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Happy New Year and welcome to Candid Cuddles 68, the first one of 2017! 

So did you have a good one? Did you rest or did your rush about like a mad thing? Did you eat and eat and drink and drink or go easy? Ours was even quieter this year and I kind of feel like I need a second Christmas because I didn’t do this one ‘right’ . I slept even more than I usually do (to the point where my kids must have thought I’d gone into hibernation) and as is our usual habit, watched a lot of films (although it’s got to the point where we can’t watch that many festive films as we know every single line to every single one).

Although it’s got nothing to do with the inspirational theme of Candid Cuddles, talking of the festive season that is now behind us, thought you might relate to this:

Right, on with the show!

The #CandidCuddles quote linky is about being creative, sharing a message, a personal insight, a mantra that helps you in your life and so on. Posts with any type of quote are welcome to link up.  The quote can be typed or a graphic. The quote can be inspirational, motivational, funny, sarcastic or anything else you like.  If you are new to Candid Cuddles & need any help linking up, you can read Becky’s Linky Guide or tweet either of us at @AbPrabulous / @CuddleFairy.


Candid Cuddles 68: When/Where/How!

* Will be open from Monday 7:00pm – Wednesday 7:00pm GMT.

* Every linked post gets a comment from a host & a RT from both of us.

* Pin your quote graphics to the Candid Cuddles Pinterest board. Contact  to be added to the board.

* Becky and I will each pick our favourites to feature on our blogs each week.

The Rules:

1. Add our badge to the HTML / text portion of your post or a back link to or

Absolutely Prabulous
2. Link your post via the inklinkz button bottom left of this post.

3. Please comment on both Host Posts, the post directly before yours & one more of your choice.  Feel free to comment on more than that, but please do those 4 as a minimum.

4. Pinterest Board Rules: Pin one quote per week to the board. The quote pinned must be linked up here.

5. After you link up, tag us for a retweet: @CuddleFairy @AbPrabulous.
Be sure to include the hashtag #candidcuddles.

(I don’t want to list this is an actual rule but if you’d like to follow me on my various social media, if not already, then I won’t stop you!  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


So…if you have a quote, inspiring words, a funny saying etc that strikes a chord with you, we’d love it if you shared it with us here on Candid Cuddles 68.  We look forward to reading your posts!




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