20 of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Love Something Unusual!

‘Ho ho ho my goodness’. It’s that time of year where half of us are stuck for inspiration trying to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone! 

Many of us find the festive season a tad stressful with All. The. Things. that seem to be expected of us. And then there’s the gift-giving… If any of the following sounds familiar:

  • You feel like you buy the same sort of presents but are stuck thinking of something different and don’t know where to look for amazing and unique gift ideas

  • You have already got some basic bits but want to come up with something extra special and  thoughtful

  • You won’t be seeing your loved ones and need to post gifts to them

  • You don’t want the ordeal of running around from store to store and would love to get all your gift shopping done online from the comfort of your chair

  • You’ve had a few Christmas disasters in the past and don’t want to see any withering looks or hear a single ‘you shouldn’t have’ this year!


 Then  I Have Got THE Ultimate List Of Unique Gift Ideas for You!

It’s too easy to resort to just transferring money to the recipient’s account or going down the secret Santa route.

But let’s face it, nothing beats spoiling a loved one with a well-chosen present that they least expect and love most.  However, what to do if you’re struggling to come up with unique gift ideas that nobody else will think of or you just get overwhelmed at the thought of All. The. Christmas. Duties?

This list – and frankly the rest of the incredible one-stop range from which these have been selected – will save your life this Christmas!

Right. Peruse, choose and happy shopping to you!


Unisex Gifts


unique gifts eye stones

Did I squeal with delight when I found these Orbits Tired Eyes Stones? Yes I did! Do you work long days in front of a computer? Do you suffer from allergies? Are you just tired full stop? More importantly, are your eyes telling you they need some TLC? This overtired blogger needs these in her life. No they’re not doughnuts. They’re your secret weapon against puffy tired eyes made of Finnish bedrock. Grab yourself a pair, chill them in the fridge, apply and let’s compare notes some time alright?



These Big Personality Desk Signs may just be adorning my workspace in the very near future! Whether you’re the CEO of a company or the COO of your household, these tongue in cheek signs add an amusing touch to your office desk or home office space.



unique gift ideas couch table

If you’re plagued by the ‘where did  I put the remote/how do I balance my drink and snack without them spilling on the sofa’ dilemma, the Couch Arm Table is just the perfect solution. Perfect for small spaces or lounges without a coffee table or just for people who don’t want to bend forward each time to pick things up (!), this attractive mini table top keeps things within arm’s reach with the aid of adjustable clasps that grip on to sofa arms up to 15 inches in width.



unique gift ideas diy kit

Personally I think everyone should have this fab portable Fix It Kit. Seriously, there is now no excuse not to fix that thingy that needs fixing. I may actually throw out the makeup bag to free up space for this in my handbag…because while it’s featured in the men’s section of this gift guide, it also comes in (a very girly) hot pink! Each kit contains: hammer, LED Flashlight (2 x AAA batteries not included), pliers, 1M tape measure, slot screwdriver, interchangeable handle, 4 sockets, 10 assorted screwdriver bits, socket extension.


For Her 



unique gift ideas chocolate soaps

This stunning Chocolate Soap Box consists of natural handmade soaps, infused with decadent cocoa powder and rich oil blends (olive, coconut, palm kernel, cocoa butter, shea butter, high oleic sunflower & refined sweet almond). Not only do they look totally lush, they had to be included in this list because of the official description mentioning their ‘pronounceable’ ingredients which raised a chuckle here at Prabulous HQ.


unique gift ideas mother daughter letterbook

The brainchild of a woman who lost her mother to cancer, this Mother and Daughter Letter Book Set is simply one of the most beautiful gifts and an heirloom to be treasured. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave behind a keepsake of your life, personality and some unknown facts about yourself for your kids? This thoughtfully designed nostalgic set of 40 cards designed to be sent and shared helps you do just that.


For your mother, sister, daughter, best friend, cousin…or you! If supporting female empowerment is important to you, then this Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace can’t be overlooked. The design concept is of course based on the well-known metaphorical reference for the (often unacknowledged) barriers against women in the workplace.  This unique pendant is a tribute to all the women who have ever smashed it and is a great gift for someone who has herself achieved milestone breakthroughs or just to show support for those who have.


Available in several versions including the traditional open scarf design this Literary Scarf is just perfect for the writers, journalists, students and *cough* bloggers in your life. Bottom line, if you know someone with a passion for words, they’ll love this.


For Him 


unique gift ideas whiskey glasses plus chilling stones

Once the whiskey drinker in your life uses these fantastic soapstone cubes, they’ll probably never go back to ice cubes! Not only do these stones prevent dilution, they also keep the drink chilled at the perfect temperature for a longer period of time. The stones are available separately as part of a larger gift set including two glasses.


unique gift ideas beeropoly board game

This low-maintenance Beeropoly Board Game requires no fussy set up and is perfect for adult parties or just to start the weekend with some fun. Players take turns rolling the dice, moving their bottle cap pieces around the handsome pine wood board and completing the light-hearted challenges along the way to try to avoid elimination. The last person standing must drink the Community Cup. Bottoms up! Please drink responsibly.


It’s too hard to pick a favourite gift from this round-up but this BBQ Briefcase is surely in the top three. Seriously, for the man who fancies himself as a bit of BBQ king, this has got to be on the list! Where do I start? Well what it contains is a good place: Spatula (18″ L), Three-prong Fork (18″ L), 8 Shish-Kabab Skewers -17.5″ L, 8 Corn Holders – 2.5″ L, Pair of Tongs (18″ L), Barbeque Knife – 15″ L, Cleaning Brush – 16″ L, 2 Cleaning Brush Heads – 3.25″ L x 2.5″ W #HeGottaHaveIt


unique gift ideas eyeglasses holder

Ba ha haaaa, this raised such a chuckle here at Prabulous HQ. We need two of this eyeglass holder in my house! Seriously how cool? No more searching around blindly (seriously this is actually a thing in my life) or trying to remember where you last put them down. Not only is this beside/hallway/mantelpiece companion incredibly handy, there is also a lovely story behind its creation. The product is distributed by HSSS, a non-profit in India that helps underprivileged artisans who suffer all sorts of hardships to find markets for their wood products.

For the Family 


unique gift ideas trick question game

You simply can’t celebrate the holidays, lazy Sunday nights or general get-togethers without  games! Game night is easily THE thing I love the most about  Christmas with my family. The Trick Question Quiz has fun stamped all over it. Every one of its 400 questions conceals a brain-teasing trick question and answer and it’s a race against time to second-guess it.


unique gift ideas two wishing balls

A truly unusual ornament, Birthstone Wishing Balls  have obvious appeal to children, besties and grandparents alike. What’s more, it’s the kind of gift that would look equally good on a lounge mantelpiece or a bedroom shelf. Created by Jill Henrietta Davis the birthstone wishing ball is designed to capture a single wish, accomplishment, or meditation every week for the coming year. Each shimmering ball of hand-blown glass comes with 52 tiny slips of paper for you to pause once a week throughout the year and record a message which you then coil up and tuck into the base.


gift ideas what I love about you book


Sweet and personal, this endearing hardcover fill-in-the-blanks book spells out exactly what you love about a special someone. Complete each page’s simple prompts with racy disclosures or heartfelt sentiments and you have the perfect personalized pick me up for the one you love.


unique gift ideas table topics boxes

Break the ice with these super clever Table Topics Conversation Starters.  Each clear acrylic “ice cube” holds a stack of 135 conversation starters to get dinner party guests thinking and chatting or to add a fun fresh touch to family meal gatherings. There are boxes covering several categories eg. families, couples, teens etc as well as an intriguing deck of provocative questions that will spark a lively debate and reveal a whole new side to your friends and family. Definitely one of the best unique gift ideas you’ll find.

For Kids


Hold the front page! This amazing luminescent Dino Pet is actually thousands of pets in one. Tiny, bioluminescent dinoflaggelates illuminate their dinosaur-shaped environment. Just let them bask in indirect light during the day, and they’ll treat you to a soft blue light show at night. Quiet, compact, and easy to care for, Dino Pet It makes a soothing nightlight, an interactive aquarium, and an attractive ornamental pet (dino food, included).


UNIQUE GIFT IDEAS princess duvet set

With incredible attention given to the design and colours, these fabulous  Princess/Mermaid/Astronaut/Dino Duvet Sets (princess set pictured here), may be a tad extravagant price-wise but are truly one of the most stunning and unusual bedding sets you will come across. Children will eagerly climb into bed when they know they’ve got one of these keeping them warm. They ought to make them for adults too!


When you thought being a teen just couldn’t get any tougher, those embarrassing moments remind us it can and it does! Awarded the National Parenting Centre’s Seal of Approval, the Awkward Moment Card Game presents numerous tricky scenarios with questions focussing on how to handle them. The players have to come up with their best responses to those mortifying situations. Funny yet thought-provoking, it can be played anywhere with zero set up required.


unique gift ideas motivational water bottle

Genius! I don’t know about you but getting my kids to drink enough water is literally like pushing water uphill, pun fully intended. Give the reluctant hydrator in your life a very heavy nudge in the right direction with this utterly brilliant Motivational Water Bottle marked with motivational messages to remind you to sip your way through two full bottles of H2O per day. The clear markings and clever graphics on a sturdy glass and stainless steel bottle make this design a friendly hydration helper.


So whether you need to buy for the easiest mum, the best friend who means the world to you, the least demanding dad or the person who has everything…

…hopefully this gift guide helps you out this year.

Finally, if you’re one of those who has already finished their Christmas shoppingdid somebody say ‘stocking fillers’…?

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