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Three Bloody Brilliant Bloggers to Fall in Love With

One of the loveliest blogging souls I have the pleasure of knowing, Jaki Jelz, made my month recently by naming me as one of her three Bloody Brilliant Bloggers. I was tempted to break out the champers before 11am.   What is Bloody Brilliant Bloggers? It is a fab tag series started by Mommy and Rory and Odd Hogg to […]

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The Free Giveaway that will Make Your Child Love Bedtime!

Several Years Ago, Musical M And Dreamy D Received Personalised Books From A Relative For Christmas.  I’d Never Seen Anything Like It. I still remember seeing their faces light up In puzzled wonder as they spotted their own names inserted throughout the story on every single page! M’s was based on Fifi and the Flowertots and D’s was a Cars […]

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Would You Buy Your Fiancé an Engagement Watch?

Would Your Fiancé Be Happy or Disappointed to Get an Engagement Watch Not a Ring? Traditions have a knack of remaining intact – after all, that’s why we call them traditions. Nevertheless, time changes everything slowly but surely, even when it comes to the traditions we hold most near and dear. The traditions of marriage […]

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If You Love Your Vagina, For Crying Out Loud Don’t Glitter Bomb It!

As a Blogger/Writer, I Find There Are Ideas That Stand Out as Worth Writing About and Others I’ve Never Considered. There are those that are probably best left as silly questions in my head…such as: Why do I hate grocery shopping with such passion that I leave it for so long, we’re practically licking the […]

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Absolutely Delighted to Be a # BiBs2017 Awards Finalist and Would Love Your Vote!

  THIS WEEK I ALMOST FELL OVER UPON FINDING OUT I’M A FINALIST IN THE 2017 BRILLIANCE IN BLOGGING AWARDS To say that I’m astounded to be on the BiBs2017 shortlist in the Reader’s Choice category no less (‘eek’ is not sufficient!) alongside bloggers such as Whinge Whinge Wine, Slouching Towards Thatcham, The Mum Project and […]

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A Fab Big Giveaway For The FabLittleBag!

  YOU MAY REMEMBER THE FEATURED POST ABOUT THE INFAMOUS SHENANIGANS THAT MANY WOMEN ARE FORCED INTO DOING EACH MONTH. The focal point of the Handbag Smuggle post was the amazing invention FabLittleBag.  If you haven’t yet discovered this ingenuous ‘where have you been all my life’ essential that enables women to dispose of their dreaded used tampons […]

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Are You One of the 7 in 10 People Who Is Miserable About This Problem?

SO IT TURNS OUT 70% OF BRITISH PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY UNHAPPY ABOUT THE SIZE, DÉCOR AND/OR LOCATION OF THEIR HOMES. Yes I said 70% and that’s not all.  Apparently, a whopping 84% live in a constant state of wanting to change something, with refreshed paintwork, new furniture and replacement of curtains topping the ‘homeowner list of desperation’! Almost half […]

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Dear Papa

Dear Papa, Mama is not an organised blogger. At. All. After realising that she hadn’t written anything for Father’s Day (and that the only time she’s written something for it was two years ago), she quickly ‘bashed something out’ (her words) and asked us to contribute. Apparently, this isn’t as bad as Mother’s Day this year where she […]


So a year has passed since your 12th birthday, Musical M. I wanted more than anything to write a ‘light’ post for your thirteenth birthday, It’s the least you deserve my gorgeous spirited friendly kind-hearted girl. As I did for your tenth irthday and previous birthday I sit here attempting to write something in your honour. […]

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#OopsFiles 27: Guest Blogger Intolerant Mum

Dear reader, please note that henceforth, this blog shall no longer go by the name of Absolutely Prabulous. It will be known as ‘the Blog of 24/7 Toilet Disasters’. Alright, I won’t change it but honestly, we’ve had so many cracking gems featuring hilarious toilet humour tales that I should! This story from Intolerant Mum […]

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Dear Brands, Here Are 8 Things You Should Know if You Want Bloggers to Help You

Dear PR Firstly, let me thank you for your email addressing me as ‘Dear Absolutely’. Now, before I cut to the chase, I must point out that I have had the privilege of working with some absolutely lovely brands whose PRs/CEOs were an absolute pleasure to deal with. There are plenty of good people out there […]

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My Sincere Apology to You for What is About to Happen

I’M WRITING THIS FULL OF THE NASTIEST COLD I’VE HAD IN YEARS.   The headache is messing with my brain, i can’t stop sneezing all over the ruddy keyboard (yuk) and my preoccupation with my aching throat is robbing me of my comedic juices. It’s a right chuffing nuisance as I was going to heavily rely on those comedic juices to […]

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What Happened to the BiBs17 Awards? Doesn’t The Writing Matter Anymore?

I THOUGHT OF SEVERAL REASONS WHY I SHOULDN’T WRITE ABOUT THE BIBS17 AWARDS OR AT LEAST THIS TOPIC.  What if: people just skim through it, missing crucial points and get the wrong message? I come across as disrespectful towards blog awards organisers?* people think I’m wilfully setting the cat among the pigeons in an attempt to […]

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Extreme Beauty Craze Claims Mum of Three as First Victim

THE EYEBROWS OBSESSION THAT IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD ALMOST ENDED A WOMAN’S LIFE RECENTLY WHEN SHE FAINTED AT A WELL-KNOWN MAKEUP STORE after being greeted by an assistant with “unbelievably awful eyebrows”. Mother of three, Mrs Prabulous, had visited the store in a desperate attempt to find an eyebrow product/anymotherfreakinthing that would work, after her youngest […]

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Bloggers’ Cafe S1 Ep4: Running a Dual Blog – Sarah and Louise

  AFTER A WEE PAUSE #BLOGGERSCAFE SEASON 1 IS BACK FOLKS! Alright, it was more than a wee pause, ahem. Sick kids, a poorly website (seriously DON’T talk to me about web hosting or ‘users’ on my site right now), a bereavement and then a trip back to the UK over Easter for my brother’s big fat […]

20 More Brilliant Posts You Have to Read: Blog Stars 4

BLOG STARS 4 IS HERE! #BlogStars is my happy place. I get such a kick out of running this series. Sorry if I sound cheesy but I love compiling each edition for the feel good factor it brings both myself and the featured bloggers.  Despite how much I enjoy running the series though and the reception it’s […]

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