The Worst Thing I Have Ever Done to My Kids. (Will They Forgive Me?)

A few weeks ago, I was going to write about how May 2nd marked 21 years since one of the hardest and most significant events of my life: the day I moved back to London from Paris. Unfortunately, I never got round to writing the article because this May, another life-changing incident happened that has […]

Ellie & Carl giveaway

Giveaway: Win an Ellie & Carl Skin Botanicals Gift Bag

BOOST YOUR SKINCARE REGIME WITH AMAZING NATURAL FORMULATIONS FROM ELLIE & CARL SKIN BOTANICALS,  Apart from the standard makeup removal, cleansing and moisturising each day, I have always been lazy about doing weekly masks or using eyecare or night creams.  I do think that having turned the big 50 sssssh recently the years of neglect […]

12 Reasons Why Yoga is So Important for New Mothers

*Guest Post So you’ve successfully made it through the gestation period to the birth of your newborn. Congratulations. As exhausting and life-altering childbirth and motherhood are, the healing of a new mum’s body is just as crucial as the baby’s safety and health. So your post-partum recovery is a high priority. No, this does not mean enrolling in/going […]

turning 50 featured image Prabs staring at camera

What I Don’t Want to Tell You About Turning 50 (but Will)

It’s no secret to those closest to me that I was absolutely dreading the most ridiculous three words I’ve ever had to type: my 50th birthday. The big five O. The F word. The new 40. It didn’t matter which way I said it to myself in my head. It didn’t matter how humorously I tried to ‘dress’ […]

mother's day 2018 prabs's hand on computer title image

Why I Won’t Be Writing Anything for Mother’s Day 2018

So as every parent blogger knows, there are several significant occasions in the blogging calendar each year that are key. Valentine’s, Easter, Father’s Day, Back to School, Halloween, Christmas/New Years and yes, you’ve guessed it Mother’s Day. Big. Huge, I tell thee. Most ‘professional’ bloggers gear up weeks, if not months, ahead to produce and schedule […]

guns for teachers Trump rant on Twitter

10 of the Best Responses to Trump’s Crazy ‘Guns For Teachers’ Idea

So Donald Trump has done it again (a sentence that I could type literally every few minutes every single day because of the frequency with which a shocking comment comes out of his mouth and/or lands on Twitter). The latest idea from the Oval Office’s orange-faced toddler in response to yet another atrocious school shooting? Let’s equip […]

Prabs hiding behind computer

Whatever Happened to Absolutely Prabulous?

She’s Here! She’s Here…Promise! What a January and February so far! It’s not so much what has been happening in my life as 2018 started. More like what’s not been happening.   The Laptop Wasn’t Working. Yep my MacBook finally died early Jan. It was a long time coming to be honest and I should […]

20 of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Love Something Unusual!

‘Ho ho ho my goodness’. It’s that time of year where half of us are stuck for inspiration trying to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone!  Many of us find the festive season a tad stressful with All. The. Things. that seem to be expected of us. And then there’s the gift-giving… If any of […]

woman dressed up standing against decorated fireplace for halloween in malta

10 Shops with Everything You Need For Halloween in Malta

  Love it or hate it, the spookiest week of the year is around the corner and Halloween in Malta has become a BIG deal the last few years. We now see numerous events held across the island over the last week of October, house parties galore and ‘mass’ trick or treating in various residential areas […]

me too solidarity tag woman with big eyes and tears

To The Women I Nearly Shamed with my Silence: Me Too

  I have a confession: when I saw the Me Too (#MeToo) solidarity status on a friend’s Facebook wall I mentally turned the other way. I think in all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve only written two posts that I felt uncomfortable writing but knew I had to. One was about my then 12 year […]

daphne caruana galzia murder

Malta, The Sunny Paradise With Dark Secrets: Caruana Galizia Murder

The despicable murder (and make no mistake: ALL murder is despicable) of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has confirmed what many of us already knew: that democracy in Malta is a dangerous dream and freedom of speech is a bad joke. ‘Be careful what you write’ I was warned by a close relative who called […]

international day of the girl 2017 Harvey Weinstein black and white image

Are Men Like Weinstein Destroying International Day of the Girl?

Another year, another International Day of the Girl has arrived. The sad irony is that before realising it was International Day of the Girl 2017, I had sat down to write something about raising girls following the appalling revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Yet another scandal unfolds before us involving a famous/powerful/influential man (like Bill Cosby and too many other […]

12 Sure Signs You’ve Become Maltese…a Bit

So 9th October 2017 marked my 12th anniversary of living in Malta. Can someone please tell me how have I survived this long ha ha. I say that both in astonishment and with great affection! Recently I shared some funny anecdotes of my life in this unique corner of the Mediterranean, over on my Facebook page captioning it ‘#YouKnowYouveBecomeABitMalteseWhen… Some […]

The Good and the Not So Good About BML 17

Another BritMums Live has been and gone. This was my second rodeo…was BML 17 better or  worse than my experience last year?   Well I attended a blogger conference that (for me) wasn’t worth its ticket value, attended an awards ‘party’ (I didn’t win by the way) that consisted of us riding down the Thames on a […]

what to wear to #BML17

What I Absolutely Will NOT Be Wearing to BML17

Later this week I’m getting off the rock (hoorah!) to attend my second blogging conference,BMLl17 (#BML16 being my first and a blast it was too). Having done five UK trips already in the last 15 months, I’ll admit I wouldn’t be going to the effort etc of attending a blog event if I didn’t need […]

The brilliant way to get your child to sleep

A Brilliant Way to Actually Get. Your. Child. To. Sleep.

It’s That Time Again: The Time of Day You Have Come To Dread! The time of day your home turns into a battlefield, filled with tears, tantrums, and finely tuned theatrics that make you wonder when exactly you morphed into the villain from a Disney film, and all for asking your children to get ready […]

The Luxury Prize Giveaway for People Who Love to Eat Out!

MALTA RESIDENTS, YOU COULD WIN A LUXURY HAMPER OF GOURMET FOOD!! Don’t tell me I I don’t spoil you! After previous fabulous giveaways in collaboration with the Intercontinental Hotel, Merci Maman Jewellery and Carisma Spa, Absolutely Prabulous has now teamed up with Dical House (purveyors of fine foods) and (publishers of the annual Definitive(ly) […]

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