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You’d have be living in a Tibetan cave not to have heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). The interweb is chockfull of ominous GDPR warnings (reminiscent of the millenium bug scares) for website operators and owners to get their house in order. So what is GDPR, how does it relate to me as a blog owner and editor and how (if at all) does it affect YOU, the followers/readers of Absolutely Prabulous?

Basically, GDPR is a European Union Law that has been created to safeguard people’s data in the wake of serious data breaches by large companies (who have been abusing yours and my private data to sell ads and produce human behavioral statistics for the use of governments and other large corps). GDPR impacts anyone who collects and stores personal data within the EU Zone; so as a blog utilising a subscribe function, that includes (even if I’m a drop in the ocean compared to a large multi billion pound corporation!).

If you are reading this as an Absolutely Prabulous follower:

I want to assure you that Absolutely Prabulous will only ever use your name and email address to send you new blog posts (if you have subscribed). Your details will never be passed on to third parties without your permission (i.e. if you win a competition in which case you will be asked for your details so that the prize provider can send you your winnings). You can unsubscribe from emails at any time from Absolutely Prabulous using the unsubscribe function at the bottom of my emails.

If You are Reading This as a Blogger:

As says in this excellent explanatory GDPR article:

The EU is not out to get [us bloggers]! They’re doing this to protect user’s data and restore people’s trust in online businesses. As the world goes digital, we need these standards. With the recent  it’s important that these standards are adapted globally.


To read detailed information regarding this website’s approach to security and data protection:

Please refer to the Absolutely Prabulous privacy policy..

Please note that Absolutely Prabulous has updated its various plugins to ensure compliance with GDPR. (As and when it is discovered further areas of the site need updating, this will be done.)

Finally, if you have any questions at any time I am more than happy to answer them!



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