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The Quotes Linky Candid Cuddles 60

Welcome to Candid Cuddles 60 with Cuddle Fairy and myself!   Thanks so much to those of you who linked last week.  I now co-host this lovely quotes linky which relaunched a couple of weeks ago.  The Candid Cuddles linky runs every Monday evening and features inspiring, motivational, thought-provoking or just downright funny words that people share! […]


The Life You Have is a Dream

I do apologise for the rather bleak picture and the solemn quote (don’t worry…I’ll lighten the mood next week!) but…the fact is this is reality for many people so I didn’t want to put up a ‘diluted’ picture. When Do You Have Enough? I’m bashing out this post after a eye-opening thought-provoking moment that has […]


#Oops Files 22: Guest Blogger My Petit Canard

I loved this story by My Petit Canard (written when she was still pregnant) when I first read it and have just had another giggle  rereading it.  Not long before I put this post together, I’d been chuckling at Facebook comments by an old friend who was reminiscing about the many firemen who turned up at our university […]

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The Quotes Linky Candid Cuddles 59

  Welcome to Candid Cuddles 59 with Cuddle Fairy and myself!   Thanks so much to those of you who linked last week; how lovely to have your support as Becky and I gave the linky its first Autumn outing.  In case you missed it, I now co-host this lovely quotes linky which relaunched last week after […]

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The Quotes Linky Candid Cuddles 58

Aaaaaaah welcome WELCOME to Candid Cuddles 58 with Cuddle Fairy and myself!   In case you missed it, I now co-host this lovely quotes linky which is back after Becky’s well-deserved summer break.  The Candid Cuddles linky now runs every Monday evening (having changed from the previous Sunday slot).  Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to spend […]

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#OopsFiles 21: Guest Blogger Mum Muddling Through

Yippeeee, the Oops Files guest series is BACK!  And boy do I have a treat to come back with!  I feel a bit clichéd using phrases like “I’m so honoured” or “I’m totally excited to feature”.  But fact is, these words do apply when it comes to Mum Muddling Through as she’s one of my absolute favourite […]

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Meet Your New Candid Cuddles Linky Co-Host!

Aaaaah, I haven’t stopped grinning the last few days.  Why?  Well, you’re looking at the new co-host of one of the most feel good linkies out there, the Candid  Cuddles quotes linky!  Woohooo! Sorry, I hope I didn’t take your ears off but I am a tad excited as you can probably tell from the liberal […]

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Off to London for the MAD Blog Awards Event!

Oh. My. Goodness, it’s real. The MAD Blog Awards event is here.  Six months and several grey hairs later, the MADs are FINALLY HERE! I think a bit of pee just came out as I typed that. Or to put it more accurately, I’m bricking myself over the fact that by Friday night, I’ll know my […]

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Time to Hang Up the Blog!

  As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a tad quiet on ye olde blogette. This is partly because I’ve been struggling with the blog mojo, melting in the Mediterranean heat and hugely aware that I have three small people off school and home with Maman Prabulous.  We’re already well into August and […]

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#OopsFiles 20: Guest Blogger Naptime Natter

Oh gosh, the curse of the ***s. I say ***s as I don’t want to be guilty of a spoiler.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve left my ***s inside the house, in the front door, on the WALL in front of our house, the list just goes on.  And I’m not the only […]

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#OopsFiles 19: Guest Blogger Island Living 365

You know when someone says “I hurt myself laughing”/”I almost fell off the sofa in hysterics”/”I literally howled at this”? Well, they’re usually just phrases aren’t they?  Yes you read something funny but actually physically hurting yourself?  Hmmmm…  Guess what?  When the Island Living 365 #OopsFiles submission by Emma landed in my inbox, I actually […]

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How has it come to this and when will it stop?

I thought a lot about the title of this post. I mean, how do you distil that feeling of ‘For crying out loud, what the actual heck is WRONG with people?’ into a snappy and less immature headline? I also contemplated a fair bit how to write the post itself.  Sometimes, when you feel really strongly […]

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How NOT To Do a Blog Awards Acceptance Speech #BiBs2016

It’s now almost two weeks since the Brilliance in Blogging awards in London. Almost two weeks since that gorgeous, astonishing, unfathomable and unexpected moment when I heard the opening of an envelope followed by Carol Smillie (TV personality turned  cofounder of Diary Doll) say two words I thought I’d misheard: Absolutely Prabulous. I know…mad right?! Video […]

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#OopsFiles 18: Guest Blogger Cuddle Fairy

When everyone’s favourite fairy, I mean blogger, Cuddle Fairy told me she had an #OopsFiles post for me specifically about #BML16, I was delighted.  Not only have I been wanting to feature her for the longest time, I also had quite a few Oops moments from my recent #BML16 weekend in London but can’t really ‘star’ in […]

I Went to BML16 with photo collage of Prabs' weekend

13 Things I Learned From my First Blogging Conference #BML16

So #BML16 is over. Everyone’s returned to their ‘normal’ life. Hopefully those that had their eye on specific sessions benefited from them and returned home with applicable valuable tips. Presumably people said hello to some of the bloggers they were eager to meet in person. And I should imagine many people started this week with […]

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Introducing my #BML16 Sponsor!

So just weeks after having the privilege of reviewing their rather dashing Stuart Point rugby top I’m absolutely delighted to announce Lucas Frank as my #BML16 sponsor.  In case, you’ve missed my previous post, Brit Mums Live is the UK’s biggest blog event of the year! Now, it could just be the overall growing excitement at the thought […]

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