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11 Things That are Really Difficult to Give up For Lent

We do not bring our children up in the Sikh faith, Hubster’s Hindu faith or indeed any other, unless you class teaching them to respect others and not behave like mannerless twunts a faith (in which case I’m deeply religious).

I am Sikh (by cultural heritage) but am non practising and not religious.  However, a few days ago saw the start of Lent, the period during which certain denominations of Christianity observe a forty day period of abstinence.  So, I got to thinking about the concept of Lent, wondering what I would give up if it was part of my life.  Now, giving up chocolate or wine or any of the customary items is just not going to work with me.  Yes I appreciate the point is to choose something that you find hard to give up so that you are indeed carrying out a meaningful sacrifice.  But that ship has truly sailed…quite a few times to be frank.  In fact, I think that ship is permanently out to sea, never to redock again.  (Okay, I think that’s about as far as I can stretch that metaphor.)

So here instead is my list of what I genuinely would give up for Lent (if only I could):


1. Yelling at my kids like a banshee, for the stupidest of reasons and waaaay past the point where I just need to stop (because even I no longer believe in what I’m yelling about)

2. Endlessly hoping I can get the whole house clean at the same time (instead of that piece-meal situation where I get part of it sparkly but by the time the other parts are clean, the first bit is ludicrously dirty again) and then actually enjoy it for a day – oh alright, a few hours.

3. Carbs. Well, not totally give them up as they are essential for the body of course but man alive, I wish I could successfully limit the amount of them in my daily diet. Sheesh.

4. Expecting Hubster to react more emotionally (or react at all) to certain things I say and especially towards the kids. Expecting Hubster to see things the way I do. In fact, all the expectations, the many unfulfilled wishes, the unsatisfied needs, the whole shabang…I just wish I could give it all up because when all is said and done…he is simply amazing.

5. Midnight munchies. I noticed a couple of months ago that I had finally, without any conscious effort, ended my lifelong habit of toast and marmalade with tea at stupid o’clock. Seriously, it never mattered how full this little piglet was from dinner…she’d still have her late evening toast snack attack. So why is this on my Lent list? Because no sooner had I realised I’d dropped it, than I went back to it, that’s why! Ugh.

6. My 100% confirmed totally undeniable never-ending inability to Go. The. Hell. To. Bed. before midnight. (No smartypant comments about how I should just go to bed before midnight and then I’ll stop doing the Paddington bear routine with the midnight marmalade, thanks.)

7. Night time blogging.  I don’t go out to work, yet I just can’t fit blog, housework, grocery shopping, meal preparation, exercise schedule, kids’ homework and bedtime etc, into the hours before 8pm.  I’m desperate to reclaim my evenings (and my face which is becoming haggard from the late nights).

8. My sweet tooth. Fair enough, I don’t eat cakes and sweets and drink fizzy drinks all day (or even once a week) but there is too much sugar in my diet and it is starting to worry me, now my twenties are a long way behind me. Besides, I’m sweet enough right?

9. My constant exasperation with the senseless, dangerous and incompetent driving on this island. Hubster says I get way too irate about it and that I just have to accept it’s how they drive (that’s if you call what they do behind the steering wheel driving). I could accept it if I didn’t have to go out on the road and endanger my kids’ and my own life.

10. Sarcasm. Basically.

11. My insane need for the nine hours of sleep I require (and have always required) to function. When I go to my maker (which is technically a phrase I’m not allowed to use considering I’m not religious but hey ho) and I’m asked about the one thing I wish I could have done differently, I think ‘not sleeping half my life away’ would be at the top of the list.



That’s it.

I lied about number 10 by the way.


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