Courgette Feta Pasta

Alright, technically this is not a one-pot meal as you do need to boil the pasta separately but my lot inhale this so it would be rude not to include it!

2 tbsps+ olive oil

2 large red or white onions, finely sliced

2-3 large garlic cloves, crushed or finely chopped

2 or 3 large courgettes, halved or quartered lengthwise then finely sliced

a good 2 tbsps (or more) dried mixed italian herbs

2 tsps Swiss Marigold Bouillon powder

50-75ml  (or as much as you like!) white wine
(I recently made this swapping my usual dry white for a local Maltese dessert wine Castella Moscato; the sweetness balanced out the saltiness of the feta and complemented the caramelised onions. Fab.)

2 tsps salt (Himalayan pink if you can find it)*

In a large heavy-bottomed frying pan (even a wok works), heat the oil and ‘cook’ the herbs for a few seconds before adding the onions and garlic.  Cook for a good 5+ minutes in the oil.  Add the courgettes and cook on a moderate to high heat, stirring to make sure they do not stick, until they start becoming slightly golden.  Stir the bouillon powder through the veg, cover with a tight-fitting lid (as you need to create and keep moisture within the pan), lower the heat and cook on a simmer for 10-15 minutes, making sure to check from time to time that nothing is sticking. Add the wine and simmer a few  more minutes. Do not cook too much of the wine off as you need it to create the saucy consistency. Stir the feta through, switch the heat off and leave the lid on for a few minutes so that the feta can melt into the rest of the mixture.

* I hardly ever use salt in childrens’ meals as there is already so much ‘hidden’ salt in most foods we buy. However, I don’t think you can get around it with this meal as it really adds to the flavour, helps draw out the much-needed liquid from the courgettes and complements the ‘sweetness’ of the caramelised onions and the one I’ve recommended is a healthier option.

Serve with whichever pasta you like and plenty of parmesan.

Bon Appetit.

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