What I Absolutely Will NOT Be Wearing to BML17

what to wear to #BML17

Later this week I’m getting off the rock (hoorah!) to attend my second blogging conference,BMLl17

(#BML16 being my first and a blast it was too). Having done five UK trips already in the last 15 months, I’ll admit I wouldn’t be going to the effort etc of attending a blog event if I didn’t need to come over for the Brilliance in Blogging awards anyway. But as I’m over for that, it makes sense to attend BML17, one of the UK’s biggest annual blogging conferences, the same day.

And there is something I need to get off my chest [everybody ducked]…


There is an interesting trend I’ve noticed in the past in the run up to the annual #BML event: The “What I Will Be Wearing to BML” post by some attendees.

To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a huge thing this year as I’m a bit out of the loop with reading other blogs after the summer break. Suffice to say however, I won’t be doing a post on what I’m wearing to BML. Different strokes for different folks and all that but are any other industries where conference delegates showcase their wardrobe choice? As somebody who used to produce conferences for various sectors, methinks not.

Maybe I’m making an issue out of something that isn’t one but…

at a time when the role/existence of mummy bloggers is being SO questioned, trivialised and quite honestly dragged through the mud every other week by the Daily Fail and social media trolls, surely posts describing what we’re going to wear to a blog event diminish our own wish to be taken seriously for what we do, no?

Anyway, mini rant over. So now, totally tongue in cheek and just for fun…


Let me tell you about What I Absolutely Will NOT Be Wearing to #BML17!

what to wear to #BML17

This. Or any other jumpsuit for that matter.  I’m crying into my coffee here because I SO badly wanted to wear one. But it ain’t gonna happen.

Why?Where do I start?!

I’m what’s called a late adopter. It takes me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get into a trend that the rest of the world jumped on two years before. So when I first saw someone wearing a jumpsuit on a night out circa 2014, I thought Why have we gone back to 80’s fashion when it was bad enough the first time? At the time they just reminded me of Anneka Rice jumping out of helicopters on TV.  Anyway, given my lack of height, I just assumed this was not a look I could pull off.

Then at #BML16 I saw three of my blogging pals rocking jumpsuits: Emma of Island Living, Min of Single Mum Speaks and Sarah of Mum Muddling Through. But I filed it away still convinced I’d resemble an overgrown toddler in a romper.

Fast forward to this summer where a good friend of mine looked amazing at a dinner party in her newly purchased jumpsuit – with a stunning pattern similar to the one adorning this David Nieper lounge suit – and that was that:

…I wanted one.

There then followed a loooonnnng hunt involving me traipsing around the shops in the intense kill-me Maltese 35 degree summer heat. I tried this on in FOUR different sizes, bought it at a ridiculously high price because I actually felt amazing in it, went home and showed it to the fam:

what to wear to #BML17Musical M said I looked like a petrol pump attendant (yes we still have those here…God I love how retro Malta is sometimes!).

Hubster reckoned it looked like something you’d wear to go to the supermarket (who IS this guy and where the hell does he go grocery shopping…MARS?!).

One of my sisters thought it looked like a fancy dress outfit.

And I thought I looked like a cross between a Formula 1 Driver and a spaceship commander. Just look at those shoulder thingies and try telling me I shouldn’t have my own Sci-Fi series.

But most irksome of all, the sleeves (if one can call those odd frilly contraptions sleeves) kept falling down showing my upper ‘bits’.  Now, I am the first person to laugh at myself but even I think attending BML17 with my upper bits on show is a bit much.

I then spent two weeks scouring I’ve no idea how many online stores becoming intimately acquainted with one starting with A and ending S (not not Argos!). I ordered THREE jumpsuits over two different deliveries and none of them fit properly. One just fell off me for crying out loud.

Yes dear reader, my jumpsuit dreams ended almost as soon as they’d begun. And I will not be wearing one to BML17.

Wanna know what else I will not be wearing?

Those skin tight oh-my-word-how-do-I-breathe-in-these-actually-how-do-I-move-my-legs-in-these white jeans that have had many a mention on this blog.

Right, I’m off to see if any dad bloggers have written a post about what they’re wearing to BML17. 

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1 Comment on What I Absolutely Will NOT Be Wearing to BML17

  1. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes
    September 28, 2017 at 6:49 pm (10 months ago)

    I used to feel that way about jeans and mazi dresses. Everything was way too long for my short arse legs. Then I found out one of my friends can sew. Now everything I buy goes to her with a box of chocolates and comes back the perfect fit. Makes my shopping so less stressful! By the way I think that dress looks lovely x


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