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I’m A Mum Who

I’m honoured to have been tagged by two of my newest blogger friends – Tayla of Motherhood The Real Deal who is super funny and the lovely Laura of Life With Baby Kicks (who listens to me moan about blog tech glitches on an alarmingly regular basis and who I’m dragging out for a Mojito-fest when we meet one day ‘outside’ of the blog) – in the wonderful “I’m a Mum Who” series. I’ve been really enjoying reading the at-a-glance descriptions of various bloggers regarding their parenting experiences and themselves. It’s wonderful finding out more about them.

So here is mine.



Could write a book called ‘Being The Not Now Mummy’. #TooBusyForYourKidsIsTheWrongBusy

Is rubbish at crafts. Cannot. Will. Not. Do. crafts. But finally learned to bake aged 38 and has made all her kids’ birthday cakes since the eldest was 3 (and yes you’ll have to work out my current age yourself) #NotBraggingJustSayinWeDoWhatWeCanDo

Is never happier than when she’s snuggled up for weekend movie night with her babies…or sipping a Rosé by the beach while they play. #HappyMemories

Is hellbent on raising healthy eaters but will never deprive her kids of home made chocolate cake dammit! #LovinFromTheOven

Finally understood so much of what her parents had said/done raising her the very minute her firstborn was handed to her in hospital. #ThatsWhyOurParentsWantGrandchildren

Somehow conceived all her kids on the first try after the age of 35 but who has known the heartache of miscarriage. #MixedBlessings

i'm a mum who

Literally hates it in a toe-curling stomach-churning tear-inducing way when her hubby yells at the kids but then yells at them herself a few minutes later #ParentingTruths

Conquered her lifelong crippling fear of water to jump into a pool aged 39 knowing there was no other option after her 4yo said “Go on mummy you must”. #AboutTimeToo

Was never an outdoors gal but has got into hiking with her equally “can we just stay home Mama?” kids. #GetOffTheSofaNOW

im a mum who hiking


Is a super strict parent yet still receives compliments, hugs and “you’re amazing mummy” praise from her children #GoFigureAgain

Misses that golden time of the ‘afternoon sit down’ with a cuppa, Murder She Wrote on TV and a cheeky sleep while the kids had their nap. #ThoseWereTheDaysMyFriend

Has found her identity again and ‘met’ awesome talented people through blogging but is so busy running a blog about being a mother that she hardly has time to be a mother! #BlogMammaBlog?

Loves Sunday mornings, pottering about, baking to the soundtrack of kids playing and listening to chillout/retro 70’s/old soul tunes. #EasyLikeSundayMorning

Didn’t leave the suburbs of London from 1975 to 1988 but now has the crazy privilege of stopping off on the way home from school to go to her local beach #LifeHasPlentyOfSurprises

im a mum who end of road


Nags her eldest on a weekly basis to tidy her room yet hasn’t sorted this out since January.  #Hyprocrisy

storage room

Clowns around and loves laughing with friends but has never been the ‘fun mum’ with her own kids. #SortThatOut

Tries to undo some of the mental conditioning of a very Indian upbringing swearing blind she wouldn’t turn into her parents. But…guess what…yep. #FacePalm

Honestly doesn’t know what she did in her past life to deserve three little monkeys like this #WhenYourHeartBursts

stunning hiking pic resize


Gets it wrong each day but still has kids who know they are loved. #MummyDoesntTryEnoughButSheTries


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And That’s What Happened There…

Is it a little late to do a 2014 retrospective? I mean I already mentioned my 2015 goals a few days ago. So I’m kind of going backwards if I look back at last year right? Plus it’s 5th January already…we’re almost a week into the new year. So I guess it’s a little weird and passé and I should have done it in the last week of December. Am I starting to sound like Woody Allen?

No wait…in that last week, a lot of people were busy eating and drinking and being merry. So in a way, it’s better to do it now, as those of you who celebrated Christmas have probably put away the decorations, vowed to go easy on the naughty treats and need something to read before Box Set season kicks in. So actually, I’m doing you a favour right? And in the time it takes to ponder this any more, we could well reach the end of 2015. And then it really will be late.

Dammit Janet. I’m GOING to do a 2014 retrospective. Because I’m crazy like that.

So these were my 2014 highlights and lowlights aka:

And That's What Happened There


Seeing an incredible number of friends lose parents. #NoWords

Making beautiful memories in Sweden thanks to a gorgeous friend (she knows who she is). #That’sWhatHubsterSaid

and thats what happened sweden canoe


Starting 2014 off the way I meant to go on, by doing 10k on the first day of 2014 after only three hours sleep, running my second half mara way faster than I expected…and then seeing it all slide away as I stopped running for the rest of the year following injury. #I’llBeBackYouJustWatch

Cheeky K starting school and it hitting me like an express train that THAT WAS IT…last one in…the baby years were definitely over and my heart was a bit hurt. #PassTheKleenex

A local beachside café/pizzeria/restaurant opening up down the road and revolutionising our life in Malta. #CantBeatTheSimpleThings

las palmas


Having an impromptu evening in London jumping from pub to pub, eating great food and having great chat with my brother and realising it was the first time that just the two of us had ever gone out together ever ever. #TheBestThingsAreWorthWaitingFor

Finding Phunk Investigation’s This Holiday again after losing it nine years ago…only to find it was under our noses all this time when Hubster played a random music game with Musical M (I’ll always remember ‘Put on the cd that’s in the second column from the left, far right stack, eighth cd down and see what it is). #ThankYouForTheMusic

Hubster exclaiming that our marriage had at last been consummated on an alcoholic level because I finally got into vodka. #It’sAllAboutThatMixer



Classy Bird leaving Malta and hurting my heart a bit. #HateItWhenSheDoesThat

Going on my first ever girls’ trip (totally falling in love with Dubliners) and wondering what on earth I’ve been doing for the last 20 odd years to have never done that before. #IHeartDublinAndMyGirls

Dreamy D finally overcoming his ‘fear of water’ demons #AlwaysKnewYouCouldSon

she's gone Dhru


Meeting up with dear friends in the UK including an old university chum I hadn’t seen in 25 years, picking up the banter where we left off and then meeting his wife and feeling like I’d known her for years. #AReasonToLoveLife

Seeing friends faced with tough personal battles and feeling helpless just standing by.  #LifeIsAJourneyWithSomeBadSpeedBumps

Being spoiled by acts of kindness from someone I barely even know. #ThereWasALadyFromDownUnder

Finally going on the London Eye thanks to my generous parents and brother. #ItsAboutTimeWoman

london eye side


A good friend of mine showing that underneath that well manicured seemingly middle class polished exterior, there’s just a good old regular working class girl who isn’t too proud to try on a lingerie set over her clothes in THAT store which shan’t be named. #MarvellousMarilyn

Playing chess for the first time and loving it. #SayCheckmateOneMoreTimeAndWe’reDone



A certain young lady turning 10 and my heart (and maybe Hubster’s too?) aching a bit at how quickly it came round. #ItGoesByFast

and thats what happened there MandP


And a certain other someone turning 50…OH MY GAWD! #WasntMe

prash 50th us 2


It was a year filled with laughter, tears and love with good friends, kiddie milestones, great Summer memories, a bit of a hurty heart, runners’ frustration and sadness at not seeing my parents enough because of the miles between us.  (Okay, yes, chocolate, wine and vodka made more than an occasional brief appearance but a girl’s gotta live.)

So that’s what happened there.

Right, 2015…what you got for me girl?

Well, I mean…





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And Just Like That…She’s Gone


Image courtesy of Eloise Robbertze Photography

Image courtesy of Eloise Robbertze Photography

Summer was a-coming…A.C. units were a-humming.

Then Summer was here, yay!

We put away the jeans, got out the sun cream and

“Hope it’s not a scorcher” we did say.


And then…

Fruit and Veg Carts

Image Courtesy of Eloise Robbertze Photography


Carts piled with melons, strawberries and peaches,

Buses with tourists all heading to the beaches.

Milk shakes, iced coffees, wine coolers and ice creams,

Barbecues, Valletta views and poolside kiddie screams.

And Just Like That...She's Gone


Girls on their deck chairs under sun umbrellas,

Lads and their long stares…fellas will be fellas.

Super yachts, cruise ships and glorious white sails,

Boiling hot days, Golden Bay, rosé and cocktails.

And Just Like That...She's Gone


Blazing sun and intense blue skies; the drivers become even more crazy,

No rain for months, the fields are dry and everyone’s tired and lazy.

Empty playgrounds, semi full cinemas but all the beaches are packed,

One day in this heat, the kids are beat and every mother is whacked.


Banana boats, pedalos, snorkellers, bikinis and jet skis,

Paragliders, intrepid divers, the Maltese summer is about the sea.

Painted toes + mojitos = nights out with girlfriends,

Festas and hot balmy nights and humidity with no end.

And Just Like That...She's Gone

Image courtesy of Eloise Robbertze Photography


Strapless dresses, sun hats, shorts, vests and flip flops,

Essential summer clothing…but some time late October it will all stop.

Then suddenly from sun block and sand and swimming off the rocks,

It will be hoodies, rain macs and winter socks.

And Just Like That...She's Gone


Hunters shooting, car horns hooting and months of deafening fireworks,

In the Med, you need pills for your head because the noise just drives you beserk.

Crickets chirping, children splashing, these are the sounds of our summer.

But put away the sun hat because just like that…

And Just Like That She's Gone

…she’s gone. Man…what a bummer.


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Now, if you have read 30 Things That Make Me Happy or When the Laughter Has to Stop or you’re one of my friends, you will (I hope) know that I’m a fan of Malta. For all its downsides (and what country doesn’t have its downsides right?) I usually have plenty of good to say about Malta and am in no rush to move back to the UK. So before anyone gets their tidy whities or luxurious lacies in a twist about any apparent Malta-bashing in this post, FYI I’m NOT Malta bashing. Well alright, maybe just a little bit in my cheeky Prabulous way but you’re a grown up. You can handle it. Right?

[Insert heavy pause in which I leave the doubters pondering or maybe even lose a few readers.]

The rest of you, step this way…

So as you may have noticed, I’ve been off the blog for a good few weeks. This is because we were en vacances and heaven knows it was much needed. If you check out my FB page, you’ll know we went to gorgeous warm green Sweden and then gorgeous not so warm but still green England. And no joke, I found myself thinking, ‘Wow it really has been a while since I left the UK for life on a little rock and I’ve actually got more acclimatised to Maltese life than even I realised’.

“Why did you think that, Prabs?” I hear you ask. Didn’t you ask it? Go on. Ask it.

Well, it’s like this my friend:


1) A trip to the local supermarket is like going to Disney World.
Actually, it’s better than Disney World. The choice, good grief the choice! And the prices…Mama Mia the prices! Seriously, even my husband who visits the UK way more regularly than I do was throwing things we didn’t even need into the trolley like it was the last time he’d ever go shopping: “Get it! Look, it’s only a pound!” You’ve heard of the Last Supper. This was the Last Shopper (sorry, I had to go there).

And the aisles! Proper wide aisles you can actually push your trolley down without having to wait until a staff member has finished their ‘work’ so that you can just manoeuvre the bloody trolley around them.

And the concept of personal space! Ah…personal space…how I’ve missed you my friend. I’m so used to being bumped and jostled out the way at the checkout by the customer waiting behind me because it is totally beyond their ability to wait til I’ve finished my transaction, that it took me a few days of being back in the UK to realise I could relax and take an extra 4.5 seconds to put my receipt and money in my wallet and I didn’t need to feel anxious about the cashier already throwing the next customer’s items down the belt on top of my own.

2) You get cabin fever from car journeys lasting more than twenty minutes because you and your kids have become too used to short Malta distances. Seriously, after we got over the novelty of being reunited with decent long multi-lane roads, every time we went anywhere requiring at least a twenty minute drive (so that was pretty much anywhere) we’d turn round to find at least one child fast sleep…and no I’m not going to make a connection between that and the smooth non-potholed British roads nor make outlandish comments about how they never fall asleep in the car in Malta because of the bumpety bump roads…hell no, I wouldn’t dream of it [insert heavy silence here].

3) You go out for one drink and accidentally end up doing a pub crawl, obsessively going to as many pubs as you possibly can in one evening (actually who am I kidding with the ‘accidentally?) to soak up that typical English drinking atmosphere you’ve missed when in actual fact, you hardly ever stepped foot inside a pub after your uni days were over and pretty much favoured wine bars and cocktail lounges.

12 Ways You Know You've Become a Malteser

4) You think the customer service in the shops is the bomb and you want to add every checkout person to your Christmas card list because they’re sooooo polite…when all they actually did was say “Next customer please”.

Wait. What? They have Customer Service?

5) You can no longer order a coffee in Starbucks/Costa/Caffe Nero without turning into a gibbering wreck because you can’t remember the right lingo. Why do they all have different ways of describing the same product anyway? Tall, regular, grande, skinny, wet…no I’m not describing the Italian tourists who flood Golden Bay every summer. A medium latte in one cafe chain is a tall one in another, a large in the next cafe chain is a tall one in yet another; it’s confusing after all these years of not having to use those terms in Malta! Seriously, I’m all about good manners but sometimes they just get in the way. I mean, why can’t I just scream “Give me caffeine NOW!” at the barrista? Honestly, in this age of social media, how could they not know I was coming to town and simply change all the menu boards for the fortnight I was over just to save me the embarrassment?

12 Ways You Know You've Become a Malteser

6) You are filled with equal amounts of dread and excitement at the thought of doing some London shopping because there are so very many more shops than on your wee Mediterranean island that frankly it’s overwhelming going back to the big smoke (not that anyone calls it the big smoke in the UK).

7) You actually apologise at the Customer Service counter and get butterflies in your stomach for even daring to ask for a refund for that totally unnecessary handbag you bought because you’ve forgotten it is not a crime to expect a shop to have a full refund policy instead of that pissy ‘we only do exchanges so we’ve got your money anyway sucker’ policy.

Wait. What? Not only do they get customer service; they have actual Customer Service counters?!

8) You want to individually kiss every blade of grass and wrap your arms around every tree you see (and give them names…ahem again) because you are THAT starved of greenery on your little rock in the Med.

12 Ways You Know You've Become a Malteser

9) You shriek with excitement at the sight of a red bus.
No, you didn’t?! Oh yes I did.

10) The red bus is the one you’re going on for your sight-seeing tour (ahem).
Yep, I grew up, lived and worked in London, yet we went on a bus tour and I honestly could have fallen off the roof with delight at the sight of Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace etc. I become such a tourist each time I return to London (ahem again).

11) You eat THE largest Sunday roast any woman has ever eaten in the history of Sunday roasts or pubs or human beings eating (exaggerating? me?) because you honestly can’t beat a good British pub roast and let’s be practical: you may as well store up because even though you and your husband can both make a mean Sunday roast, the amount of pots to wash up afterwards is a pain in the backside (especially when he makes it) so who knows when you’ll have the next one right?

12) You would rather open up your grandma’s sewing kit and get out all the pins and needles and stick them in your eyes than travel on a London underground train. Do I really need to add to that?

Wait. What? They have trains?


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