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Sometimes you have to

picture of blue sea sometimes you have to


I’ll be honest, I actually shot the video included in this post two weeks ago.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, I was exhausted from three hours sleep and an early morning flight back to Malta from London. However, I was SO happy to be back from the cold grim UK weather that I headed out to the local countryside behind my house to do my words of wisdom vlog for the week whilst soaking up the gorgeous February rays.

Then I didn’t publish the vlog.

Why? Because I realised that in my attempts to come up with a phrase that summed up how happy I was feeling to be back in my adopted home of Malta, I was at risk of sounding like I was actually insulting my adopted home!! That wasn’t my intention. So regrettably, an otherwise rather lovely video (if I say so myself) got sidelined. It just sat on my phone, in the naughty corner. Wasted and on the shelf. Which actually sounds like the unflattering title of a book about a drunk spinster but I digress.

So why publish this post and the video now? What’s changed?

Well as I write my words of wisdom posts mainly for the #CandidCuddles linky, that I run with Cuddle Fairy, a linky which focuses on positivity, I’m going to temper my words. Suffice to say, after a week of yet more near misses on the road including ‘feats’ of the most extraordinarily dangerous and stupid driving by road users here – which came with the extra bonus of two drivers giving me the finger even though they were in the wrong (!) and could see I had kids in the car with me. This is nothing new. So I’m not posting this because it’s a new uncharacteristic development in a country usually known for its please/thank you/’you first’ culture, which has suddenly shocked me leading me to shoot the video. Nope. You’ve just got to read this to know it’s not new.

I’d just had one of those weeks last week where it was all a bit much.

I try not to go around behaving like a total arsehole and my kids have always always been raised to be respectful of others. Continually. Possibly a bit too much! Anyway, long story short, the video actually showcases some of what I love about Malta but yes the line I came up with throws a tiny bit of light on a couple of the less desirable bits!



Word: Reach for the sky even it scares you

background of woman looking up to sky with reach for the sky inspired mantra

This is a very uncharacteristic post for me to write. I have tended to shy away from writing this sort of content on my blog for fear of being seen as boasting. But this very post is about stepping out of one’s comfort zone. So I stepped out of my comfort zone to write it!  



I usually try to come up with a post for the #candidcuddles linky series that relates to what is happening in my life at the time. Since I started hosting the series with Becky, I’ve been constantly amazed at how I get to Friday each week, scratching my head over what I’m going to use as my words of wisdom topic the following Monday, and then have a light bulb moment when it suddenly becomes totally clear! This week is no exception.

As Becky knows (in fact, she’s been a wonderful mentor where this is concerned…to the point where I may just have to start paying her for her blogging consultancy services!), I’ve been working increasingly on my income-earning goals for the blog this year. With the exception of lovely opportunities that have come my way (eg Lucas Frank sponsoring my BML attendance, working with Mother and Baby Innovation Gold Award winner Litecup UK, publishing a few sponsored posts and reviewing certain products/services etc, I haven’t really pursued the monetisation of Absolutely Prabulous to any significant degree in the three years I’ve been blogging. But things are about to change! I do apologise in advance for the slightly ‘street’ style language) but to put it bluntly:



I’ve talked openly with friends and family for some time about how I absolutely love writing – and will always write – but that my long term aim has always been (as it is for many bloggers) to eventually derive an income (be that through the writing or other initiatives). And there’s the crux: the word ‘eventually’.

Eventually has been the key cause of delay (my natural tendency is to procrastinate). Eventually has been the term I let myself use time and time again when friends have asked how one monetises a blog. “Oh it’s such a long haul getting there but yes I will eventually monetise it” I’ve responded countless times. This is indeed true; it really can take years to significantly monetise a blog (depending on what one defines as blog income/monetisation).  However, the simple truth is…



  • I didn’t actively nurture any brand collaborations.
  • I barely looked at a single one of those emails that would land in my inbox about paid content writing opportunities / how to leverage one’s subscription list / how to get the most out of Facebook advertising or how to use Instagram properly for blog growth yada yada yada
  • I hardly responded to a single sponsored post enquiry (because I didn’t even know what they were for the first two years!)
  • I hardly followed a single brand back on Twitter because I didn’t actually realise it’s one of the best ways of establishing a relationship and getting the conversation going. In fact, it was only when I read a review by my genius of a Candid Cuddles co-host Cuddle Fairy herself (in which she mentioned how the brand in question had followed her on Twitter) that the penny dropped.
  • I didn’t submit content to a single site, beyond my HuffPost ones or those written for fellow bloggers’ sites.



  • Scared of receiving a ‘no we’re not interested’ if I dared approach a brand (the phrase ‘What have you got to lose? The worst they can say is no’ didn’t help at all as my internal reaction was ‘I’d lose all self confidence because no IS indeed the worst outcome!)
  • Nervous of my writing being rejected after that one time I submitted to Scary Mommy only to be turned down (ridiculous of me because the rejected post then went viral on HuffPost!)
  • Terrified of the whole follow/no follow link thang
  • Ignorant of the potential benefits of publishing  third party prewritten content on my site
  • Convinced my stats and DA etc weren’t good enough

On and on it went. The fear, the procrastination, the hawing and humming and conjecturing and goodness-knowswhat-else-ing.

Then through interesting chats with my blog wife Talya of Motherhood the Real Deal who shall be henceforth known as Seriously Switched On Cookie and of course my  #candidcuddles bud Becky whom I’m just going to start calling Social Media Queen and Laura of Life With Baby Kicks who is sooooo ridiculously savvy when it comes to all manner of blogdom that it is almost annoying (it’s ok I can say that, she knows I lurrrve her), I started to come out of my self-created shell and dip my toes out of my comfort zone. And you know how it goes folks…

a mantra about taking steps to reach for the sky


I won’t go into details at this point as I prefer the ‘proof of the pudding’ approach rather than the ‘opening my gob, sounding like I’m bragging and then jinxing everything’ one. Suffice to say, I have some wonderfully exciting projects lined up, am talking to all sorts of fab people both here in Malta and in the UK (I have a rather exciting meeting lined up in fact when I’m in London next week for more #BloggersCafe filming) and am simply buzzing with excitement over all the possibilities that 2017 holds in store, if I play my cards right and work hard to see it all come to fruition! (And yes I know it’s an ‘if’ but I like to see it as more of a ‘when’.)



a willingness to reconsider ideas and collaborations that may not bring in much money themselves but that set me up nicely for future benefits and projects.  I don’t underestimate for one second just how much work and dedication it will all take (jeez I’m already doing 50 hour weeks on this thing as it is!). Or bravery.

It’s gonna take a whole load of bravery, of putting myself out there, taking rejection and finding that some ideas just don’t work out the way I’d hoped.

There are projects planned that are already making me nervous just thinking about the level of effort required and the possible failure at the end. But I have a fire in my belly that I haven’t had til now.

Because finally…I know that I have to reach for the sky, even if it scares me. Or in more AbPrab lingo:

background of woman looking up to sky with reach for the sky inspired mantra


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Word: How a Parent Fail Can Lead to a Parenting Epiphany!

Are you one of those people who’s an arts and crafts wizard?

The kind who can whip up the most amazing creation with nothing but a few buttons, some glue, a piece of foil and a cereal box?  Or are you like me?

 The kind of person who can barely draw a straight line?

Why do I ask? Well, all I’ll say is this week’s words of wisdom and vlog are inspired by none other than my a total parent fail…and my 7yo daughter who led me to come up with the following:


Want to know why I came up with this? Of course you do. Go watch 🙂

Word! You Don’t Reach the Summit Without…

Well I can honestly say I didn’t want to post my vlog for this week’s Words of Wisdom post that I usually link up to the #CandidCuddles linky.

Why? Oh let me see, less than ideal image quality, cars hooting, wind blowing but these are minor issues compared to how many TIMES I said the phrase ‘it takes time’. Jeez Louise. I do apologise. Even worse, I kind of feel I didn’t quite say what I wanted to say clearly. Grrr.

Anyway I’m about to break a record for the shortest post ever because I’m racing against the clock to get this post up on my site. Oh lucky you! A short post and a video that is a bit shorter than the last one!



Word!: There is Nothing as Classy as Women’s Wit and Wisdom

I was back in the UK in December to film my brand new vlog series

with Just Saying Mum (and yes you must ‘tune in’ when we start airing Season 1…I get such a kick out of saying that).  Anyway, what do you do when you live on a dusty little rock in the Mediterranean where the shopping facilities have a long way to go in terms of range and price (despite having improved in recent years) and you’re in London in December? Yep, it’s a no brainer: London + December = shopping. So I got the Hubster’s and kids’ gift shopping all wrapped up (no pun intended). Of course, I committed a typical ‘mum’ oversight and totally forgot to buy myself anything…except for this amusing Women’s Wit mini desk calendar which I picked up:

Women's wit 2017 calendar


I have always, for as long as I can remember, admired and adored funny, feisty fearless women. 

such as the Victoria Woods, Julia Walters, Joan Rivers, Lucille Balls, Imelda Stauntons, Melissa Macarthys, Ellen Degeneres’s and Tina Feys of the world, to name a miniscule few and not forgetting female film directors, authors and political activists etc.  So, in my first Words of Wisdom post of 2017 for the #CandidCuddles linky, I thought I’d simply share four of my favourite quotes so far from the pages of my new women’s wit calendar.

It seems apt to showcase some wise and wonderful quotes when so many of these women’s wit lines are great mottos that might inspire those of you who want to make some 2017 resolutions but are struggling for inspiration.

Talking of resolutions, let’s start with this one which does ‘what it says on the tin’ as the old advert goes. Not a bad philosophy to start things off this year right?:

Can I be an obnoxious mother for a second and say how impressed I am that my 12yo girl and 10yo boy singled this one out and have mentioned it about three times since last week as being inspiring!

Next is this line by famous classics author George Eliot (whom I studied at school for years before discovering was female!) which I simply loved the second my eyes fell upon it. It is never too late people!


I can’t say I’m the biggest Chelsea Handler fan BUT methinks the woman doth speak sense here. I particularly love the last bit as I wholeheartedly agree with it (and frankly would never have launched this blog if not, as I pretty much relied on making fun of myself for most of my material the first 18 months or so).

Quote by Chelsea Hander on women's wit calendar


Last but not least, one of my all time favourite lines. Ever. A variation of these words was featured in the fantastic film The Holiday directed by Nancy Meyers who was in fact a contemporary of Nora Ephron, who is quoted here.  (FYI, if you don’t know it, The Holiday is the one where Jude Law couldn’t have been more handsome, Cameron Diaz was annoyingly beautiful and Kate Winslet and Jack Black’s characters make you just fall in love with them.) There is a wonderful restaurant scene where Winslet’s dining partner is trying to give her advice and this line comes up. I shan’t say much more in case you’ve not seen it.

quote by Nora Ephron women's wit calendar



By the way, if you’d like the Women’s wit calendar to help keep you inspired and smiling this year, you can get hold of it on Amazon. If you do decide to buy it and click on this particular link featured here* rather than going to separately to their site, I make a few cents off it..not enough to actually buy myself a coffee but possibly enough for the paper cup 🙂


So no vlog from me for this first Words of Wisdom edition of 2017.  

As I rather foolishly didn’t take a proper break over Christmas (because I ended up writing a 2016 review and George Michael tribute and then worked on Bloggers’ Cafe, the aforementioned new vlog series), I’m keeping it simple and easing back into things this week! But I’ll be back with a wee vlogette for you next week, I promise. (Do you like the way I assume you’re actually waiting for a vlog from me? Just humour and old woman and pretend you are.)

Seriously, I hope you enjoyed a few of these witty words as much as I did reading them.  In my opinion:

there is nothing as classy as a wise and witty woman in white typeface on a black background


Absolutely Prabulous is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”



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Word! F.E.A.R. (What Does It Stand For?)

Fear…What Does it Stand For?

Another Monday, another collection of words that resonate with me…words that I hope speak to you too and another vlog telling you why I love them. And I have some great news people!  Drum roll please…are you sitting down?  I managed to get this one down in less than five minutes!

So don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourself!  By the way you can catch the rest of my vlogs here. And if you’re a blogger reading this between Monday to Wednesday, why not come link up your own words of wisdom to the Candid Cuddles linky that I run with Cuddle Fairy?

Word! Forgive Others Not Because They Deserve Forgiveness But Because…

Voila, my latest words of wisdom vlog!

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace. BOOM! What I forgot to say in the vlog you’re (hopefully) about to watch is that I felt like an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I saw that quote a few months ago.

I’m keeping this blog post short, sweet and to the point, like me ha ha.  Well I’m definitely short, no idea if I’m sweet and certainly not always to the point and have wondered if I’m just rambling on and ON in my first few vlogs, hence being a bit proud that I’ve managed to make this one even shorter.  Having said that, people have been telling me they do watch them from start to finish and don’t think I’m rambling, so this is good news indeed.

Do let me know if you’re enjoying these #candidcuddles vlogs I’m doing (and if you’re not, just let me down easy would you?).



You can catch my other vlogs for the #candidcuddles series as well as all my other vlogs right here.

Word! Be Careful How You Talk to Yourself…


Be Careful How You Talk to Yourself…

So I’ve decided I’ll do most if not all of my #CandidCuddles quotes in video form.  Sometimes I can put across what I want to say better in vlog format, and sometimes in blog format.  Ooooh…keeps things interesting 🙂  I loved this line ‘Be careful how you talk to yourself’ when I first saw it a few weeks ago and it has really stuck with me. So watch my vlog to find out why.

This week, I’ll keep things short and sweet by just linking the vlog rather than writing a whole post before it (which was not my original intention last week anyway but ‘inspiration’ hit and I wrote an entire blogiversary post as a preamable to my vlog!).  So here you go, my little pearl of wisdom for this week and a little shout out for one of our regular Candid Cuddlers.

NB if you want to watch any of my other vlogs, just click here.




The Life You Have is a Dream


I do apologise for the rather bleak picture and the solemn quote (don’t worry…I’ll lighten the mood next week!) but…the fact is this is reality for many people so I didn’t want to put up a ‘diluted’ picture.

When Do You Have Enough?

I’m bashing out this post after an eye-opening thought-provoking moment that has just occurred in my kitchen, on a Monday afternoon as my eldest does her homework, the other two play upstairs having finished theirs and the dinner is simmering away.  I was due to go to the supermarket after the school run to do the weekly grocery shop having not done it this morning, as I decided to blog, and we desperately need food as the cupboards are bare and there is hardly anything in the fridge or freezer.

Well I Thought We Didn’t Have Enough Food Or so I thought.  More on that in a sec.

I mean there is more empty shelving than actual food in the fridge, the ‘carbs cupboard’ only has half a loaf of bread, a Ryvita packet and some Maltese galetti (sort of like water biscuits), the storecupboard cabinet (canned food, pasta, grains, lentils, pulses) has visible spaces on the shelf and the snacks cupboard is definitely running low.  So basically we have hardly anything left.  (This always reminds me of a good friend during my London days; she used to describe the food situation in her house as rain or shine.)

Yet, despite the apparent tragic impoverished circumstances of my kitchen,

me being me (ie a legendary procastinator) I just could not summon up the energy and will to spend the required hour and a half driving to the shop, doing all the shopping, queuing up, paying, hauling it to the car, driving back and offloading it all.  Yep, housewife of the year.  Obviously I’ll have to buck up and do it tomorrow.  I was desperate not to go the supermarket which would mean leaving the kids alone and  delaying dinner (and a blog deadline) so I looked again at that sad-looking fridge and opened the forlorn cupboards again. I walked back over to the fridge and looked at it again, (maybe I thought if I stared hard enough, I’d realise my eyes had in fact been deceiving me and food had been there all along).

That’s When the Eye-Opener Happened

I wondered whether I did in fact have enough to get through this evening (thankfully dinner was already taken care of), the following morning’s breakfast, not to mention the kids packed lunches and my own lunch and possibly even dinner.  You KNOW what I’m going to say don’t you?  Yes I did.  In fact, I had enough to put together – wait for it – 9 meals.  Yes NINE!  I’d gone from famine to feast in just a few minutes without leaving my house!  And in that moment, as I reassessed my formerly ‘disastrously understocked’ fridge, I actually felt a bit ashamed and realised I really am a product of my generation, a generation that has – maybe unintentionally – developed a greedy mentality through having grown up in the comfort and affluence of the West. A generation often unable to recognise when we have enough…more than we need in fact.  Our vision has become so skewed.

Now, I don’t think I’m a ‘greedy person’ by any stretch of the imagination;

far from it actually.   I’m generally content with little…more of a ‘want what you have, not have what you want’ sort of person.   So I have to ask, if I’m such a glass half full rather than half empty type, (and yes I suppose I could have used that quote in this post!) then why on earth do I not see my kitchen as half full, not half empty?!  Why do we see problems when really there isn’t one?  Of course, I could extrapolate to so many other areas of life but I think you get me.


Now I know 100 people could read this post and each of those 100 people would have a different financial status; some perhaps very well off, some in the middle and others prone to struggling their whole life to make ends meet.  And yes, life really has become expensive.  But that’s just it.  Whilst property prices, the cost of a meal in that fancy restaurant and various forms of taxation have indeed risen since we were all children, the fact is we in this society are propagating this belief that life is expensive left, right and centre.  When actually, maybe just maybe (this is my theory) It’s really only as expensive as we want to make it?  If we think we need that shiny new car, summer holiday, dream house, weekend get away, buzzing social life, this season’s trendy clothing, the coolest gadgets etc in the belief that these are all ‘must-haves’ crucial to our happiness, then yes our life will probably be one destined for great expense.


This central message exists in many different forms.  

You’ll probably have seen memes about being richer than most people in the world if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your body and a roof over your head.  I honestly believe in this so much.  I’m sure I drive my kids mad with the whole ‘no you can’t have the blue plate because there’s nothing wrong with the red one you have because you’re just damned lucky to have food on any plate in the first place!’ sermon, delivered from time to time.

So, I have to say, harsh as the picture for this post is, the message is so very true and apt.

Now more than ever.

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Word! Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You’re Right

think you can ford

When I first came across this memorable line by the famously respected businessman and automotive genius (not to mention the controlling egocentric) Henry Ford, it was like an enormous megawatt light bulb had just been switched on in my brain.

I don’t remember where or when I first saw it although I don’t think it was that many years ago.  What I do know is that I was so blown away by this philosophy that I absolutely had to feature it in 40 Life Lessons for my Kids.  I would love to write something insightful and profound to explain how/why it was such a personal epiphany because I think it is an amazing quote that deserves at least that.  But I’m not sure I can actually do it justice…which I guess reflects what Ford said!  So I guess I’d best try.

There is a common question; nature or nurture regarding the personalities we all have.  I believe that we’re a combination of both.

I think we are a product of the circumstances of our upbringing but also have our own inherent character.  I honestly don’t think you can separate the two.  Why do I mention this?  I think the reason that this quote was almost like an arrow between my eyes was because I grew up with a tendency towards negative thought and very little self confidence, due my  environment, which doesn’t need elaborating on here as this is all about the positive.  Suffice to say, it genuinely hadn’t dawned on me most of my life that one’s ability to achieve or competence at anything or chance of success is largely down to one’s own thought patterns.  It’s not as simplistic as convincing oneself one could make themselves invisible or fly unaided to the moon… But really in many cases, if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.   So if you really do think you can pass that exam, write that book, jump out of that plane, learn that language…then chances are you jolly well can.  And will.  Conversely if you think you can’t…well it probably won’t happen for you.  This actually makes me think of what Angela said in her post on last week’s Candid Cuddles last week.

I only became aware that I had a tendency to self sabotage (I say ‘had’ because I do think I’ve  improved a lot!) when my husband pointed it out to me not long after we met.  He realised much of my behaviour/way of thinking was down to my conditioning (we all have conditioning, it’s not unique to me) and I don’t know how many hours we spent chatting over this phenomena in the early days of getting to know one another.  So it’s not that surprising that one of Ford’s most known remarks struck me, in light of this ‘self realisation’.  It just explained so much and I could literally pinpoint specific areas of my life where I’d either talked myself out of or indeed succeeded at something.

Now that I am a parent, I honestly believe it is one of the most profound and important lessons we can pass on to our children.  

My two girls couldn’t be more different in their way of thinking.  The eldest will give up at the slightest hurdle and thinks everything is difficult and impossible from simply opening a packet of food to running a marathon and everything in between.  Bizarrely, this same child has total belief however in my abilities and wasn’t at all surprised when I won my BiBs award because she ‘knew’ I was going to (her words) and in fact was in shock when I didn’t win the MADs one (apparently when Hubster told her, she was floored and asked to see my whatsapp message herself, such was her belief in me!).  The younger one is fiercely independent and doesn’t like help unless she’s tried all avenues herself.  My son is somewhere in the middle I guess.  They’ve all grown up in the same household, same environment and in this case it’s their individual personalities that shapes their belief of whether they can or can’t do something.

Nature or nurture, it doesn’t matter, I just want them to apply themselves to whatever they do…

…be it a simple recreational drawing, a competitive sports activity or something extremely significant.  I do try to remind my eldest of this when she looks defeated by just looking at her maths homework   I need them to really truly understand:

that if they think they can or think they can’t, they’re right either way.

Then I’ll have partly done my job.

And Henry might look down and smile.




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Word! There Is No Time Like the Present and No Present Like Time

no time like the present quote

This post was written for the #CandidCuddles linky which runs every Monday to Wednesday evening.  If you’re a blogger and you’d like to link up, please click here for Candid Cuddles edition 58..

So my very first post for the Candid Cuddles linky presented a bit of a challenge.

Not because I couldn’t think of any quotes/sayings but because loads came to mind and I didn’t know which one to choose for my first outing as co-host!  Then last night the Second Best Exotic Marigold Film came on TV.  Without giving too much away for those of you who’ve not seen it, Maggie Smith’s character says a line that for me was just breathtaking and moving: “There’s no present like time”.  I have to admit my brain was confused for a millisecond because the standard more commonly known saying is There is no time like the present. Then the penny dropped and I was delighted by the ingenuous reversal of the nouns and the totally different meaning this created.

I think we are mainly struck by a saying when it applies to us or makes us look inside ourselves or realise something we hadn’t thought of before.  

There are thousands of quotes and sayings floating around the internet and in books.  Depending on your character, your passions, where you are in your life etc, a particular quote can be thrilling, life-affirming, saddening, eye-opening…the list goes on.  I chose this particular line because it struck a chord with me instantly.  At first I was just impressed by the cleverness of it given that it made sense ‘back to front’.  Then the next day, the more I thought about it (while waiting for my site to be fixed after a malware attack hoping I could actually get my thoughts down in this post!), the more I was affected by the emotional aspect of these words.  And the more I realised one could interpret the phrase in several ways (incidentally I thought this article about this turn of phrase rather interesting).

A few weeks ago, we suffered the shock of a bereavement in our extended family.  

Whilst I hadn’t yet met the person who passed away, I was due to meet them very soon at an important family occasion.  Not only this, but the timing (not that there is ever a right time for someone to go especially when they were far too young) was dreadful and the knock-on effect heartbreaking.  It has had a deep impact on some of my close family members and the next few months will prove to be tough to get through.  For those who lost their loved one, the hurt will not simply last for months but possibly a life time.

Where am I going with this?  

Well, I know it’s clichéd but the undeniable truth is that life is short.  I spend far too much time sweating the small stuff, overthinking every unimportant thing, flying off the handle at my kids about normal kiddie stuff, wasting vital time and energy endlessly planning daily/weekly schedules none of which I stick to.   All this, instead of getting my priorities straight and investing my time and energy wisely where they are needed.  I have also become an ‘absent’ daughter, sister and friend if I’m brutally honest, not keeping in regular contact with dear ones and (partly due to low-level depression, partly due to protecting myself from toxic people and partly just due to selfishness!) closing myself off from people, forgetting birthdays, not offering my time to help out at school etc.  Well this post is for the Candid Cuddles linky so I’m being candid!!

What I’m trying to say, albeit clumsily, is that none of us know how long we’ve got.

When your number’s up, it’s up.  That’s the tragic truth.  The time we have here…my goodness it’s so precious!  I’ve wasted a lifetime, sleeping too much (yep I’m a mum of three who gets sleep!), having few passions if any, being ineffective and not being generous with my time.  The lack of generosity with my time most significantly affects my parenting and I only halfheartedly listen to my kids when they talk to me, my mind distracted by miscellany, and hurry them along or cut them off, which is frankly unforgiveable given that I absolutely loathe it when my husband does it to me (which I’ve also written about).

I’ve lost two friends to cancer way too young.  I know others battling it.  I read all sorts of blogs about the happy things in life and the sad things too.  The recent news I spoke of was a wake-up call. For the time we have on this earth is so limited and really is a precious gift.  So it’s desperately important to get busy with doing/achieving/experiencing/loving/giving because…

No time like the present meme




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