To Surprise or Not Surprise a Woman? The Birthday Gift Dilemma


Buying a woman a birthday gift is –  let me rephrase that – buying a woman a surprise birthday gift isn’t easy.

Let’s be honest, men are a bit doomed if they do, doomed if they don’t aren’t they?  I’m not being politically incorrect or exclusionist (or whatever the right word is) not accounting for female couples, by the way, because I think women just get it right more often.  Anyway, why do I say men are doomed in the birthday gift buying department?   Well, despite Hubster and I not being regular gift givers, twenty years together has nevertheless seen a few presents exchanged between us in our relationship and how do I put this? [inhale]:

Hubster has achieved a mixed level of success when it comes to buying me a birthday gift.  

There I said it [exhale].  Let’s do a quick appraisal of the gifts over the years, shall we?  There have been:

The “I’m overwhelmed, this is the most thoughtful thing ever” in-a-league-of-their-own champions:
including the specially commissioned oil painting of Sacrécoeur, Montmartre, to remind me of the view I used to have from my Paris apartment window (when I moved back to London from Paris and bought my first property).  Oh and the bling bling wallet to replace the beloved one I got for my 40th which promptly got stolen in a house burglary.

The “Oh ma Gawd I LOVE IT!” surefire winners:
such as A&F, Fat Face, O’Neills cool tshirts and an amazing black thin knit tunic style jumper from Quicksilver.

The “Gosh, I’d never think to buy this myself but I could get used to it” promising hopefuls such as my California chic strapless summer dress and a sparkly black figure hugging evening top.

The “Er, what gave you the impression I would like this? Ooh actually I like this!” maybe’s that turned into winners such as a very grown up silver necklace that looked like it had been ripped straight off Joan Collin’s neck at the height of her Dynasty fame and given to me ten years later.  There was also the huge warm cloak-like jumper that could fit a family of four.

The “Gee, you shouldn’t have, no really you shouldn’t have” downers like the turquoise silver mess of a jewellery set a couple of years ago.

And last but oh so not least, the occasional “Just what on EARTH were you thinking?!” total Grade A humdingers like the enormous faeces-coloured handbag he got me recently (designer it was too) that was just wrong on all levels and had me wondering if he’d gone momentarily blind when he bought it.

Now, in defence of my husband’s occasional gift-buying failures, I must say this:

  1. I can be a bit of a fussy cow
  2. I’m a Pisces, so am totally unable to make a decision about most things and therefore even I don’t know what I would like as a birthday gift half the time
  3. As the more ‘intuitive’ of the two sexes, I as a woman should find buying gifts for people fairly easy (after all I did say above we are better at it) but no no…it’s not my strong point either.  So I can totally appreciate Hubster’s nightmare when it comes to buying something for me.
  4. I can be a bit of a fussy cow.

Flowers are so blooming (no pun intended) expensive where I live, and roses in particular  are not only super expensive in Malta but sadly also poor quality.

(I remember Hubster being horrified when a huge bunch of roses he gave me for our anniversary literally didn’t even last 24 hours after delivery.)  I’ve actually told him to never buy me flowers again as they are such a waste of his hard-earned money.

So I was pretty intrigued when I was made aware of this unusual and unique range of great birthday gifts for her from Eternity Rose.  Amongst the range of items including both ornamental and jewellery pieces is this platinum-dipped ornamental rose.  The way these roses are created is pretty impressive as they are in fact real roses that through a series of manipulations (a 60-step process to be precise) are electroplated, the whole process taking three months to create the finished article.



See?  Impressive!  Start dropping those hints ladies…



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