Highs, Lows and Mojo’s…My 2017

So here we are. Another year is drawing to a close and it’s time to look back with my annual end-of-year retrospective. And I’ve had a heavy heart over it. Yep. Me. The girl (just let me have that one please…it’s the big f f f f***y next year after all) who LOVES to write…who LIVES […]

OopsFiles 28 featured image of surprised baby face for guest post by Secret Life of the Baby

#OopsFiles 28: Guest Blogger The Secret Life of the Baby

I’m not sure we’ve had an #OopsFiles tale like this yet. Utterly hilarious and dare I say it a bit ‘Oh no she di’nt?!’ (sorry Michelle but you know what I mean!), it also has an absolutely cracking warm tingly aaaaaah factor to it. Can I also say the mastermind behind The Secret Life of […]

daphne caruana galzia murder

Malta, The Sunny Paradise With Dark Secrets: Caruana Galizia Murder

The despicable murder (and make no mistake: ALL murder is despicable) of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has confirmed what many of us already knew: that democracy in Malta is a dangerous dream and freedom of speech is a bad joke. ‘Be careful what you write’ I was warned by a close relative who called […]

international day of the girl 2017 Harvey Weinstein black and white image

Are Men Like Weinstein Destroying International Day of the Girl?

Another year, another International Day of the Girl has arrived. The sad irony is that before realising it was International Day of the Girl 2017, I had sat down to write something about raising girls following the appalling revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Yet another scandal unfolds before us involving a famous/powerful/influential man (like Bill Cosby and too many other […]

12 Sure Signs You’ve Become Maltese…a Bit

So 9th October 2017 marked my 12th anniversary of living in Malta. Can someone please tell me how have I survived this long ha ha. I say that both in astonishment and with great affection! Recently I shared some funny anecdotes of my life in this unique corner of the Mediterranean, over on my Facebook page captioning it ‘#YouKnowYouveBecomeABitMalteseWhen… Some […]

The Good and the Not So Good About BML 17

Another BritMums Live has been and gone. This was my second rodeo…was BML 17 better or  worse than my experience last year?   Well I attended a blogger conference that (for me) wasn’t worth its ticket value, attended an awards ‘party’ (I didn’t win by the way) that consisted of us riding down the Thames on a […]

The brilliant way to get your child to sleep

A Brilliant Way to Actually Get. Your. Child. To. Sleep.

It’s That Time Again: The Time of Day You Have Come To Dread! The time of day your home turns into a battlefield, filled with tears, tantrums, and finely tuned theatrics that make you wonder when exactly you morphed into the villain from a Disney film, and all for asking your children to get ready […]

The Luxury Prize Giveaway for People Who Love to Eat Out!

MALTA RESIDENTS, YOU COULD WIN A LUXURY HAMPER OF GOURMET FOOD!! Don’t tell me I I don’t spoil you! After previous fabulous giveaways in collaboration with the Intercontinental Hotel, Merci Maman Jewellery and Carisma Spa, Absolutely Prabulous has now teamed up with Dical House (purveyors of fine foods) and http://www.restaurantsmalta.com (publishers of the annual Definitive(ly) […]

Prabs in the car with the kids back to school post

They’re Back to School and I’m Back to the Blog (with an apology!)

Once upon a time, a mummy blogger (who nearly punched herself in the face typing that stupid phrase because she’s pretty sure nobody says ‘mummy graphic designer’ or ‘mummy pharmacist’) sat down to write the obligatory back to school 2017 post. She was several days late (because truth be told, she was a bit of […]


How to Secure Your Family’s Financial Future #MoneyMatters

They Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness… It seems we can’t go a day without stumbling across some sort of mantra about how our happiness is down to our general outlook in life. I do agree with this yet surely it’s hard to have a truly happy life if you’re constantly plagued with money worries and unsure […]

Sir Bruce Forsyth side pose famous thinker pose

“Didn’t He Do Well?” RIP Sir Bruce

  I should probably have entitled this ‘The impossible blog post’. I mean, how do I write about one of the most loved longstanding respected personalities of British entertainment?  Is it even possible to come up with something that does Sir Bruce Forsyth enough justice?* I sat down just two hours after the sad news of […]

bloody brilliant bloggers

Three Bloody Brilliant Bloggers to Fall in Love With

One of the loveliest blogging souls I have the pleasure of knowing, Jaki Jelz, made my month recently by naming me as one of her three Bloody Brilliant Bloggers. I was tempted to break out the champers before 11am.   What is Bloody Brilliant Bloggers? It is a fab tag series started by Mommy and Rory and Odd Hogg to […]

personalised books

The Free Giveaway that will Make Your Child Love Bedtime!

Several Years Ago, Musical M And Dreamy D Received Personalised Books From A Relative For Christmas.  I’d Never Seen Anything Like It. I still remember seeing their faces light up In puzzled wonder as they spotted their own names inserted throughout the story on every single page! M’s was based on Fifi and the Flowertots and D’s was a Cars […]

engagement watch

Would You Buy Your Fiancé an Engagement Watch?

Would Your Fiancé Be Happy or Disappointed to Get an Engagement Watch Not a Ring? Traditions have a knack of remaining intact – after all, that’s why we call them traditions. Nevertheless, time changes everything slowly but surely, even when it comes to the traditions we hold most near and dear. The traditions of marriage […]

BiBs2017 readers choice vote for me image Prabs and champagne

Absolutely Delighted to Be a # BiBs2017 Awards Finalist and Would Love Your Vote!

  THIS WEEK I ALMOST FELL OVER UPON FINDING OUT I’M A FINALIST IN THE 2017 BRILLIANCE IN BLOGGING AWARDS To say that I’m astounded to be on the BiBs2017 shortlist in the Reader’s Choice category no less (‘eek’ is not sufficient!) alongside bloggers such as Whinge Whinge Wine, Slouching Towards Thatcham, The Mum Project and […]

fablittlebag giveaway

A Fab Big Giveaway For The FabLittleBag!

  YOU MAY REMEMBER THE FEATURED POST ABOUT THE INFAMOUS SHENANIGANS THAT MANY WOMEN ARE FORCED INTO DOING EACH MONTH. The focal point of the Handbag Smuggle post was the amazing invention FabLittleBag.  If you haven’t yet discovered this ingenuous ‘where have you been all my life’ essential that enables women to dispose of their dreaded used tampons […]

british homeowners

Are You One of the 7 in 10 People Who Is Miserable About This Problem?

SO IT TURNS OUT 70% OF BRITISH PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY UNHAPPY ABOUT THE SIZE, DÉCOR AND/OR LOCATION OF THEIR HOMES. Yes I said 70% and that’s not all.  Apparently, a whopping 84% live in a constant state of wanting to change something, with refreshed paintwork, new furniture and replacement of curtains topping the ‘homeowner list of desperation’! Almost half […]

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