Why I Won’t Be Writing Anything for Mother’s Day 2018

So as every parent blogger knows, there are several significant occasions in the blogging calendar each year that are key. Valentine’s, Easter, Father’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Christmas/New Years and yes, you’ve guessed it Mother’s Day. Big. Huge, I tell thee.

Most ‘professional’ bloggers gear up weeks, if not months, ahead to produce and schedule content, sometimes consisting of an entire month long stream of posts, in the run up to each special day.

I said most… You know where I’m going with this don’t you?

Whilst I have brought you personal posts, giveaways and such in the past for Mother’s Day, this year there will be nothing from me for Mother’s Day 2018.

This Mother’s Day, unlike last year, there will be no wonderful Mother’s Day giveaway.

This Mother’s Day, there will be no emotional post about this whole mothering lark.

There will be no personal story about my relationship with my eldest, this year…there will be nothing from me.

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Why won’t I be writing anything for mother’s day this year?

Don’t worry, it’s not because I’ve thrown my toys out of the pram after my most recent case of lost blog mojo.

It’s not because I’ve been too late getting timely content sorted.

It’s not just because of the blog schedule cockup caused by laptop problems and erm…other issues (although yes it is mainly that).

And no, don’t worry, it’s not for the heartbreaking reason that many bloggers find it almost impossible write about Mother’s Day.

Nope, the reason that I gave myself a bloggy Mother’s Day break this year is because…

I’M GOING AWAY WITH HUBSTER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS [excuse me while I step away from the laptop to do my happy jig] to celebrate/commiserate having turned 50.  No matter how many times I’ve typed that F word this week, in an effort to get used to this humongous milestone in life, it still sounds plain ridiculous.

And yes, the yelling in capital letters is entirely justified as the last time we went away together was for my (do the maths mon ami) 40th.

mother's day 2018 prabs looking shocked

So for five glorious days and four wonderful nights, we’ll be up the road in Italy.

Excuse me while I step away from the laptop again to eye up the bubbly that Hubster chilled for my birthday last Sunday which is still sitting unopened, as we were both too hungover.

It may not be my first Italian rodeo as I’ve been many times before (although not since Musical M was born thirteen years ago). It is however the first time I’ll be enjoying the delightful city of Verona, the stunning views, weather-permitting, of Lake Garda and revisiting my old chum, Venice…where Hubster and I in fact first ‘tangoed’ with one another all those years ago and then some time later celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

Of course getting ready for this break has required military level organisation because there was the small matter of organising childcare for three kids and thinking of making sure every detail was covered.

So, I’m afraid I just didn’t want the additional stress and responsibility of blogging about Mother’s Day this year and basically not being able to properly switch off (said the woman who’ll probably Instagram her trip!).

It’s so easy to get bogged down with the commitment side of blogging, especially when it is one’s income earner, but I’m learning to let go and do what’s right for me on the blog (that is after all one of the advantages of working for myself as opposed to someone else who dictates my hours).

I. Can’t. Wait.

And now I really am stepping away from the laptop (well, after I’ve planned our itinerary) for those five glorious days and four wonderful nights.

Wishing my UK readership – who are celebrating Mother’s Day 2018 on a different day from the rest of the world again – a wonderfully Happy Mother’s Day!

(And yes, I’ll be writing something for Malta Mother’s Day later in the year!)




See you next week.




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