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Blogging vs Vlogging – #BloggersCafe S1 Ep 2



bloggers cafe episode title image

Firstly, a massive thank you to our wonderful guest, a rather well know UK blogger and vlogger, hence the topic of blogging vs vlogging (yes you have to watch the video to see who it is!) for giving up their time on a Saturday to come in and chat to us. We were just a little bit excited to land this particular guest, in the eleventh hour.

Secondly, look out for
– the random pool player and our guest’s fab reaction! Yes, we did inform him afterwards he was in several frames of the video as he didn’t hear us calling out to him mid filming!
– my embarrassing over expressive face. Actually, no scrap that. IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU just shut your eyes the first 30 seconds  if you don’t want to endure this. I honestly won’t blame you because I had to do that each time I watched it for editing purposes. Good grief! There again, you’ll miss my much more professional co-host Helen of Just Saying Mum if you shut your eyes.



I am going to keep these ‘covering’ Bloggers’ Cafe posts brief as the whole point is for you to watch the vlogs. So, on that note, grab yourself a drink (the stronger the better because you’re going to need it to cope with my over expressive face), settle back and…



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Bloggers’ Cafe Episode 1 Has Landed!


bloggers cafe episode 1 featured image

I’m ridonkulously excited to announce we’ve FINALLY launched Season 1 of Bloggers’ Cafe!  This is quite possibly the most excited I’ve been about anything in a very long time! As some of you know, last December I flew back to the UK to start filming a brand new vlogging venture with the incredible Helen of Just Saying Mum. I can’t begin to describe how much fun it was or how many times we felt utterly lucky to have gained as much interest and participation as we did from willing bloggers.  (You can read this separate post about the weekend itself, hilarious moments and a background on how Bloggers’ Cafe came about.)


Helen’s right when she says we had this ridiculous idea that two vloggers who live in two different countries could make this work. But we did and we are! We didn’t have a location til the eleventh hour, the mic on the fab camera that Helen got for filming wouldn’t cooperate, we ended up using our phones and having a fair few storage issues…and don’t talk to me about editing! Suffice to say, I need a hair appointment as I’ve got grey hairs from fighting with Adobe software etc and I ended up hiring someone from (no this is not a sponsored post for them!) to work their magic.



This is our first attempt at something like this so Season 1 of Bloggers Cafe may look a bit rough around the edges (well I am from Wembley and Helen’s from Essex so what do you expect? Joke) but I hope you enjoy it and bear with us while we figure out tweeks here and there.

I for one thing certainly learned that:

  • it doesn’t matter how BIG the ‘please do not disturb…filming in progress’ sign is, people WILL disturb and actually move the sign aside while they come up to see what’s being filmed!
  • in fact, they’ll then stand there and watch you for a good few minutes
  • a grown man won’t spot three women on a sofa in front of a camera and he will play a game of pool whilst those three women are filming (even my best Punjabi glare didn’t get his attention)
  • sometimes it’s easier to get a coffee at Pret a Manger than in a hotel
  • there will always be some eventuality you couldn’t predict such as ‘overestimating December’: it went dark where we were filming and no lights came on!
  • or underestimating one’s iPhone brightness (this vlog is rather ‘well lit’)
  • Malta, my adoptive home, doesn’t have the monopoly on noisy construction 24/7 and it is possible to sit in a swanky hotel talking loudly above clanging lift repairs
  • we need lapel mic’s to cut out background noise for Season 2
  • bloggers are the best!
  • Helen is even bestest and I’m super lucky to be working with such a pro.


Here you go, Bloggers’ Cafe Episode 1…eek!

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If you have trouble watching the video from this page, you can go through to YouTube and watch it by clicking on this link.

Our warmest thank you to the Hyatt Andaz Hotel for kindly offering their venue to us.


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2016: Fantastic wins, sad times & great big mistakes

It’s the last week of 2016, we’re about to usher in a new year so it’s time for the Absolutely Prabulous annual review.

Every year has its ups and downs; this one has been no exception.  2015 was just damned awful on the personal front; a seemingly never ending storm.  When I first started working on this post a few days ago, the rest of that previous sentence went: “but I have to say I’m in a better frame of mind writing this year’s retrospective than I was last year.”  I’ll be honest, with the recent death of George Michael which prompted me to write this tribute (and the death of Carrie Fisher days later), I can’t say I’m pouring the bubbles as I now finish it.   Nevertheless, 2016 has been alright, with some great bits, some sad bits, some challenging bits and some continuing personal issues that remain unresolved. That’s life, though, right? How can anyone have 365 perfect days?

So grab yourself a coffee (or something more interesting), pull up a chair and join me while I look at the fantastic wins, sad times and bloody great big mistakes of 2016 (there’s even a video at the end if you want to skip straight to that).


2016 was the year when I opened up about my failings as a mother

I mean properly opened up (well as much as I could without making you totally hate me).  My usual tendency is to evade serious issues and fluff over my hardly expert parenting via the use of comedy .  Not this time.  Yet to my amazement, instead of the trolls lining up to rip chunks out of me, reader after reader identified with what I wrote.


And it was the year I almost shared a bed with a total stranger during my first ever blog event

Okay, not quite a total stranger; it was Helen of Just Saying Mum, whose blog I loved from the moment I came across it.  But we’d never actually met in real life. Come June, I’d left it so late to book accommodation for my two day attendance at #BML16 that I couldn’t find any single rooms, so I persuaded Helen to share a double room. So basically what I’m saying is I asked someone I’d met online to sleep with me. In the end, she went down with flu (so the she says ha ha).


2016 was the year my family was at the receiving end of immense joy and utter sadness.

A close family member had the most surprising and happy news…followed all too quickly by terrible unexpected tragedy which many of us are still trying to process. Life is cruel.  Exactly four weeks after the tragedy, I became an aunt again as another close family member had their second child.  One life leaves, another arrives…

Meanwhile, my parents celebrated 50, yes FIFTY years of marriage. Oh and my husband got even thinner.


And it was the year I squeezed my ‘Not 21 heck it’s not even 30 anymore’ bum into skinny white jeans in the worst wardrobe decision. Of. My. Life.

This is actually still beyond my own comprehension.  When getting dressed shortly before the Brilliance in Blogging awards back in June, I stood in front of the mirror in a lovely white top and white lace skirt, had a wave of self doubt about ‘overdoing it’ and promptly took them off.  What did I put on instead?  One of my favourite summery blouses (nothing wrong there) and heaven help me (and anyone who had the misfortune to see this) the TIGHTEST white jeans you’ve ever laid eyes on.  In my defence, I’d fast forwarded to the mental image of me sat at the table bravely clapping for the Unmumsy Mum or one of the other worthy finalists who I was convinced would win, looking ridiculous in my “Oscars” outfit and so I decided to tone things down a bit.  Forcing my middle-aged bum into those white trousers was the opposite of toning things down.  I realise that now. The thing is I’m used to seeing myself from the front (as in the title photo for this post), as opposed to from behind so I had nooooo idea how bad things had got ‘back there’.  The lesson here is: better to overdress and conceal your arse than try the understated look and end up looking worse.  The skinny jeans have been confined to the back of the wardrobe and I’ve put the sorry episode behind me, excuse the pun.  (But you can catch my epic fail on YouTube as it was videoed by New Mum Online.)


2016 was the year where I realised that just because Hubster was amazingly supportive of me writing this deeply personal post, it doesn’t mean…

…any of the issues have actually been fixed.


And the year when I talked as candidly as I could about about growing old

which was a big deal for me. Oh look, a woman moaning talking about ageing for once. Yes, I’m a cliche.  However, it’s not something I’d written about on here.  I’ve been quite coy about divulging my age partly because most of my blogging peers are WAY younger than me and I already feel like a dinosaur next to all these younguns on their first pregnancies without yelling my age all over Prabulous town.  I also for some daft reason, felt it would hold me back in some way from achieving my blog goals.  Anyway, bottom line, I wrote about it. Moving past my early 40’s wasn’t a problem.  Getting into my mid 40’s, I just accepted that. But the realisation that my last birthday officially placed me in my late 40’s was awful. The body greeting me in the mirror these days is definitely not the toned one of my 20’s and I needed to describe how I feel (ok it wasn’t a totally serious post) as a form of rationalising and therapy.


2016 was the year when people lost their s**t because a mother showed her child some love with ‘that kiss’.

As a result, I lost my patience…feel free to click on this pic to read why:

How has it come to this title image of Prabs sitting on beach pondering


And it was the year they lost their damned minds voting a crap-talking, tantrum-throwing, narcissistic, racist, crass, misogynistic, tax-avoiding vagina-grabbing manchild into the Oval Office.

The Brits may have had Brex-shit but the Americans went bigger.


2016 was my annus most horribilis as I went ‘head to head’ with dreaded lice.

Yes, go ahead and chunder. I’m right there with you chundering myself. I cannot (it’s okay I will not in fact) describe the full horror of the lice plague that haunted my kids and me. Honestly, at one point, I thought I might have to set everyone’s hair on fire. A tad melodramatic? Er, actually nope.  You have no idea (because I meant what I said about not sharing the grizzly details) how long it went on for.  I wanted to submerge the entire flipping house in tea tree oil. And I came THIS close to treating the girls’ Barbies for it too. Hurl.


And the year we watched a LOT of films but also got off the sofa long enough to get a little bit fit:

When I wasn’t busy laughing along to Zootropolis, losing myself in the Spielberg triumph that is the BFG or feeling like a kid again watching Pete’s Dragon (what? you mean they also make films for grownups?) I got myself back running.  Man it’s good to be back! At one point, I wondered if I’d ever run again as I was off for over two years due to injury, following an incident that I’m still not brave enough to write about.  However, once the initial thrill of getting back to pounding the pavement subsided, the issue of actually fitting it in with blog, kids, house set in.  The challenge in 2017 will be setting and sticking to a consistent schedule that does not involve risky moves like putting the kids to bed and heading out in the dark for nighttime runs because it’s the only time I can fit them in.  I also managed to get the kids to Summer swim school, three times a week.  Go me. Seriously, I’m rubbish at doing anything three times a week.  I could hardly believe the progress they made.

Prabs' kids from the back at swimming class


2016 was the year when I got nominated for two blog awards, made the shortlist for both and somehow actually won one of them!

In case you don’t know – although this is less likely than the tooth fairy having Santa’s love child because I may possibly have mentioned it a ‘couple of times’ already – I won the Brilliance in Blogging Awards Best Writer category (you can watch my speech if you fancy). I do feel like a tool mentioning it again but it would be a bit odd doing an end of year retrospective and leaving it out as it was obviously a major highlight of my year and blogging career to date. (And let’s face it, probably the only time in my life I win something unless they start giving medals for the most prolific key loser so it needs a final nod before 2016 comes to an end.)


And the year I fought my fears and actually did things I never thought I’d do:

Launching my Laugh til you cry voyeuristic cringefest series that is the #OopsFiles series.
Yeah Baby. People had the mother of road trips, KEPT dropping their pants, suffered monumental toilet fails and somebody even got mistaken for a prostitute!  To think I was nervous nobody would be interested in featuring! I had no idea how shockingly hilarious the stories or how numerous the willing participants would be.  Thank you to everyone who’s helped make the #OopsFiles a corker and stay tuned for more hilarity in 2017.

Getting Out From Behind the Computer Screen and Getting in Front of the Camera!
This has been THE revelation of this year for me.  I still feel a bit odd saying it but I’m finally vlogging.  I’m very new to this gig and honestly don’t have a ‘strategy’ yet thanks to my trying not to overthink.  Funnily enough, being confronted with my voice and over-expressive collagen-starved face (linking back to the age thing), which were some of the things that put me off vlogging in the first place, has helped me accept who I am a bit more.  I’m ‘seeing’ myself properly for the first time and am learning to not to dislike the bits of me I’ve loathed for so long.  If it hadn’t been for my future sister-in-law who gave me the push (within just ten minutes of meeting me!), I wouldn’t be vlogging at all by the way.  There’s more! I’m teaming up with Just Saying Mum for a regular YouTube series #BloggersCafe which will be coming to a screen near you in 2017!

Cohosting a linky series
It sounds daft doesn’t it? But I’ve always been nervous about regularly hosting a linky for fear of some kind of perceived ‘failure’ or inability to commit. Luckily my #CandidCuddles partner Cuddle Fairy is an awesome co-host and had already built a lovely community when she hosted it solo for over a year so slotting in was super easy. Find the link ups to date here.


It was the year where terrorist acts, the plight of refugees and atrocities in war torn countries no longer seemed to shock us. 

Dare I say it, we’ve become complacent and sort of immune to the horror.


And of course, 2016 was the year where we learned you just don’t know when your number will be up…

Death after death of legend after legend shocked us and shocked us.  What a year.  The older you get, the more you realise life really is so very short.  My childhood faded further into the distance as the icons I grew up admiring left one by one. They were a personal inspiration to me for so many reasons:

Prince and Ali proving to this brown-skinned girl that skin colour doesn’t always have to hold you back.
Victoria Wood proving to this female that women ARE just as hilarious as men.
Ronnie Corbett proving to this petite thing that the shortest of people can reach the highest of heights.
Terry Wogan simply because I actually met him when I was seven years old and loved the man’s broadcasting style forever more

Prabs and Terry Wogan
David Bowie because…do I actually need a reason? (I did explain here though…)
And most recently, George Michael and Carrie Fisher as mentioned above.  I’ve actually had to amend that ‘most recently’ bit as the most recent death when I started writing this was that of the incredibly talented and often controversial writer AA Gill.  It’s been unreal.


Last but not least, 2016 is a year that I end wondering how I’m so blessed to have such loyal readers.

I’m more thankful than you can ever know. Without you, dear reader, there would be no point in me sitting here in the first place, at oh-my-gosh-is-that-the-time o’clock, writing about the year that has been.

So thank you so much for being here.  I wish you and yours health and happiness for 2017.  Here’s a little video from me to you. Mwah!


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Thanks Muchly!

3 Little Buttons

I Have Some Exciting News to Share With You

I have some exciting news that I really want to share with you!

lightbox saying exciting news


So I’m typing this late at night even though I’m dog tired from only hour’s sleep after a hectic few days and a hideously early start to catch my flight back to Malta.  I got back today from London where I spent five days shopping for Christmas presents and sorting outfits for all six events my brother’s wedding (yes six and I’m all sorted!).  This was my third trip to the UK this year, the most amount of trips I’ve done back to Blighty since moving to Malta eleven years ago.

But no, that’s not my exciting news.


Of course, there were the usual ‘interesting incidents and setbacks’ that I always seem to experience when I return to the UK, such as:

  • realising I’d only booked 15kg instead of 20kg baggage allowance and was 4kg over…I never book 15kg!
  • ransacking the house trying to find my MAC lipliner (basic survival item), finally sending le Hubster to buy a new one after he’d finished an evening work meeting, discovering the old one in my handbag the next day as we were leaving for the airport (quietly closing my hand around the offending item praying he hadn’t noticed)
  • almost leaving my phone behind in Malta and rushing back to the house to fetch it
  • wanting to chunder in the Costa Coffee queue at Malta International when the chap in front of me erm ‘evacuated’ some pungent air
  • enduring a multi-change train journey to get to my parents’ house  (you know how I love to play that traditional game of ‘Musical Platforms’ aka ‘Don’t They Have Lifts in England?” which is best played with at least one heavy case) which prompted my dad to wonder if I’d in fact flown back to Malta and my brother to point out that there is in fact a much easier route from the aiport to ma and pa’s
  • discovering I’d come to the UK without my bank card but with my husband’s tootbrush

But no, none of those is my exciting news either. 


My exciting news is that I’m launching a brand new vlog ‘chat show’ called Bloggers’ Cafe (#BloggersCafe) with Just Saying Mum and it’s coming to a screen near you in January 2017. Eeks.

I’ve been dying to say that bit ever since we first had the idea!  Our new YouTube venture will bring you bloggers opening up about their experiences, tips, funny stories, opinions on blog ‘myths’ and hot topics.  We’ve just spent two days filming it all in London (because that’s what I like to call the placing of an iPhone on a tripod and pressing record), thanks to the wonderful bloggers who came along to chat to us and of course the Hyatt Andaz Hotel for offering us a space in which to do it.


tea and coffee tray at the andaz hotel


If I’m honest, I’m looking at those words in awe because now I’m back on my sofa in Malta, I actually can’t quite believe we pulled it off.  It’s a miracle we didn’t suddenly chicken out, upon realising the daring ambitiousness of our last minute idea, given that we were attempting to carry it out in the midst of the annual Christmas run up when people are so busy.


How two bloggers in two different countries pulled Bloggers’ Cafe together from the original nugget of an idea to the actual realisation in just three weeks and in the middle of December, I just don’t know!

One thing I’ve learned is that Helen is much like me; when she’s got an idea, she’s like a dog with a bone. Neither of us was going to let the timing, location, different countries or parental constraints thing get in the way.   Oh and did I mention we only had two filming days in the whole month to offer our guests as were tied to my existing flight dates?

A quick run down of what was involved:

1) well it started with a fair amount of excited squeals and a very long video call between Helen and myself.
2) properly conceptualising the idea, format, objectives etc because let’s face it, after the initial excitement and novelty of ‘we’re good blog friends and we want to do something together’, we needed to really think about the series’ benefits and why anyone would watch!
3) putting the call out for participants (which may have mentioned a cryptic reference to Helen’s and my failed attempt to share a bed at #BML16 but I can’t confirm or deny that).
4) putting explanatory info together for interested bloggers (I actually want to frame the email that went out because I’m a bit proud of it…I know, I need to get help).
5) securing participants (no mean feat in December given that people use their Saturdays to shop and there was also the parent blogger issue: #Childcare).
6) scheduling time slots for seven people (which despite its challenges was considerably easier than doing lunch boxes for three children).
7) coming up with the name, logo ideas etc (frankly I’d have cried if our participants refused to use that sign in the image above – all will be revealed next month as to how they use it – given the time it took farting around with stock photo libraries, photoshop and font sites because you know me…as mentioned above, when I have an idea, I have to see it through and I don’t make my life easy getting there.
8) a lot of Facetime, video calls, whatsapping, Facebooking, wifi problems and diary clashes while Helen and I tried to liaise with each other on the details.
9) the small matter of finding a venue, a matter which I had to dump on poor Helen as I couldn’t do much on that front from Malta. Let’s just say it went down to the wire and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard Helen say she felt stressed! We can’t thank the London Hyatt Andaz Hotel enough for their generosity.
10) actually filming it over the course of Saturday and Monday.


I honestly love love LOVED the whole experience and can’t actually believe that just three short months ago, I said no to the thought of vlogging… 

…and yet here I am not only doing my own individual vlogs but working with other bloggers in front of the camera.  Motherhood the Real Deal you are so right: vlogging is addictive! Of course, we had a few hiccups such as totally unexpected noisy lift repairs delaying the filming of our last session (you were so right Dad Blog UK about those lapel mics which I’ll definitely have to order for Season 2!), someone playing snooker even though he could see we were filming, people just moving the ‘filming progress’ sign to come and stare at us and of course the inevitable cancellations because it is not only the season of good will but also of bad colds and bugs.

But we did it!


My Vlog Partner Is Fab…Just Saying.

I can’t possibly end this post without a warm gushing soppy shout out to my friend and vlogging partner Helen whose refreshing blog I started following around March and whom I only met in person for the first time in June. The second time was…yep when we filmed Bloggers’ Cafe! There are those people in life with whom it’s just effortless and you feel like you’ve know them for ages. Helen is that person and we make a great team, if I say so myself and I just wish I could do all my vlogs with her.

Just Saying Mum sitting on sofa

I sincerely hope that Season 1 (I’m loving using words like ‘airing’ and ‘season’ as this is the only time in my life I’ve got a legitimate excuse!) is just the beginning of something wonderful.  It has the potential to be, especially given the reactions to our various social media posts last weekend, not to mention those by the participating bloggers. You could sense the buzz and support. But you know what?

 No matter what the future holds in store for #BloggersCafe, I think you just have to try in life. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
It isn’t always about crossing the finishing line; it’s just as much about making it to the starting point too.

So there you go, that was my exciting news.

Huge thanks to everyone who gave up their time to come and talk to us.  

And to end…a vlog of course!  Here’s a wee totally raw unedited vid we shot after we finished the first season.


Oh. My. Vlog! Absolutely Prabulous is on YouTube.

image of Prabs behind mobile phone

Oh my Vlog….  What do you do when:

  • you are super uncomfortable being in front of a camera because you feel it screams “me me, look at me!”(as if blogging doesn’t do that enough already)   ??
  • you feel like a fraud expecting anyone to watch you on film as you don’t feel you have anything useful to contribute   ??
  • you struggle to even breathe without pulling four different facial expressions   ??
  • you say ‘you know’ a ridiculous number of times   ??
  • you think your accent makes you come across as ‘up yourself’ and oh my God is that a faint hint of Indian accent in there somewhere?!

What do you do? Anyone? You at the back… You start vlogging. Obviously!

Yes, it’s finally happened.  I am following the herd wisening up about the benefits of YouTube for my blog (I think) and joining the millions of people who vlog.

Vlogging? I didn’t even know the term til a few months ago, being the ‘late adopter’ that I am.  Seriously, Hubster mentioned a few years ago that I resist change and don’t take easily to new trends/technologies/tools.  The little upstart had the cheek to point out that when I do try something new, I grumble and almost throw my toys out of the pram at e-v-e-r-y  little hurdle that I come up against (honestly that man…who does he think he is reading my character so well and making me aware of something I didn’t know about myself? Pfft #marriage).

I’m trying not to feel daft talking about my vlog efforts because I really do see myself as a writer (and to be honest felt like a fraud even calling myself that until the whole awards thing this year). I really don’t feel comfortable calling myself a vlogger.  Ridiculoso.

But amazingly since uploading my first vid and literally mentioning it just once on Faceberk, it’s actually had views and I don’t simply mean from me and my husband.


So Why Vlog?

Believe it or not, after spending the last few days chewing my poor husband’s ears off spewing out negative energy in the form of:

I don’t ‘get vlogging

Why do people vlog?

What on earth should I vlog about?

Who would want to watch a fast-talking over-animated person like me?

I’ve no idea why I’m spending time on this…

…I had a sudden epiphany at around 9pm the day my first vlog went up!

Of course, if I’d just bothered to quit moaning for long enough to google the benefits of vlogging in the first place, I’d have found out that it’s apparently a good traffic-driver if done well (you’ll have to decide for yourself whether I did well when you watch the clip below) and that one third of all internet traffic goes through YouTube. I believe the phrase one uses here is no brainer.

No, being a lifelong lover of taking the short cut only to find that it leads to the long cut, I’m afraid the ear-chewing thing and zero googling took place.  Then the following dawned on me: I was inputting the titles and tags for the videos on my YouTube Channel.  As I inserted simple ‘does what it says on the tin’ titles, I realised that

Vlogs don’t have to be complicated masterpieces that take hours to put together, requiring perfect SEO (take that Yoast with your green light!), attention-grabbing titles and eye-catching images, like blog posts do.

I can make short snappy videos about certain things that I wouldn’t necessarily write about, either because I don’t have the time to write up every idea I have or because certain subjects don’t even lend themselves to the written form. The large waves we had in Malta last weekend are a perfect example of this or the rubbish vacuum cleaner I’m having problems with.  Because you know what? Somebody somewhere will be on YouTube looking for videos of waves (yes really…it’s already had views and I haven’t mentioned it anywhere) or specific vacuum model issues.

People can be far more inclined to watch a brief video that they can just quickly digest in their lunch hour than read a War and Peace length tome of a blog post (she said doing a bad job of promoting her blog ha ha). People go to YouTube to look for something specific.  If you’ve got a video on that specific thing and you’ve thought your tags through even on a minimal level, bingo…you’ll get views.  Frankly, my very limited experience of it so far seems to be showing that:

So much less work is required getting people to see your YouTube content than your blog content.

I’ve already got ideas running through my brain about the many things I can vlog about that I would never ever bother to write about but which are actually really useful things to throw out there in video format.  Reviews will definitely be on there…I’ll be using my channel, where possible, to review the products I’m sent by brands.


What Did I Talk About and How Did I Do on My First Vlog?

Er…you’ll have to watch it won’t you? Pah…you didn’t think you were getting away that lightly did you.

It’s really worth watching. Honestly it really is.  There’s:

  • a rogue power cable (seriously how did I think just moving it to the left a bit would hide it? muppet).
  • inappropriate leg flashing (as I used my phone and had to walk to and from its location as there was only one okayish place light-wise/where it wouldn’t fall over)
  • me in that standard totally conventional vlogging position: on my knees (to be honest I didn’t think anything of this because I’m trying to change my general perfectionist/overthink everything to death behaviour so I just went with it)

Last but Not Least

I do think I need to do a bit of a shout out to some of my blogging crew Emma, Helen 1, Helen 2Becky, TalyaClaire, Sarah and Laura  These poor ladies tirelessly listened to me moan and tried to advise me on tech stuff during my two-day near breakdown.  No joke: I was fighting back tears of utter frustration at one point because I had so SO many blog duties from reviews to post writing to linkies to email list management to blah blah (you know how it goes) awaiting my attention. Yet again I could see my day being obliterated and my ‘comeback resolution’ – to only work in the mornings and down tools at 1pm to do lunch/dinner prep/housework before the afternoon school run/homework/activities schedule takes over – totally failing.

They also watched my painful first vlog attempt and some of them signed up immediately.  Oh…that reminds me (what a coincidence):

If you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can do so super quickly by clicking here and hitting the red subscribe button far right.  

I won’t stop you. I’m nice like that.





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