Start-the-Day Banana Smoothie



I hardly ever make smoothies because I can rarely find combinations I really like. They either end up too sweet, too sour or just don’t taste right! For me this is the perfect smoothie. It’s super filling, incredibly nutritious and best of all, it is absolutely brilliant in the morning if you’re not a big sit-down-and-eat-breakfast person or you have kids who are the same. My lot love breakfast but they are the slowest eaters on earth who would give most tortoises a run for their money (alright, maybe not the best phrase to use there but you get me!). So this is a great way to get something down quickly and it keeps everyone going for at least a couple of hours. (You could even make it the night before and refrigerate to save time in the morning.)

[My version is a variation on the one by NakedGreenz. I just added some of my own bits and left one ingredient out and also played around with quantiities as the original ended up being too thick for my kids. You will need to play around with measurements to find what you prefer.

This Is What You Need:

1 to 1.5 cups of rolled oats (depending on desired consistency)

500 – 700ml almond milk (depending on desired consistency)*

1/8 cup sunflower seeds 1/8 cup chai seeds

1 banana

*You can use coconut milk but bear in mind it is thicker.

This Is What You Do:

Grind the seeds. Place all other ingredients in a blender*, making sure you put the milk in first. Add the seeds and whizz it all up.

A handy tip is to use frozen bananas and chilled milk for a cold version.


(Yep…I put mine in a Jack Daniels glass…I’m classy like that.)


If you need a blender or indeed any kitchen item, be sure to check out the DHGATE site for their enormous range of household items.

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