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My Sunday Photo 22nd May ’16

My sunday photo 22nd may Prabs walking with her 3 kids

My Sunday Photo 22nd May was taken a few Sundays ago.  

It was the most stunning day, to add to all the other stunning days we have here!  As we only left the house after lunch time, we abandoned plans to go to an area called Ghan Tuffieha (the area pictured in My Sunday Photo a few weeks ago) as it’s a nightmare to park up if you don’t get there early enough.  So we headed to the other side of Golden Bay, the West side, to an area that we only discovered last year thanks to my friend Baker Lady.  Last Winter we got into hiking; I was absolutely amazed at the countryside and the ‘hidden side’ of Malta that I had no idea existed, all these years.  Totally daft when you consider how small this island is (and I really do mean small at 9 miles wide and not even 17 miles long).  And you know what?  I’ve still probably only seen half of it.

This area reminds me of the scenery described in the book My Family and Other Animals

(which was set in Corfu but this area has that idyllic tucked away jewel-of-the-Mediterranean feel to it).  To be honest, I could just post all the pictures I’ve shot the many times we’ve gone there, for every single my Sunday photo because it is that beautiful: cliffs (with no safety barrier eek!) where you literally can go to the edge and view the sheer drop to the sea below, dramatic golden honey coloured rock face rising above you, the turquoise sea and crashing waves, the whole bay and terrain above it is stunning.  And then the flora and fauna.  I’m no earth mother and frankly as a former city chick, I’m still more likely to know the coolest bar than I am to recognise a particular plant.  So it took Baker Lady to show us the capers and point out the fresh thyme that grow in abundance along the path.  I actually pickled the capers we picked last year; I was so proud of myself.

The photo was taken by Hubster.  I love it because:

  • it’s not yet another posed smiley faces to the camera one
  • it’s not about me; it’s about the gorgeous landscape and me being with my kids
  • it’s one of the few I can show on the blog given my nervousness about showing my kids’ faces (generally anyway)
  • as we don’t have proper mirrors in our house, it takes a photo for me to realise how I look in something so when I saw this I realised I didn’t in fact look like a total tool in my white shorts and timberland boots.  Oh dear I just made it a little about me…


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My Sunday Photo 15th May 2016

Prabs' three kids laughing on sofa


I think out of all the photos I’ve taken of my kids, from their baby years to now, this simply has to be one of my favourites.  It was taken three Sundays ago, a few days after I’d found out I’d been shortlisted for the MAD Blog awards and we went out (supposedly) for Sunday brunch to celebrate.  I say supposedly because things started off fairly fraught with an argument at home when I felt Hubster had spoken to Cheeky K unnecessarily harshly.  We then got to the restaurant only for Hubster to clean forget he’d said we’d celebrate my awards result with bubbles, promptly waving the wine list away, causing me to retreat to the bathroom feeling rather broken that Man U winning their FA Cup semi-final the previous night earned more euphoria and celebration from him than my finalist news did!  Marriage huh?

I’m happy to say Mr Prabulous realised his faux pas and salvaged the situation ordering bubbles, not once but twice, and expressing regret over what had happened.  All’s well that ends well.  With the air cleared, I went outside to the seating area to check on the kids who’d been sent outside when their father and I were having our ‘chat’ (!)  Goodness only knows WHAT they were all giggling over but I’m so glad they were, because their high spirits and contagious laughter immediately lifted my own mood even further…in that way that only kids can…  Bubbles, sunshine, a husband who doesn’t always get it right but loves me to bits and three happy kids.  What more can I ask for?


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My Sunday Photo 17th April 2016


kids in jackets walking in Ghan Tuffieha

Okay, so my Sunday photo 17th April (I only took part for the first time in Photalife’s fab linky last Sunday which you can see here!) is this ‘Great Outdoors’ one.  This was in fact, believe it or not, taken in the same round of photos from which My Sunday Photo 10th April came.  Even though this looks like the kids are in the heart of countryside with hills all around, we were in actual fact literally just metres above the stunning waves that you see pictured in last Sunday’s wave-watching-with-a-cappuccino picture.

The photo may look amateur, yet another point and shoot effort.  Yet there is so much I love about it:

– my kids’ body language and postures which I caught by clicking away when they weren’t aware
– the fact that Cheeky K (my youngest in the red jacket) was pointing something out to her older siblings and they were actually listening to her for once!
– the dramatic landscape that was all around us with 3 stunning bays all within view underneath us (yes I’ll be sharing more from this series of pictures)
– the rough ‘brush’ foliage/shrubbery/whatever it’s called in the foreground
– the ever-gorgeous Maltese sky which rather unusually had clouds in it (we are blessed enough to have entire days of clear blue cloudless sky

to name a few things.

I look at photos like this and a warm happy feeling comes over me knowing that we have the most splendid pictures of MDK’s childhood years lived out on this dusty little rock.  Moments captured in a second.  Gorgeousness.



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