Highs, Lows and Mojo’s…My 2017

So here we are. Another year is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back with my annual end-of-year retrospective.

And I’ve had a heavy heart over it.

Yep. Me. The girl (just let me have that one please…it’s the big f f f f***y next year after all) who LOVES to write…who LIVES to write…has a heavy heart over doing just that.


I wanted to look back at personal moments and triumphs. I wanted to talk about the kids or the house or the Hubster.

Yet the main thing I find myself thinking about, for my last post of the year, is what 2017 has been like as a blogger (with some personal bits thrown in).

So here it is.

2017 was the year I had a total laugh writing about eyebrows and vaginas #SureBeatsAnotherMuffinRecipe

2017 was the year I started off with energy and clarity of purpose but saw so many ideas and projects come to nothing that I let that affect my confidence. #OhTheDreadedBlogMojo

2017 was the year I finally took swimming lessons to make me put my face in the water and learn freestyle instead of sticking to ‘old lady breast stroke’ every summer. #OldDogNewTricks

2017 has been the year where loss of direction, increase in self doubt and lack of focus about my blog’s niche have hit me hard. #LifelongBehaviourIsHardtoChange

2017 was the year a friendship fell apart and although it’s sort of rekindled, it will never be the same again #SomethingsHurtTooMuch

2017 was the year I wondered if our neighbours are actually human and HOW anyone can make that amount of noise every ducking day. #NoHashtagCanDescribeThatLot

2017 was when I realised winning an award last year and being shortlisted again this year didn’t make me feel unstoppable or fearless. #HelpMeChaseAwayTheBlogDemons

2017 was the last year of my forties and I went to hell (and am still in hell) over it. #InDenial

2017 was the year of overwhelm where I got hardly anywhere trying to:
– get content seen on Facebook despite a hellish algorithm NOBODY understands
– devise blog articles that also work on Pinterest
– build an Instagram following, understand IG stories and reach an audience!
-create regular YouTube videos
– publish blog posts regularly to maintain/attract web traffic
– stay connected with the blogging community via Facebook groups, linkies and Twitter

2017 was the year Dreamy D started Middle school and became fearless in the sea #IRememberTheDayHeWasBorn

2017 was the year people cried and sent me the most beautiful messages of support (even though two families complained to the school) when I wrote about my 13 year old.

2017 was the year I realised that what I love about blogging (writing, drawing a reaction from people with my words, the camaraderie with other bloggers) doesn’t pay the bills. #WhatIfYourDreamDoesntMakeYouMoney

2017 was the year my face and body changed dramatically and I spent months trying to understand why only to be told I’m perimenopausal and it’s going to get worse! #GrowingOldAintFun

2017 was the year I realised just how much I don’t want to play the endless social media game and that if it weren’t for the blog, I wouldn’t bother with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest… #LetMeOffTheSocialMediaHamsterWheel

2017 was the year I went back to running and started body pump for the first time #BecauseMyBumsNotWhereItUsedToBe

2017 was the year when pissy comments on my blog/social media, from people who don’t understand what bloggers do and/or the sheer scope of what blogging involves, started having an effect on my blog confidence and drive. #ShallIStartTakingSideswipesAtYourJob

2017 was the year when my usual upbeat positive self seemed to go awol #BringBackThePrabulous

2017 was the year when trying to follow a bajillion ‘how to’ articles, emails, videos etc by every blogger and their aunt, on how to grow one’s blog, did the opposite and made me stagnate #MaybeIShouldBeMyOwnBloggingGuru

2017 was the year this lot have started changing as individuals #HallOfFramePic

2017 was the year when someone actually managed to kick off at my social media post about the cost of leeks #NeverADullMoment

2018 may have to be the year where I go back to blogging the way I used to before all the overwhelm set in – writing what I want to write – and look to other avenues to make an income instead. #IJustWannaWrite

That’s a wrap!

Happy New Year to you all. I’ll relocate the mojo and hopefully be back better than ever xx




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