Do I HAVE To Run? (asked the voices in my head)

Alter Ego: “Run time” Me: “Do I really have to?” Alter Ego: “What do you think? Half Marathon in ten days” Me: “But my knee still twinges from Monday’s run” Alter Ego: “A twinge is just that: a twinge. Quit whining.” Me: “And it’s so cold” Alter Ego: “So go put on another layer.” Me: “And […]

10 Ways To Tell Kids About Sex

REVISED AND REPUBLISHED. You know your daughter is growing up when you walk into your kids’ bedroom and instead of finding the usual charming collection of cute soft toys on her pillow, you stumble upon Ken getting all cosy with his Monster High harem. I mean, just what the heck, Ken?   Then as if […]

Why It Never Pays to be a Smug Mother

Why It Never Pays To Be A Smug Mother

Last night my children – all three – said “mummy we don’t want to watch TV, we want to draw”. I stared at them, barely able to understand the words coming out of their mouths. This evening, they asked me to put on my favourite classical music piece while they did their homework. I swear, […]

Last Year’s Firsts

I’ve seen numerous posts the last couple of days from people saying that 2013 wasn’t their  year. So I feel even more blessed, looking back at last year, to be able to say I had a pretty good one overall….or am I still looking at life through Christmas wine goggles? Nothing earth-shattering happened – and […]

Girls’ Night Do’s and Don’ts (aka My Christmas Boobs Revealed)

I had a quite a big night out a while ago with friends. I’d rather not go into too much detail right now for the sake of discretion; actually, discretion nothing…I’m just terrified my mum will read this.  In brief, getting rather friendly with a tequila bottle, apologising to a door after bumping into it […]

Get Crafty This Christmas (but don’t come crying to me when it all goes wrong)

This post starts off my Christmas 2013 segment The Twelve Posts of Christmas.  And as a treat, I have a hilarious guest post by my talented, crazy, runner chick, working-mum, fund-raising, Christmas gift making (I told you she was crazy) mate Anne Joyce. Oh and BIG DISCLAIMER: if I get to about post 8, run […]

14 Things Not To Say To Kids…

 …because there’s just no point! I sounded off at Musical M last night and said something I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have said.  Oh if only I could channel my inner Mother Teresa in such moments.  (Problem is I don’t HAVE an inner Mother Teresa to channel.) After they’d gone to bed, I got to […]

An Indian in Malta

Sitting at Cafe Juliani having a post-pilates cappuccino blogging away. Just looked out the window and there’s an Indian (Sikh to be precise) man who looks so like my dad, smart suit, turban, greying beard and all. Seriously fighting the urge to a) take a picture of him to remind my British /Indian/ Maltese kids […]

Miss Conception and the Birthday Blues

Mid November.  It’s that time of year again.  I can feel a cold sweat forming on my back and I’m sure my right eye is about to start twitching with anxiety.  Yep, Cheeky K and Dreamy D both have birthdays coming up in a few days…just three days apart. Doh! So…do we do two parties?  […]

Famous Australian TV Chef Causes Lunchbox Envy!

There’s a certain female chef on TV…I won’t say her name cos I’m too damn chicken…she’s Australian though.  I can’t decide whether I love her or hate her.  I think it’s a bit of both.  I love her for the yummy oh-so-simple peach and almond tart she’s introduced into my family’s lives.  I quite liked […]

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