10 of the Best Responses to Trump’s Crazy ‘Guns For Teachers’ Idea

So Donald Trump has done it again (a sentence that I could type literally every few minutes every single day because of the frequency with which a shocking comment comes out of his mouth and/or lands on Twitter).

The latest idea from the Oval Office’s orange-faced toddler in response to yet another atrocious school shooting?

Let’s equip America’s teachers with guns.

If you’ve not yet seen the video showing this, here it is with some hilarious editing courtesy of Tom Adlesbach:

As if this proposal is not sufficiently ignorant, idiotic, incomprehensible, insane and irresponsible (to name just a few adjectives apparently all starting with ‘i’), Orange Manchild wasted no time in applying his all too frequent tactic of Backtrack, Spin and Deflect (henceforth known as BSD mainly so that I can joke about Trump’s never-ending BS) tweeting that he is ‘only’ talking about arming about 20% of the nation’s teachers.

guns for teachers Trump rant on Twitter


Phew, that’s alright then Donald. For a minute there, I thought you actually hadn’t thought this through. By the way, you might want to rephrase savage sicko.

He has also elaborated on (translation: spoken utter gibberish about) this BSD on film. The video includes:

  • Trump’s sideswipe at apparent purveyor of fake news, CNN. Hmmm…CNN merely publicised a clip of him actually saying something that he erm…actually did say…
  • The line “I don’t want teachers to have guns” (come again? you just said you did)
  • And the totally logical explanation that of course only those teachers with proven weapons mastery should be equipped with guns. Their ‘aptitude’ could come from a military background or – wait for it – them having ‘won a shooting contest’.


Just wow.

I’ve been thinking of all the reasons why Trump’s guns for teachers ‘solution’ to the school shooting epidemic is just a shockingly bad idea. I don’t even know where to begin. Luckily, I don’t have to.

Because Twitter.


So here are 10 of the best tweets I’ve seen in response to Trump’s insane #GunsForTeachers idea.

guns for teachers Trump rant on Twitter

If there’s one thing Twitter is great for, it’s the humour factor, especially when it comes to people’s replies to Trump’s endless twitter diarrhoea.


Just Some Reasons It’s a Potential for Disastrous Consequences

The American school shooting and out of control gun situation is far from funny and heaven only knows how many more people must die before something is done. But the first of these tweets by a science teacher is a hilarious take on a depressingly desperate situation.




Don’t agree with them? See what this teacher did with no outside threat even present!

 guns for teachers cartoon


Why It’s Just Crazy From a Shooting Skills Perspective




How on Earth is Trump Proposing to Fund It?!

Despite Trump’s bizarre notion (in that second video) that the problem is practically solved by equipping a core elite of teachers with guns, there are people with the capacity for intelligent reasoning who know otherwise:




And How Do People Feel About Trump’s Obvious Misunderstanding of What Teachers Do and Total Disregard for Them and Their Students?




I thought I’d tweet him too. Strangely, he’s not responded…




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