Are You One of the 7 in 10 People Who Is Miserable About This Problem?

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Yes I said 70% and that’s not all.  Apparently, a whopping 84% live in a constant state of wanting to change something, with refreshed paintwork, new furniture and replacement of curtains topping the ‘homeowner list of desperation’! Almost half of the people questioned in the 2015 survey commissioned by a home interiors company said they felt they’d never be happy in their abode because of financial limitations. 

Dear. Me.

Then there are issues such as gardens that are too small, parking issues and noisy neighbours. I’ll get onto the garden issue in a minute. As for parking, it is in fact the one area we’ve always been lucky in (mainly because neither of us is willing to live anywhere where you have to drive around for half a day just trying to park when you get home). Regarding neighbours…let’s just say I’ve been considering writing a note to the ones who moved in 18 months ago, to thank them for turning our home into a prison that I can’t wait to leave (but there are’t enough blood pressure tablets in the world to get me through writing that note).




Firstly, the reasons for this rather sad state of affairs:

– Maybe the ‘not exactly cheap’ housing market makes it virtually impossible for most of us to own our dream home? Well we know this is more of a certainty than a maybe don’t we? To be honest, I’m surprised that the percentage of people citing financial issues wasn’t over 50%.
– Could it simply be that Brits are miserable and prone to complaining? Joke! I can honestly say that having lived in two other countries apart from the UK, this is not just a British thing (yes I know I’ll probably have to dodge a cyber bullet over that one).
– Maybe in some cases, it’s more a lack of confidence or ability to visualise simple decorating or design options that could transform one’s living space.

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Secondly, the fact that whilst I no longer own a property in the UK, THIS Brit is a statistic!

Yep I am seriously unhappy with my home. Why? Must I go into all the depressing detail? My head hurts just thinking about it. Let me see:

The three lacklustre unfinished terraces that make me almost cry every time I look at them

two of which to our absolute delight [sarcasm] we can’t get planning permission to do anything on! As mentioned, one of the points discovered by the survey was people’s frustration with their garden and I must say this is truly one of my  biggest disappointments too. I didn’t grow up with a decent garden and have always wanted my kids to have a good outside space and frankly, living in a three terrace house with two utterly useless terraces is like a cruel joke.

The kitchen.

At the risk of sounding all ‘woe is me’, I have never known the pleasure of having a kitchen I loved with décor or furnishings to my taste or really decent appliances. Our first house here had an enormous kitchen that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself in. The kitchen in our current house is the pole opposite.

Hubster’s and my bedroom.

It. Is. Tiny. It’s like a cruel joke because the master bedroom in our two previous houses were ridiculously big. Yes, you’ve guessed it: our two previous homes were rental and it’s just so typical that the house we now own has a shoebox for a master bedroom and the kids’ bedrooms are in fact bigger than ours. What kind of a numpty gives their kids a bigger room than them? I hear you ask. The kind of numpty who likes having the one bedroom that has the ensuite bathroom. That reminds me:

Shall we talk about the bathrooms for a minute?

Actually, let’s not because I may cry all over my keyboard in frustration; let’s just say all three bathrooms were clearly installed and plumbed in by somebody who had no business being in possession of plumbing tools or going anywhere near a bathroom.

The lounge [deep inhale].

Where do I start? In a nutshell, I always thought the lounge would be the crowning glory in this place. Let’s face it, the living space is the first thing people see when they come to your house and is also the place you spend the most time in (well in my case that happens to be the kitchen which I’m destined to be buried in, given how I never seem to leave it). Frankly, we’ve never had the chance to do the lounge up to the standard we would have liked. The solid walnut dining table, über large alcantara sofa (which were both part of the ‘grown up’ furniture we bought from a beautiful store after the birth of our first child) and more basic bits (from a certain Swedish retailer, ahem) all combine to create an ‘eclectic mix’ that is frankly starting to hurt my eyes and my very soul (yes I’m feeling very sorry for myself right now).  It just doesn’t go together and I am honestly desperate to redo the lounge: paintwork, furnishings and all.

uk homeowners post image of oak nest of tables

  • This is where it gets tricky. Goods of any kind are ridiculously expensive in Malta and the price of furniture is enough to make your heart stop. I can’t deny I’ve actually been toying with the idea of using a UK furniture company whose nest tables (like the ones pictured), book cases and coffee tables I rather like the look of. I could then have the various bits shipped over. People do it all the time (!) and it’s actually become a lot more affordable than it used to be. 

Okay, that was a large nutshell but the lounge is a topic never far from my brain. That 7 out of 10 data was an eye opener for me. I’d rather not be a statistic for much longer so it’s time to get decorating and furnishing, methinks.

Wish me luck! 

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