am ashamed to admit I do sometimes have to do it out of necessity.  I don’t skim read Laura.


Nor should you.

Just Saying Mum: You Were Once a Babe in my Arms

Helen is one of my go to/won’t let me down bloggers. If I’m having a bad day, I know I can visit her blog and my spirits will be lifted by her words. She’s just so good at what she does, whether it’s making us laugh at ourselves growing older or blooming CRY at our kids getting older!I I’ll admit, I actually groaned at myself over including her in yet another edition of #BlogStars because I’m sure regular readers will think it’s cronyism with certain bloggers cropping up in more than one edition! But how do I leave out something I loved reading? How do I skip a post that totally deserves a place in a roundup of amazing posts?! It would be almost dishonest to do so, just because it’s by a good friend every cell of whom I love dearly.  Do yourself a favour and read this. Just remember… #NotWithoutKleenex

Mouse Moo and Me Too: The Bad Mum Files

I don’t know how to describe this post. I read it a few months ago not long after it was published and just stared at the screen almost numb with disbelief and relief in equal measure. It is no discredit at all to Sam’s brilliant writing (so good it turns out I’ve in fact previously featured her in this series) to say that I still don’t know how to describe it, such was its raw visceral effect on me. Things could have turned out SO differently for her and her kids on the day this happened and thank goodness she lived to tuck her kids (and herself) into bed that night. Huge cyber hugs to Sam.


Madhouse Mum: Time on our Side

Alison writes with a sensitivity and beauty that just gets me every single time. She’s also bloody funny at times too.  This post about having one of those rare occasions where you actually just have the chance to get time with one kid (I guess you have to have more than one child to really appreciate this or have grown up with several siblings) is a beaut. “It feels as if I snatch at parenting them….” Sigh. Such a clever writer. In fact such a clever writer that I simply had to share another of hers:

Sexual Control

I almost winced when I saw the title of this because I was fairly sure I knew where Alison was going with this. It’s a very well written and frankly scary prognosis of the sexually-obsessed culture our kids are now growing up in and the enormous burden of worry and uncertainty this places upon us as parents. As the mother of a boy and two girls, the eldest of whom is 12 at the time of writing (and who has come home telling me the most hair-raising things about what her friends know/talk about/watch), I totally related to this post. The info about the porn industry’s core target almost gave me heart failure.

Mother of Teenagers: The Value of Female Friendships

Although happily married I am not a woman who regards my husband as my best friend and am always somewhat surprised and intrigued by those women that do.

Hear hear! I nodded all the way through this eloquently written post by the rather fabulous Jo. It’s a rather beautiful appraisal of friendships that come and go throughout our lives and the role that her husband plays in her life and how it all fits together. I’ve watched Jo handle ‘that birthday’ with aplomb throughout her blog and social media posts and she’s rather an inspiration to me in so many ways. And boy does she know how to write.

My Random Musings:Birth Rape

Where do I start regarding this standout post by Debs? The term ‘thought provoking’ feels fluffy and almost dismissive as a description. I had never heard of the term birth rape before reading this. At the risk of incurring wrath or falling foul of my readers – and not wishing to belittle anybody’s birth experience – I do agree with many of the points raised by Deb in this article and respect how thoroughly she has covered it trying to see the topic from all sides. It is an emotive issue, one that I can see polarising people. All I can say is go read and let me/Deb know what you think!

Pink Pear Bear: You Will Only Ever Have Half my Attention

Ah can there be a mother out there who wouldn’t relate to some or all of this? Louise has a way of writing as though she’s just chatting to you and I actually felt like this post was a chat  over a cup of coffee (you know while one of her kids tugged at her to go while Louise thought of three things she needed to do!)

I feel like I’m juggling sand…like I’m on one of those airport moving runways and thoughts are whizzing past me as I try and grab them

A well-written post that perfectly encapsulates what it is like for most women raising families, working and just trying to keep their s**t together.

TeacupToria: Finding the Courage to Walk Away

This is not a new one at all (and I’m thrilled that since writing it, things seem to have improved for Tori)  but it had such an effect on me when I read it that I filed it away in my mind for future revisiting. I found this post about the breakdown of a marriage (almost as soon as the couple were in fact wed) absolutely heart-wrenching. It comes across as though every word was carefully chosen yet never feels contrived or geared towards attracting sympathy. It’s just a very honest and even beautiful account of a mother’s hurt, fierce determination to protect her son above all else and calm ability to make the right decision. I believe good things finally come to those who deserve it.  Tori and her gorgeous son deserve some good luck and judging from her recent posts, things are starting to fall into place.

Toby and Roo: Let’s Talk about Sex Baby

Remember the fab 90’s tune by Dimitiri: “The Last to Know”? No, of course you don’t; you’re too ruddy young. Ugh. Anyway, that’s me. Always the last to find out the big news, the last to adopt the latest trend etc, a lifelong Little Miss ‘oblivious to what’s going on at school/uni/workplace/school playground’. So you can ALL go ahead and have a jolly good laugh at how I only discovered Toby and Roo a couple of months ago (universal gasps).  I pootled around her site and stumbled across this. No I’m not going to talk about sex with you baby…I’m going to let Harriet do that as she’s far braver and better than me on that front. PS Fave bit? The ‘Chinese take out drive’. She’s a bit good that Harriet.

Winnettes: Parents vs The Internet

I’m still not decided how I feel about some of the issues raised in this. I’m a bit of a dinosaur. I cannot for the life of me understand how so many parents give their kids devices (even if it’s ‘just’ letting their kids play on their phones whilst in the car/in a doctor’s waiting room/at a restuarant) or phones from an early age. I don’t understand how children under the legal age for Facebook account ownerhship are allowed to have a FB account when under that legal age etc.  I’m a traditionalist who’s had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this ‘kids need devices’ era we now live in; shall I describe the ‘joy’ I felt when Hubster decided to let our then 11 year old have a phone, without discussing it with me first? However I can’t deny Kirsty makes a good point regarding getting wise about technology and she really has made me reconsider my reluctance to show my kids’ faces here on the blog and my AbPrab social media. It’s a thought-provoking post and any post that provokes thought is worth sharing.


Life with Baby Kicks & Toby and Roo: From 0 to 50k in 12 Months on Instagram

50K? It’s enough to make you spit your coffee out isn’t it? All the blogging, all the Twatter, all the Faceberk aggro, all the pinning (God give me strength I haven’t yet mustered up the energy for the great big Pinterest overhaul of my blog) and then…then…Instasham. Seriously, I love blogging but the whole follower number thing makes me break out into a cold sweat. Sound familiar? Fear not, Harriet is here again! This time, she’s on form with a series of these-will-do-nicely-thank-you tips to help you get your Instagram on…and who better to advise you…because since writing it…she’s now got 75k IG followers!! Plus it’s a guest post for my blog bestie Laura so she gets a nod too.

Motherhood the Real Deal: Make More Money from Your Blog, How I Doubled My Earnings

Well as I invariably end up saying if that isn’t a ‘does what it says on the tin’ title for a blog post, then I don’t know what is!  Talya’s one of my mentors, is always there for me with no nonsense advice and is seriously switched on as i’ve said in my post about reaching for the sky.  What can I say apart from go read it to find out how my blog wife Talya made £2000 from her blog recently.

You Baby Me Mummy: Why Your Blog’s Not Growing

Excellent one from Aby here. Obviously with all the blog tips she’s known for I could choose any number of posts but this straight talking super informative one caught my eye a while ago and has stuck in the brain ever since. It’s not a long list that ends up leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of which bits of advice to implement; just a solid few points that make SO much sense….and how much did I love the ’80/20 rule’ which caused a proper blog epiphany with yours truly?!



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Blog Stars – The Second Edition


blog-stars-second-edition featured image cinema screen with title

Firstly, a huge thanks is due to everyone who read, commented and shared the first Blog Stars post (#BlogStars), helping get this new feature off to an amazing start.

I was actually a bit blown away by the love it received.  I really started it as a way of simply giving back to the amazing bloggers who pour their heart, soul and effort into their blogs; little did I realise a) how totally chuffed my first lot of blog stars would be to be featured b) that others would say they’d use the series as a tool for catching up on their blog reading or c) that the featured bloggers wouldn’t just read their own blogs but would go check out the other blogs listed.  So, a great result all round and I’m so grateful to you all.  What a lovely bunch.

So I’m back with a second batch of bloggy treats for you!  There’s some thought-provoking stuff, some tear-inducing stuff, some helpful tippy stuff and it can’t be an AbPrab post without plenty of laffs.  Agreed?  If you concur, here we go!  Enjoy x


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This Edition’s Blog Stars Are: 

3 Little Buttons The 10 Things That Get on My Nerves

This is not a new post but as explained in Blog Stars the First Edition, one doesn’t always come across a post that was just written that month.  I could pretty much relate to all of this post which made me relive my London commuter days.  Shudder.  Annette did make me laugh with her descriptions of the types of plonker behaviour that goes on on the London Underground and the fab illustration, oh my… The post made me think of last Summer, when I was back in the UK visiting Ma and Pa etc; there was one week where I had to use the Tube every day…I swear it was the longest week of my life…NO idea how I used to do that every day for work).  Annette also made me mentally renew my vow to never live or work in London ever again.  One of the greatest cities it most definitely is.  But if you need me, I’ll be on the beach…


The Adventures of a Beta Mummy The Mum’s Night Out

I am super duper lucky to have a good social life (I don’t know if it’s an island thing or just a Mediterranean thing) and I’m very blessed to have ‘my girls’.  I was going to say I’m now through to the other side as my kids are no longer babies but if I”m honest, even when they were little it was easy to get out.  The tiny non-UK distances make it easy here too.  But although Beta Mummy’s post is far from my stage of parenting or experience, I did love her take on the need to Get. Out. Of. The. House.  There was no way I was leaving this post out because…because…OMG…the PICTURE!  How much did I love the picture?!  The ‘seats’ bit and the ‘I’m knackered’ and the drawing itself and oh the whole thing!  Perfection.  Bravo Beta Mummy.  Now step this way and come illustrate for me!


Beauty, Baby and Me Contradicting Advice…Cheers for the Headwreck Leading Experts!

Oh my word this post is fab.  Fi talks in hilarious fashion about the myriad of conflicting suggestions and advice so-called childcare experts give out over the course of books etc.  The Do/Don’t bullet point list she starts the post with had me howling and the memes are so up my street.  Poor girl, she really reminded me of my angst with my first two kids (and how by the time it got to the third, I was so busy running around after the first two, all the angst was gone and she almost had to bring herself up!).  The last paragraph warmed my heart as I’d been feeling so sorry for Fi throughout the post, wondering what reassuring advice I could impart as a ‘seasoned’ (but totally unwise lol) mum, only to find that she’s got her head screwed on and a great approach to the whole thing.


Confusing Diaries of a Puzzled Mummy Take My Kid Out of Your Box

An excellent post about the problem that British education and parents are facing with the endless testing of students for no other reason it seems than to tick boxes, satisfy statistic-obsessed academic boards and march to the drum of whichever education minister happens to be in power.  This is such a well-written post that had me nodding my head furiously, asking myself yet again what the hell today’s education system is doing to our children’s mental well-being (and thanking my lucky stars that mine go to a school in Malta that totally champions the individual/creativity/inquisitive learning approach).


Cuddle Fairy How to Increase Domain Authority

I first became aware of the term DA during a twitter chat with Amy of Mr and Mrs T Plus Three several months ago.  I had no idea what it meant (and…er…was too embarrassed to ask her!).  In the last few months however, I’ve seen a lot of articles on it and was delighted to discover my DA is respectable.  This post is for sure one of the better ones I’ve read on this topic.  If you’ve not read Cuddle Fairy yet (although that’s probably unlikely), you need to check out her ‘tips’ posts.  Queen of helping other bloggers, she writes ‘how to’ posts in an easy-to-digest friendly manner, jam-packing them with helpful advice and info.  There is no way you’re leaving this caring sharing blogger’s site without having learned something.  I promise!


Life as a Rambling Redhead In Honor of the Forgotten Anniversary

You know when you know about a blog but the whole ‘life getting in the way’ thing I mentioned in the first #BlogStars happens and you just don’t get round to reading them for the longest time? Yep.  That one.  A very good friend of mine regularly shares Jenn’s posts and this one popped up in my feed when I was busy writing a post (and by writing a post I mean faffing about on social media achieving nothing much of anything).  It’s not a recent one but who cares?  It is SO damned funny.  Not only does this woman get my vote for actually forgetting her own wedding anniversary – seriously rock star lol – but the erm ‘alternative’ less than conventional wedding photos she shares in this post and the hilarious explanations… Nearly broke a rib laughing.


Life With Baby Kicks Expat Living: When You Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

I’ve said goodbye to more people than I can recall over the last ten years of life on the rock.  It used to be a real blow in the early days but I’ve said goodbye to so many now, it doesn’t affect me much anymore as I’ve just hardened myself. But there was one that made me cry two years ago to the point where my then 10 yo had to console me! The worst aspect is how many best friends my kids have had to say goodbye to. It’s such an awful part of expat life but of course an inevitable one. When I was out with some of my besties a few weekends back, we said how we have to make a pact to never leave Malta. We joked that the leaving do of the next person to go will require a dress code of funereal black as we’d all be in mourning. This is all a long-winded way of saying that I totally got every word of this gorgeous post by Laura who has written many a post showing a real love and respect for the place that is Dubai.  I truly sympathise with her over that in limbo feeling one has between country moves; just the whole thing.


Live Love Blog Blogger’s Best Blogging Tips

You know when you start writing a post or at least start planning the outline of it in your head…only to come across something very very similar already written?  Yep.  My heart sank a bit when I read this fab post by the power house that is the Live Love Blog team, in which they’ve rounded up advice from various bloggers.  Sinking hearts aside, I thoroughly related and am hard pushed to choose a favourite tip.  However, the two that really had me nodding in agreement were those of Angela from Days in Bed and Emily of A Slummy Mummy.  I could not agree more with Ange’s comment about those who are genuinely interested in your blog gravitating towards it; whilst I do see the sense in going after a specific target market and sticking with that, I do feel it depends on whether that makes you happy.  As mentioned recently in my Confessions of a Guilty Blogger post, I’ve finally ditched the niche angst and now just write what I want to write.  Ever seen the film Field of Dreams?  If you build it, they will come…that!  And I almost squealed with delight at Emily’s comment – and actually wanted to reach through the screen and hug her for – ‘don’t get it right, get it written’. Halleblogelujah.  I so need to remember that as I drive myself nuts with wanting e-v-e-r-y freaking detail to be exactly right in a post (not that I have any intention whatsoever of divulging how long it’s taken me to put this one together!)

Motherhood In Real Life Looks Like We Made It

This really is one of those posts that takes your breath away; it’s so touching when a mother writes a heartfelt post for their child.  I kind of held my breath as I read it and felt so much sympathy in parts and could relate to other parts.  Becoming a mother throws enough of a curved ball but struggling with an ill child is a tough cross to bear and  Motherhood in Real Life bears it brilliantly and writes about superbly well.

Mess and Merlot All the Carbs Please

I featured Charlie in Life in the Prab Lane and the first #BlogStars.  I’m sure people are going to think we’re sleeping together or that she’s paying me.  But what do you do when a post is too good not to be featured?  You feature it dammit!  The bit about homemade flapjacks full of nuts and syrup being “ALKALINE and therefore good for [her] and the vodka and menthols ‘diet’ and ugh the whole thing…and the memes!  I just had to.  (Although just what the heck she’s doing ingesting blueberries combined with spinach is just beyond me…wink emoji.)

Mum Muddling Through When the Blog Days are Over

Yes, Sarah featured in the very first Blog Stars.  And with good reason.  There is a handful of bloggers who draw the kind of reaction from me that Sarah’s writing does.  I have such a deep respect and admiration for how this blogger uses words, choosing them carefully,  shaping them into the most perfectly crafted sentences that I wish I could reach into the screen to grab and eat.  (She’s probably going to laugh self-effacingly and say she slaps them together without thinking!). ‘Are we all one unexpected event away from hitting publish for the last time?  Or will we just get bored of it?’…I welled up a bit.  I would never ever think of using phrases like ‘Bloggerati’ and the ‘Pearly gates of blog heaven’ but this lass does.  And phrases like that, as well as the rather emotional response I had to the whole post because right now I can’t think of my blog days ending as they are my life, are why she’s in Blog Stars 2.

Mummy in a Tutu How To Get Noticed as a Blogger: Boobs and Arse

Oh my…I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug Katie for this one, as it kind of saddened me in some ways.  Not that I’m implying for one second that it is a plea for sympathy on her part, by the way, as it clearly isn’t.  It just got me thinking about other posts I’ve seen about the slightly, well, dare I say it. ‘unfortunate’ side of blogging: the side that sees bloggers getting hung up on stats, the side that has bloggers eyeing another blog with envy, the side that sees bloggers feeling a bit down during awards season.  To tell the truth, I was almost relieved that I was such a clueless blogger in the first 18 months and that I had no real drive if I’m honest!  I can’t help wondering if I’d have felt deflated if I was aware of even half the things that Katie already knows in the few months she’s been blogging.  I just hope she knows is a very clued up blogger who is doing everything she needs to be get noticed.  It will come…

Plutonium Sox A Letter to a Busy Mum

I feel it’s so clichéd trotting out the phrase ‘heartfelt post’ but that’s what this post is.  And honestly, I had the biggest lump in my throat reading it.  In fact, out of this month’s #BlogStars, this is the one that broke me.  Kleenex was required.  I’ve touched on this sad side of parenting where we feel we don’t spend enough time with our kids (and don’t know a way around that) myself and I have no excuse as I’m a SAHM (albeit one whose blog is taking over her life)!  Read this, then go hug your baby/babies.

The Secret Life of the Baby Day 38, A Birthday Celebration

I can honestly say hand on heart, this post is one of the funniest I’ve EVER read.  I pretty much decorated my side of the sofa with erm my own personal ‘spray’ as I snorted and spit-laughed all the way through.  The great thing is that I missed my yoga and pilates classes the week I read this but it didn’t matter.  This hilarious post written by ‘Baby’ about mummy’s birthday celebrations including daddy’s pathological lying and mummy’s dubious taste in clothing, gave my pelvic floor and abdominals enough exercise.  There is literally no way I could ever read this aloud and not end up in bits laughing, so don’t ask me to read it to you.  Go do it yourself (and let me know what you thought of it)!

The Secret Life of the Baby Day Seventy Three

Yep, I’ve put two posts by this blogger in this round up.  Maybe it’s cheeky but it’s my blog so there.  Sorry, what I meant was this chick is so ridonkulously clever, talented and funny and I loved this post so much, it would have been dishonest and unfair not feature it.  The line about Dad’s haggard look due to illness (the one about age…I won’t spoil it because it’s too good), ‘I’d put a solid five hours in yesterday and I found it quite bizarre that they were recalling past illnesses with such fondness’… Oh my.  This woman is genius.  ‘You haven’t been cooking again have you?’  Ba haaa HAAAA.

And Then There Were Two My Babies Haven’t Read the Sleep Rules

Okay, so I know there are a lot of posts written about babies not sleeping (link to Laura).  You know, just a few… Oh alright, it’s probably THE most written about topic in close contest with breastfeeding.  But this one really made me laugh, erm, even though I’m not exactly saying it’s funny when babies don’t sleep.  You’ve got to hand it to a blogger when they take a topic that is causing them genuine angst and headaches and write about it with humour.

Tea or Wine 9 Ingredients for a Succesful Blog Post

This is by far my favourite so far of Cheryl’s although I did nearly throw myself on the floor and cry as I had just started writing something similar of my own!  This is truly excellent spot on advice.  Go read and listen to her people!  Nuff said.


Thanks to the fab linkies run by these hard working awesome bloggers!  Without you, I wouldn’t have found half these posts.  Mwah.

I hope you find some posts you enjoy.  

I for one, am in awe of these talented #BlogStars.  See you next month!



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I’m Helping Agent Spitback to Pass the Sauce!

Pass The Sauce linky featured image

Tapping of fork on side of the glass, lowering of microphone stand (#BecauseShortarse and while we’re at it can someone go get me my kids’ step stool?), trumpet fanfare in distance, drumroll, etc aaaaaaaaand clears throat:

Ladies and genitalmens (sorry juvenile joke from my university years and a hard one to kick), I am simply spiffingly delighted and over the moon to tell you that this week and next, I’m co-hosting the fantabulous new linky Pass the Sauce run by the incomparable Agent Spitback.  Watch this space – well actually don’t just watch it, link up! – as I’m sure she’s onto a winner with this.

According to Agent Spitback, like all things good in life, we always need a bit of sauce..tomato, barbecue, chocolate, caramel, hot chilli…frankly I thought it meant something else but that’s just me.  Pass The Sauce will keep the spirit of #abitofeverything which El used to host with the Anxious Dragon. That linky has ended but as a little bit of sauce goes with a bit of everything, this linky (like its predecessor), will continue to welcome all sorts of posts, from crafts, reviews, rants, DIY, parenting, stories, poetry, humour, just about anything and everything.  It’s all about spreading the #bloggerlove.  As opposed to having a regular co-host, El will be running Pass the Sauce with a new guest co-host every two weeks.

Most of you know the score and general common sense rules:

Please link up ONE post, old or new.

They can be on any subject except giveaways.

Please use the linky badge below on the post you link up.

Please comment on the Host post, the Guest Co-Host and the post before yours and of course any others of your choice. Share the blogging love peeps!

(If you do not put the below badge on your post or comment, you will not be eligible in being featured…host’s rules, don’t shoot the messenger!)

The linky will run from 11am (GMT) Tuesday to 10am Thursday.

If you link up, you are agreeing to be notified of future link ups.

And of course tweet your linkup using the hashtag #PassTheSauce and both our Twitter handles @abprabulous and @agentspitback.  We’ll share any that are tweeted.

As Agent Spitback says so beautifully, it is not about the linky, it is all about the community. You can’t blog alone!

The Agent is most wise…

The all important linky badge!

Absolutely Prabulous
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Apparently There Are No Awards For Sleeping So Will You Help Me Win One For Blogging?

 UK blog awards picture and Prabs

So I’ve only ever won two things my whole life and I messed those up anyway

The first was a packet of felt tips for running a race at school, aged 9.  I remember bursting to tell my mum when I got home:
“Mummy I came 4th in a race today!”
Mum: “That’s amazing! How many people were in the race?”
Me: “FOUR!”
So…the opposite of winning then…

It took 36 years to actually win something for real (funnily enough for running): 

Dang How Big is this Trophy?

Dang How Big is this Trophy?

this obscenely large trophy for coming first in my age category during an uphill ordeal race but…I didn’t hear my name being called out after the race even though I was sitting just metres from the medal ceremony.  I had to collect the trophy months later off some guy in a carpark, without my hubby and kids looking on in awe.  No podium moment.  No applause. Anticlimax.  You know where this is going right?


Oh yes indeedy…

Blog awards season is upon us and nominations are open for the MAD (Mum and Dad) and the Brilliance in Blogging awards.  

Now, I wouldn’t normally put myself forward for a blogging award because…British…and uncomfortable in the putting-myself-out-there department.  BUT:
a) I need to make up for that missed podium moment!
b) I’ve got this gorgeous dress and clutch and shoes I picked up in the January sales that I can’t exactly wear to rock up at the school gates.
I can’t win an award for sleeping.  Or any of the other totally useless skills I’ve perfected in life.  It’s a total downer because I’m willing to bet money that I’d be up on that podium every two minutes collecting trophies for the Most Likely to Sleep Through a Tornado or Most Dedicated User of Sarcasm or Best Reheater of Cold Stewed Tea etc.
d) Being serious now,
 I wasn’t even going to put myself forward but then to my amazement, some bloggers – bloggers who I admire and look up to – nominated me which was a beautiful surprise that made me think Wow…what if…  (By the way, my own nominees are below.)  So as it takes quite a few noms to get onto the shortlists:

I’d be utterly thrilled if you nominated me for a blogging award!

I’d love a nomination in the WRITER category (you can also choose the Blog of the year and School Days categories) for the the MADs:

mad blog awards



Closing date: 8th April.

I’d love a nomination in the WRITER (you can also choose the Readers’ Choice) for the BiBs:




Closing date: 13th April.

You’ll need the following info:
Blog: Absolutely Prabulous
Twitter handle: @abprabulous
Favourite post (see above)
Reason: feel free to gush about me to your heart’s content (maybe I’m not so bashful after all….oops)


Why should I nominate you Prabs?

Well that’s a good question!  Now I could appeal to your feminine side and remind you of the dress etc but that may not work if you’re one of my male readers and that’s probably a bit superficial anyway.  I could go for the sympathy angle and tell you that even though 2015 was an amazing year of blog highlights (finding my tribe of blogging besties/getting onto the Huffington Post/going viral three times in six weeks which I don’t think I could manage again!), there were also some rather dark times where personal life setbacks affected my blogging.  I also struggled to balance blogging with motherhood and house.  So winning an award would be a major highlight for 2016.  I could try to write an entire tome explaining the ins and outs of why I’d love to win.

But I won’t do any of that.

So I’ll just let this shortlist of some of my posts do the talking:

and hopefully convince you to nominate me.  Click on the images for the link to each post; please feel free to pick one of these posts or another of your choice if asked to include the url to one of my posts in your nomination. 


Humourous Takes on Parenting Like This

Soul-baring Ones About Marriage

Advice for Kids

Upfront Ones on the Risks of Being a Blogger

retro pic of Prabs of Absolutely Prabulous

the parent fail story that went viral




Finally, here are the fabulous bloggers I’ve nominated as they are a huge reason why I love blogging.  

I felt horribly conflicted not managing to nominate all my favourite bloggers and wish I could have nominated several people in each category so please don’t be offended at not seeing your name if you’re a blogger reading this. 

Five Little Doves – Nobody’s words tug at my heart strings quite like those of this gorgeous classy strong woman who has known more tragedy than most of us ever will.

Gym Bunny – great design, informative posts, versatile content yet somehow runs a business too!

Lady Writes – I heart this chikita: stylish, classy, informative, a working mum and a bloggin’ go getter although I can’t say I’m happy about how much younger than me she is.

Life Love and Dirty Dishes – Claire, Claire, how I love thee…one of the most prolific bloggers I know.  Damn are you funny. Total blog crush. Even more since finding out you’re shorter than me.

Life With Baby Kicks – A blogging bestie but that’s not why I’m nominating her.  A dedicated blogger whose love for her boys and all things parenting, shines through in her writing and makes her totally award-worthy. Too many fave posts but this a contender.

Island Living 365 – A recent find and a recent blogger who caught my eye from the first post I read about her former teaching days but she writes about so much more.

Cuddle Fairy – The lovely Cuddles, as I call her, gives great advice (her linky guide is probably one of the most shared posts of all time!) and makes me feel good whenever I read her. Not only that, this clever lady really gets social media.

Mess Stress and Fancy Dress – Where do I start? I don’t really know how to talk about hilarious Helen without gushing all over the laptop. She is a GEM and her brilliant words are always worth waiting for.  Just go read her will you?!

Mum Muddling Through – Totally amazing wordsmith who takes me on a journey no matter what she writes about.  Every. Single. Time. I love her sense of humour too.

Motherhood the Real Deal – I sat up in my seat and noticed this lady soon after she arrived in bloggerville and boy what an arrival with posts like this (I’ve been called a brave blogger but I’ve got nothing on Talya)!  A solid writer who just makes me wonder how she does it.

MrandMrsTPlusThreeAmy is just downright lovely.  She always has time for me. She’s inspiring, she knows her blog stuff and amongst other things she rustles up a damn good recipe like this. She’s a real treasure (and she’s going to kill me for that last bit…).

Pouting in Heels – Kate is gorgeous, driven and chock full of great advice.  She also luuurves beauty and fashion and we share a mutual love for my former town of Paris so she’s fab!

Random Musings – Oh goodness, an amazing blogging spirit, a real giver to the blog community and so much more.  She’s a honey and a total professional.

R is for Hoppit – Lucy may quite possibly be the cleverest blogger I’ve come across. Her posts about toddler life are unlike anything else I’ve read. Pure ingenuity and utterly hilarious.


There are so many awe-inspiring bloggers out there and I may not stand a chance amongst this lot of winning a bean!

However, until there’s an award for Most Likely to Sleep Through a Tornado or Most Dedicated User of Sarcasm Ever or Best Reheater of Cold Stewed Tea…I’d like to at least try to win an award for blogging.

So please would you consider nominating me?!

Writer or Blog of the Year (MADS)

Best Writer or Readers’ Choice (BiBs)

Thank you!


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How To Tell If You’re Officially A Blog Geek

Well I’ve been at this blogging malarkey for a bit over two years now. I spent the first year totally clueless over what I was doing (some days I wonder if I’m any the wiser) and am constantly amazed at how much goes into building a successful blog, how much I still have to learn etc. And it’s hit me, I think I’ve become a bit of a blog geek. What do I mean? Well, it’s kind of taken over my life because it’s something I take seriously and have started to make a bit of money from. Does this sound familiar? Or are you not sure?

Check out the list below and see how many of the bloggy foibles you recognise!


1.You salivate over a blogger’s site design and notice the layout before you notice their posts and you’ve had more ‘I want that bloggers’s banner’ moments than you care to admit. #NerdyBlogger

2.You scroll to the bottom of sites to see the blog’s theme name before actually reading the content. Well actually, you like to play a little private game with yourself (not THAT kind of private game…geez!) called ‘Guess the Theme Name’ before you get to the bottom of the screen. #BonkersBlogger

3.Your wedding day/birth of your first child/[insert relevant life event] may have been the proudest moment of your life. But getting onto The HuffPost etc was a close second.
Who am I kidding? It’s the other way round. #OddPrioritiesBlogger

4.You wake up early/stay up super late to join a linky within the first few minutes of it going live. Okay I’ve never done that. Love. Sleep. Too. Much. #BloggerSwat

5.You’re not entirely sure where you the person ends and you the blogger begins. Frankly, you could happily answer to your blog name all day. #BlurredLinesBlogger

6.So when a friend asks how you are and what’s been happening in your life, you’re literally astonished at their question. Haven’t they read my blog? Why don’t’ they check my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?! #DivaBlogger

7.You’ve lost count of the number of Ugh I wish I’d thought of that moments you’ve had when reading other bloggers’ posts or seeing their blog name. #GreenBlogger

8.A great Friday night is when you stay in to look at your Google Analytics and mentally high five yourself at the number of countries in which your blog is being read, your bounce rate, unique page views etc  You crazy cat you! #WildBlogger


9.You say ‘a friend of mine was just saying they’re renovating their house’ when in actual fact you mean you just read a post by a fellow blogger about their house renovation. #ConfusedBlogger

10.Talking of which, you almost have as many blogger ‘friends’ as you do real life friends. In fact, they’re no longer just blogger friends because they’re…well…friends now. And HOW damned excited are you that you’re actually going to MEET some of them in RL at your first blogger event?! #BlessedBlogger

11. Your real life friends have had to get used to your Eureka! moments as they inevitably say something on a night out/over a coffee that sparks an idea for a blog post. They inwardly roll their eyes as you whip out your phone (who am I kidding…you never put it away) to make notes. #AlwaysOnDutyBlogger

12.You admire a site’s plugins and marvel at the widgets and have actually been known to message a blogger you barely know to ask them which ones they use. #BoldBlogger

13.Sometimes you’re more proud of about your new post because of the image/title/font you came up with than the actual content itself. #LostThePlotBlogger


14.The blog is always in the back of your mind, the side recesses of your mind and the very forefront of your brain. Go without doing laundry or ironing for a month? Sure. Not write a blog post for two weeks? Are you insane? #GuiltyBlogger

15.You get more excited reading clever Twitter/Instagram profiles than you do a book. #TwitBlogger

16.In fact, what’s a book? You can’t remember when you actually had time to read one because now you just read blogs. #BlogsessedBlogger

17.Sometimes you’d just love to simply cook a meal/take the kids out/go on holiday without thinking of photographing/blogging every stage of it and putting it on social media. Occasionally (strike me down for saying it) you wonder what life was like when you just lived it, not blogged it. #NostalgicBlogger

18.You’re incapable of taking a picture without wondering if it would make a good blog post image. #CantLiveWithoutMyPhoneBlogger


19.You LOVE the word blogosphere and freakin’ love that you’re part of it #TheBloggerFamily

20.And before you became part of it, you had no idea what a featured image, banner, plugin, theme, linky etc was. #VirginBlogger

Basically you wouldn’t have got half this post.

But you just did. More than half in fact.

Because you’re…yep…officially a blog geek.

Don’t worry. You can get pills for that.

I mean, congratulations! It’s a great feeling isn’t it?

Just click on this THIS LINK and fill in boxes 1, 2 and 13. 
Super quick and easy!
(Voting closes July 2nd.)
Thanks muchly!


Chosen as favourite post on: #BloggerClubUK and #CoolMumClub linkies!

Life with Baby Kicks
A Bit Of Everything
And then the fun began...
Cuddle Fairy
You Baby Me Mummy
Life Love and Dirty Dishes

My Turn to Struggle With This…?

I sat down to write a post because it’s been a couple of weeks since the last one and quite honestly it’s a bit pants not having new content to link up when you happen to host a linky that’s going live the next day, isn’t it?!

But here’s the thing.

Much as there is so much I love about blogging:

the camaraderie that exists between bloggers, the wonderful appreciation and reaction my posts receive, all the times Hubster has come home and said he met someone at an event who follows my blog or received messages from friends on something I’ve written, the number of people I myself have met who are following it, the shares and stats (ha…gotta mention the stats), the banter that has me laughing my head off with my Twitter besties, the friends I’ve made through blogging, the pots of money I’m making,the requests I get from newbie bloggers to mentor them etc…

yes much as I love all that, the fact is I’ve been struggling to write of late.



As I briefly mentioned in Save Syria’s Children and Dear Coffee Thank You For Everything, this year’s not exactly been stellar for team Prabulous. In fact, it’s probably no exaggeration to say 2015 has been one of the most testing times of my life and it really does kind of feel like there’s no end in sight to the stress and anxiety. The year started with the severe ill health of someone close to me and is ending with some major life decisions to be made, which are more a case of choosing the lesser of two evils rather than clear ideal solutions. I can’t even see the wood for the trees on certain days.

The blog is one of the positives to have come out of the year, (thankfully) which is no small thing and I’m super happy about that. Absolutely Prabulous started off as a humour blog and by and large, despite the odd post where I’ve covered serious things such as my now pet fave The Anniversary Card I Never Thought I’d Write and the unintentionally controversial Dear Malta, the nature of the site has pretty much remained that. Writing about the funny is where my heart tends to lie; there’s always been a bit of an innate clown in me, for right or for wrong, and it’s worked well for me in terms of my readers as I don’t do serious all that willingly. So humorous posts are what I’ve tended to write.

Now, I’m not a blogger who talks about depression or up close and personal life stuff…

…the anniversary post was as personal as it gets! There are plenty of brave bloggers who do that better than I ever could, such as the straight talking incredible wordsmith Julie Maida of Next Life No Kids, the gorgeous inspiring Renée Davis of Mummy Tries and one of my recent fab finds, Ella Mathews of Breaking Up With Contraception. Am I comfortable writing this post in fact? How can I put this? NO! Not even in the ballpark of remotely comfortable as I don’t like the stigma of ‘victim’ and this is not an appeal for sympathy; I just felt it was something that needed to be addressed as I almost feel dishonest not writing about it. Anyway, depression is not what I have; it’s far too strong a label and I don’t want to belittle that debilitating condition that many suffer, by describing my ‘low’ feelings as that. But there have been many days, too many, where simply getting up and facing the day has been a momentous effort. I’ve never been an energetic seize the day morning person. Ever. But even by my standards, it’s got worse of late.

And yes…this is where I need to remember lessons 12) and 28) of 40 Life Lessons for My Kids. I know the storm does not last forever but I’m struggling to see what the reason is for the storm/s in the first place. Hey ho…

So I Find Myself in a Dilemma.

How do I write when life is on the down rather than up? How does one write ha-ha-hee-hee material when one is not exactly ‘feeling the funnies’? It’s a question other bloggers such as the hilarious (and I really do mean my-tummy-hurts-from-reading-her-posts hilarious) Mess Stress and Fancy Dress have raised too in chats we’ve had. I admit my problems are nothing compared to those of the refugees whose lives have been shattered, my problems don’t stack up against those of the people who have been affected by terrorist atrocities, war and genocide, the world over. I’ve not had my limbs blown off by a bomb, I’ve not had my husband leave me high and dry for a younger model, I’ve never been sexually abused, so on and so forth. But my problems are also a ‘bit’ more serious than ‘the dry cleaner ruined my favourite suit’ or where we’re spending Christmas this year.

A bit more serious by a lot.

And talking of those refugees, those terrorism/war victims…

How do I Write When There is so Much Sadness in my Newsfeed?

The events going on in the world are just mind blowing. Maybe it was always this bad; after all I grew up with the Middle East conflict, IRA bombings, the Iron Curtain, the Gulf War going on. Maybe I just didn’t realise how bad things were because I was a child and then later on a young singleton having fun with her friends and enjoying city life and just didn’t pay attention to the blood being spilled back then.

Maybe now I’m an adult (okay you can stop sniggering…I can adult some days when I really really put my mind to it! ) who has kids – it’s finally hitting me only now how messed up the world is, as I realise I’ve brought those poor sods into it. When tragedy hits the world (granted it hits very frequently now), I feel crass and disrespectful writing frivolous posts. It just smacks of insenstivity. A close blogger friend of mine said,

You can’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

which I know makes sense but…oh my…it’s hard not to right?

How Do I Write a ‘Mummy’ Blog When I Can’t Write A Lot of the ‘Typical’ Parenting Anecdotes?

Admittedly, there are a lot (a surprising amount in fact) of non parents and single men and women who are nowhere near the family planning stage of life, who follow my blog…go figure… Yes, I’m in the privileged position, perhaps, of being able to branch out and not limit myself to parenting fare, one could say. Just as well, because frankly, my kids are no longer babies/toddlers but not yet teens. We’re in that weird no-man’s land where, great as they are, in terms of mummy blog material…they’re not really giving me much!


How Do I Write When So Much of Blogging Isn’t About the Writing?!

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (all the rest), linkies, reading, commenting, sharing…hmmm…by the time I’m done with that, there’s hardly time to write. Moan. Moan. #SoundingLikeABarrelOfLaughs

So yes, it’s my turn to struggle with stress, my turn to struggle with life (not that it’s a first)…my turn to struggle with this weird wonderful thing called blogging.

Bear with me. This drought won’t last long, I’ll get back to my happy place (no not THAT happy place…geez you guys!) and get my writing mojo on again.

Pinky promise.

Does ‘life’ affect your productivity? How do you combat it? I’d love to know in the comments box below.

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Thanks muchly!

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#Effitfriday 11th September 2015

It’s Friday again everybody and that means it’s time for another edition of #effitfriday, the home of the ultimate rant. Want to get something off your chest? THIS is the place to do it with a rant a two year old would be proud of! This linky is hosted by Rod of Modern Dad Pages (and Laura of Life With Baby Kicks who’s away so I’ll be filling in for her).

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#effitfriday 27th August 2015

It’s Friday again everybody and that means it’s time for another edition of #effitfriday, the home of the ultimate rant, the rants a two year old would be proud of! This linky is hosted by Rod of Modern Dad Pages (and Laura of Life With Baby Kicks who’s away so I’ll be filling in for her).

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