We Are Not The Same

I originally wrote this as a Facebook post, Friday May 26th. Several people contacted me after trying to share it only to find they could only share the video but not my words. So I’ve turned it into a blog post which can be shared, words, video and all. I do hope you will as it’s a message I feel […]

if you never try you'll never know mantra for BiBs17 nomination

My Sincere Apology to You for What is About to Happen

I’M WRITING THIS FULL OF THE NASTIEST COLD I’VE HAD IN YEARS.   The headache is messing with my brain, i can’t stop sneezing all over the ruddy keyboard (yuk) and my preoccupation with my aching throat is robbing me of my comedic juices. It’s a right chuffing nuisance as I was going to heavily rely on those comedic juices to […]

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Quotes Linky: Candid Cuddles 83

HOWDY CANDID CUDDLERS, IT’S TIME FOR CANDID CUDDLES 83! It’s me on my tod again this week as the lovely Becky is taking important personal time. So, I’ll keep this week’s post short and sweet as I’m a little tired from a full weekend of blogging. Yep, so much for my resolution and bold public […]

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My Dream Dinner Party at The Perfect Italian Villa

  FOR THE LONGEST TIME – AND I MEAN THE LONGEST – I’VE WANTED TO STAY IN AN ITALIAN VILLA AND SPECIFICALLY VISIT SARDINIA. I’ve no idea why Sardinia has always held such a fascination but I am desperate to go.  I’ve just spent a rather lovely half hour [hesitates to admit how long she REALLY […]

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Quotes Linky: Candid Cuddles 82

WELCOME, WILLKOMMEN, BIENVENUE, BIENVENIDO (I also looked it up in Japanese but it was way too hard) TO CANDID CUDDLES 82!   Right so you’ve got little old me hosting solo again this week while my lovely partner Becky is busy with some things on the family front. Firstly apologies for the impromptu linky pause last […]

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Extreme Beauty Craze Claims Mum of Three as First Victim

THE EYEBROWS OBSESSION THAT IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD ALMOST ENDED A WOMAN’S LIFE RECENTLY WHEN SHE FAINTED AT A WELL-KNOWN MAKEUP STORE after being greeted by an assistant with “unbelievably awful eyebrows”. Mother of three, Mrs Prabulous, had visited the store in a desperate attempt to find an eyebrow product/anymotherfreakinthing that would work, after her youngest […]

20 More Brilliant Posts You Have to Read: Blog Stars 4

BLOG STARS 4 IS HERE! #BlogStars is my happy place. I get such a kick out of running this series. Sorry if I sound cheesy but I love compiling each edition for the feel good factor it brings both myself and the featured bloggers.  Despite how much I enjoy running the series though and the reception it’s […]

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Quotes Linky: Candid Cuddles 81

I’m Baaaaaaaaack and ready to rock ad roll for Candid Cuddles 81! Hulloooo! Did you miss me? Please say yes!  I’m slowly trying to re-engage my blog brain after two weeks off. It may have been a break from the blog but there was certainly no rest involved! I was in the UK for my brother’s big […]

How to avoid these 8 homeowner disasters happening to you

Who on Earth in Their Right Minds Would Buy a New Build?! This is what I asked myself years ago, when entering into the oh-so-daunting overwhelming experience of house hunting for the first time in my life, after the ‘post-university London flat-share/Parisian appartment wonder years’ had come to an end and it was time to grow […]

Ageing, Death, Missing Mojos and Coffee With a Stranger

A few weeks ago, I turned 500 years old. I was supposed to write my annual birthday post, just like I do every year.  It’s usually served as a large slice of humour with a side portion of emotion (such as this 25 Birthday Lessons Learned one)…signature Ab Prab you could say). This birthday, my blog mojo […]

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Hilarious Car and Key Disaster Stories From an Expert

Featured Post Keys. Don’t talk to me about keys! If you’re a regular AbPrab follower you can’t fail to notice how many key disaster stories I have to my name. In fact, my incompetence in the looking-after-the-keys department is so shocking legendary actually shocking was right, it even gets mentioned in my blog bio and social […]

5 things people need to stop doing on twitter angry bird

5 Things People Need to Stop Doing on Twitter!

THIS POST HAS BEEN GIVEN THE FOLLOWING RATING: Sarcasm level: 7/10.  Rant level: 9/10  Why write about what people need to stop doing on Twitter? Nope, it’s not because I want to spread negative energy. It’s not because I’ve morphed into a grumpy old woman who only writes rants…although…there have been a few! Annoying Things […]


#IAmMama (The Late Late Mother’s Day Post)

So it was Mother’s Day in the UK/Ireland last weekend. Translation, one of the days in the year the run up to which sees the parent blogosphere going mad getting busy with Mothering Sunday competitions and posts about parenthood and how much they love their kids. Now, whilst I ran a giveaway myself, it dawned on […]

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Quotes Linky: Candid Cuddles 79

Lovely Candid Cucdlers, it’s 79! Hullooo welcome to Candid Cuddles 79, my last one before I head off to the UK for a big fat Indian wedding! that  Thank you so much for your lovely linked posts last week.  For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been featuring a blogger rather than picking a fave. This week, […]

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Quotes Linky: Candid Cuddles78

Roll up roll up for Candid Cuddles 78! Hello Candid Cuddlers and welcome to #CandidCuddles 78 that I host with Cuddle Fairy! What a lovely link up we had last week; I really enjoyed the posts I read and seeing the mixture of ‘old’ and newer participants. As you may recall, we’ve replaced picking a […]

title image mother's day giveaway for merci maman necklace

Win a Merci Maman Necklace (Mother’s Day Giveaway)

  I came across the fabulous jewellery brand, Merci Maman, for the first time In June 2016 when I won a stunning Merci Maman necklace at my first ever blog conference!   I honestly think that was my lucky charm; not only did I win their gorgeous pendant with one of my favourite mottos “Love What […]

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Why Introducing Your Child to Marathon Running is a Good Idea

Deirdre Farrugia, 100m & 200m sprinter, Barcelona Olympics, 1992 and Personal Trainer Yep, an actual former Olympic sprinter said those very words to me a few months after I started running. I couldn’t believe my ears (or my legs for that matter).  I was never sporty, you see. Still not. I’m not one of those people […]

woman looking shifty holding handbag smuggle evidence


  Did You Know Half of us Are Still Doing the Handbag Smuggle?! Ever done the Handbag Smuggle? It’s a nifty manouevre, but not a very pleasant one. You’re in the toilet and realise there is no bin for your tampon or pad. You don’t want to block your friend’s loo so your only solution […]

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